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Measure of a Man

By VRyan and LConti 

Word Count: 1,886
Date: 03/30/05
Series: One
Rating: K+
Category: AU
Pairing/Focus: William, Laura
Summary:This is totally AU guys written from both Laura Roslin’s and Adama’s P.O.V. Many thanks to LauraC, who is new to this genre and is co-writing her first Fic.
Spoilers/Disclaimers:Ok These Characters are not ours we are just borrowing them for a wee bit .......

Sometimes the small things in life are all that matter. The little insignificant happenings that can change a life to an extent where it can't be changed back.

That's exactly how Laura felt, her life had just been turned upside down and the man responsible didn't know or at least she didn’t think he did.

"Dradis Contact"...........Lieutenant Gaeta lifted his head from his screen and looked intently in Commander Adama's Direction.

"What is it Lieutenant?", William approached Gaeta's position.

"It's a ship sir" he took a deep breath and turned his attention back to the screen in front of him.

“Commander Sir, I’m getting a transmission from the ship”.

“Put it through the Speakers Dee”.

“Aye Sir”.

That’s when it all went pair shaped. Laura was pacing her make shift quarters when the Captain of the Colonial One informed her he had received a transmission from a vessel currently located off the Galactica’s starboard bow. Laura ventured to the Colonial One’s cockpit to take a look at the ship.

It was beautiful like some exotic bird it was pale grey with tentacles coming out of each side. The grey was to Laura’s mind indescribable it was glowing and almost transparent. She hadn’t understood the message no one had. The language spoken was alien.

The Vessel made no further contact with Galactica or the fleet for a couple of days, it just hovered off Galactica’s bow observing or at least that was Gaius Baltar’s theory. He had suggested blowing it up. The Commander was quick to shoot that suggestion down and the president almost laughed.

On the third day Laura Roslin woke up with one hell of a headache she’d had another dream, this one was different she didn’t understand it. It consisted of images flashing before her minds eye. She looked about her quarters sweat was seeping from every pore in her body her camisole was drenched in it. ‘Damn this menopause’ she thought as she proceeded to wash and dress for the day.

When the second message came Roslin was more than a little shocked, she listened to it intently and did the unthinkable she replied to it, thus opening negotiations with the first non colonial species they had encountered. Once she was done she left the cockpit of the Colonial One and proceeded to the launch bay. She hadn’t even bothered to send a message to Commander Adama to inform him she was coming aboard Galactica it was only when her shuttle was on the way that her ships pilot sent a message to Dee.

“It really Piss’s me off when she does that”, Adama was scowling his brow furrowed in frustration.

“Does what?”, Tigh was hungover and therefore a little less than with it.

“Suprise Visits”. Adama looked at his XO for the first time. It was obvious Tigh had been on the gargle his eyes were like two piss holes in the desert and Adama had seen corpses less pale.

“Go sort yourself out Saul you look like shit”.

“Ah, thanks sir”, he replied sarcastically.

It wasn’t long before a less than chirpy looking President Of The Twelve Colonies marched purposefully to their location looking intently at the Commander and then at his XO. Laura suspected Tigh was still pissed but didn’t say anything directly she settled for subtlety instead.

“Commander, Colonel”. She held Tigh’s gaze for a moment hoping her slightly raised eyebrows and knowing smirk were enough to convey what she would like to have said.

“Madam President”, Adama nodded.

“Did you get the message Commander?”.

“Yes, we are trying to translate it, so far no luck”.

“Translate it”. Laura was entirely confused now, she had understood every word, every syllable. “Commander they want to know who we are and what we are doing in their part of space, that’s it simple, what’s to be translated. I told them….”.

“Madame President, are you saying you understood it and replied?”.

“Boy your quick this morning. Um, Yep”.

“A word in private”, William Adama gently placed his arm at her elbow and led her from C.I.C. towards the Ward Room.

As they entered he closed the door behind them.

“Mind telling me how you managed to translate it”.

“I didn’t, I understood it”. Laura was beginning to feel a little tension from across the desk. Adama was looking at her oddly.

“You understood it?”.

“You didn’t?”.

“No, no one did”.

“I can tell you this Commander I had a very strange dream last night. When I woke up I had one hell of a headache. When the message came through I understood every word it really is that simple. I told them who we were a little about the Cylons and that we were on our way to earth”.

“Madam President you must realize how this looks given the level of paranoia fleet wide these days.”

“Oh, I get it, I’m not a Cylon or some alien in disguise Commander”.

