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Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica 2003+ FanFiction/FanArt Archive

Our Home for the Fiction and Art generated by the 2003 Miniseries Re-Imagination, and the series beginning in 2004 and hopefully continuing for years to come.

I have most recently updated the archive in Jan 2009

Attention: Many stories in this archive contain spoiler information. Additionally, many stories are of an adult nature and are not intended to be read by children. We have provided information on the content of the story as it is provided to us by the Author – however you read at your own risk!

This site is designed as a volunteer effort to serve as an unofficial central archive for BSG fanfiction and artworks. This has been done to assist readers in finding stories and providing author feedback.

It is my hope that this site is useful to you... I haven't found another archive dedicated exclusively to these characters and situations. If you would like to submit a fanfic, please do so at postmaster[AT]

My most sincere thanks go out to the amazing and wonderful authors and artists of the Battlestar Galactica Writers Squadron, without whom this site could not function. For their assistance in writing, organizing, finding the missing links, and keeping me sane... I thank them. They are a talented group who are fun, exciting, and wonderful to work with and provide this site for. We have recently joined forces with the Apollo/Starbuck Fan-Fiction Group to provide you with as much BSG fiction as possible, and will be serving as their archive as well! Welcome aboard to all the new folks!! Oh, and check out the great Collages in our Artist's Archive, too!

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When submitting your story, please ensure that it has our Header Information at the top and that it has all the requested information. Without this Header we reserve the right to NOT archive stories.  Stories will be archived in as timely a manner as possible, real-life notwithstanding.  Bear with me... I have a real job, too.

Our Header Information Text is as follows:

Story Title
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Our categories are: Relationships, Challenges, Action Stories, Crossover Stories, AU Stories and Specific Character stories.

Our story rating system is as follows:

K (kids)
K+ (PG)
T (teenagers – like PG13)
M (mature – think R)
M+ (the old NC17)

Thank you for your help!

For an additional list of those who have been instrumental in the formation of the stories, site, art, and the maintenance of my sanity, please see our Kudos Page.

We also recommend that you take a look at the Video Archive at Viper Mk II for a growing selection of Starbuck and Apollo Videos.

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