“That’s not what I meant”.

“Holy Gods, William Adama where’s your sense of humour. My opinion; the flashes I got last night came from our friends out there. Maybe they used some form of telepathy to teach me their language”.

“You could be right I would still like Major Connell to check you out. As a precaution, you understand”.

“Fine, in your position I’d do the same”.

William Adama brought Laura to the Doctor’s office ordering him to.

“Check her out, No offence, Madam President”.

Laura smiled at him as he sat “None taken”.

Roslin was a bit nervous to say the least. She had found the courage somehow to tell William Adama about her cancer it had been a difficult conversation given the status of their relationship. He had been sympathetic and kind to her.

For some reason she always felt uneasy whenever she visited Connell. Ok his bedside manner sucked but as a person once you put him in his place he was ok. It wasn’t the Doctor. She came to realize it was her. Her fear of dying had manifested itself not in emotional or mental instability but in an irrational fear of visiting the Galactica’s Chief Medical Officer and of the infirmary. She warred with these feelings every time she had a check up or was in need of some painkillers.

The Doctor checked her out thoroughly. Adama had waited patiently outside for the results.

“Well, she’s human, and that’s all your getting”, Connell smiled before retreating.


When Laura Roslin dressed the commander escorted her towards his quarters for refreshments. He also wanted to talk to her. She was one of the few politicians he could stand, she irritated the hell out of him most of the time but there was a truth about her and a decency that had made him respect her even though he rarely admitted it even to himself, he liked her.

Laura sat crossing her long legs and undoing the buttons of her Black Pinstriped jacket.

“Madam President what did they say when you answered their questions?”.

“That they would be leaving within twenty four hours and we could continue through their space so long as we didn’t fire on any of their vessels. It sounded like a fair deal to me Commander so I agreed to it”.

“That’s just bloody great, this is supposed to be a joint leadership here Madam President. Why the hell didn’t you contact me before making bloody alliances with alien species behind my back”.

“Keep your hair on Commander, you’ll give yourself a coronary. There wasn’t time they wanted an answer straight away so I gave them one. I had to presume you would have agreed to it if I had told you”.

“I would have agreed with you, fine end of discussion for now”.

Adama gave her a glass of water and sat beside her and took a large mouthful out of his glass before proceeding with what he had planned on discussing with her at their morning briefing.

“Madam President……Laura”, he had never used her first name before but he was about to broach a sensitive subject and felt it was appropriate to do so.

Laura smiled it was strange hearing him say her name. The only other person who called her Laura was Mother Elosha.

“What William”.

He returned her smile before continuing.

“Are you all right?”, he turned to look at her as he spoke.

“As all right as I can be”, she knew he was referring to her cancer.

“Connell’s treating my cancer as aggressively as he can. He can’t operate, I knew that though before I left Caprica”.

“I didn’t ask when you told me but I have to now. How long?”

“Six months at the most, I try not to think about”.

“That’s one way of dealing with it”.

“That’s my way of dealing always has been. My mother had breast cancer, she died. Those were hard days. I always knew there was a chance and I hated going to Doctor’s I had seen enough of that with my Mother so in a way it’s my own fault it progressed to the stage it has without having been detected”.

“You mean if you’d gone for treatment earlier”, he didn’t get to finish his sentence he could see tears in the Roslin’s eye’s he knew she would never cry in front of him she was far to together for that. But it bothered him to see her suffer in silence.

“Laura if you need to talk about it I’m here”, without thinking before acting William Adama took her hand in his. He noted the fact that she had soft skin, he liked the feel of her hand in his.

Roslin smiled and tightened her hand around his “Thank you William, or do you prefer Bill”.

“No definitely not Bill, Tigh’s wife is the only one who calls me that and it irritates the hell out of me”.

Laura laughed “Then I’ll call you Will. She’s bad news”.

“Yep”, he let go of her hand acknowledging the subtle message she had sent thus closing the topic of her cancer from their list of discussion topic’s at least temporarily.

That one small gesture his hand in hers’ was for her the moment that changed her perception of the man. She had on previous occasions seen his gentle side but until that moment it had never been directed at her. As she sat there silent she realized how easy it would be if faced with such on a daily basis to develop feelings for this man that go beyond the bounds of friendship.

His hand in hers a simple gesture of friendship, his way of prescribing some humanity her way had changed her life in a way that upon reflection she didn’t want undone. She hoped it would be the beginning of something good but somehow she knew the road would be rocky but worth the journey.