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Live for the Moment

By Maiel Alcinoe

Word Count: 4,681
Date: 02/08/05
Series: One
Rating: K+
Category: AU
Pairing/Focus: O
Note: according to Candi the A/N should read Authors note: Callie Peters is my original character who should be in the show. Yup, she should be. So next time you watch any epi of BSG, just imagine Callie's in one or two of the scenes. Thankyou.

Callie woke slowly, stretching, she opened her eyes a fraction looking round the room noting it was different to her usual quarters. A muffled sound cam from the body lying next to her, she turned looking at him. `Lee' she mumbled slightly holding her head with one hand. He opened an eye and looked at her, `What? Why are you in my quarters?' `We're not in your quarters,' she answered `We're in a double bed for a start.'

He opened his other eye and looked round, `What the….' He sat up slowly pulling the covers with him. Cal admired his back as he did so until she felt a draft and noticed she was without clothing. `Frak' he said clutching at his head, Cal looked up at him trying to maintain a certain amount of modesty. `Yes I rather think we did,' she answered good-humouredly. She noticed something glinting on his finger, `how long you been married?' she said absently scratching her nose looking for her clothes.

He looked down at it, `I'm not. So how?' He looked confused and Callie almost laughed until she felt something on her matching finger. She fiddled with it for a second before holding up her hand. `Frak' she said softly looking round for her clothes again, spotting them in little piles around the room. `Party, we were at a party on the Bonanza, I remember that,' she said crawling out of the bed throwing on her clothes noting the sideways glances he gave her. `Um, yes,' he said eventually, `Celebration, I remember dancing and Ambrosia,' he clutched his head again, `Oh do I remember the Ambrosia.'

Cal finished dressing before throwing Lees clothes at him. She felt something crinkle in her pocket and reached down to pull it out. She flattened it out and read it glancing over at Lee as she did so. `I think we did more than frak last night,' she tossed it over to him holding up her hand showing him the ring.' `Married,' he said incredulously. She nodded with a mix of amusement and stunned across her own face, `Apparently so.'

He pulled on his pants and stood up looking at her as he pulled on his tees, `What do we do?' he asked and she wondered whether it was because she was so bad. `I don't know,' she replied honestly, `I guess either stay married or get divorced. I thinking annulment is out of the question.' He glanced at her and grinned, `Yeah I think so.' As he looked at her she saw something flash across his face and before she knew it she was stood in front of him, `Whats up?' she asked concerned, but before he answered the look was gone.

He shook his head and stepped backwards, `Nothing,' he answered `We should go, get back, sort it out on the Galactica.' She shrugged, `Ok, whatever you want.' He paused as if to say something before nodding and moving to the hatch. `Cal,' he said stopping and half turning his head to her `Hmmm' she said absently pulling on her heels, `Why do you think we did it?' he asked. She looked up at his profile, `Ports in a storm,' she shrugged, `I don't know,' she stood up and moved over to stand next to him by the hatch. `Maybe one of

our party companions can enlighten us.' Lee pulled open the hatch and headed down the corridor, Cal following in his wake as he moved towards the desk. He stopped, checking out and Cal hid a smirk as the clerk behind the counter congratulated them on their recent marriage.

The shuttle ride back to the Galactica was a little uncomfortable as he slipped back into his old role of Captain and CAG. `Remember you are on CAP in,' he looked at his watch, `Four hours.' She nodded sat beside him her hands resting on her knees, `I know,' she answered. `We've got to be on the look out, careful,' `I know' she said again rolling her eyes at him, Ragnar and the devastating attack on the Colonies a memory that still loomed large in everyone's thoughts. `I can't believe I got drunk,' he admitted quietly and she turned to look at him,' Me either.'

They landed before stepping out onto the deck to rapturous applause and several rounds of congratulations. They looked at each other saying nothing both making their way towards the exit as quickly as possible. `I guess keeping it quiet is out,' she said amused. `Its not funny Cal,' he said growling, she smirked, `You don't think even just a little?' He turned to look at her before admitting, `Well maybe a little.' He sighed, `We just need to figure out what we're going to do.' As she watched him she saw he was twiddling with the band that encircled his finger, `Yeah that we do.'

As she looked up the corridor she saw a familiar sight on her purposeful way towards the deck, `Iphi,' she said with a grin to her fellow pilot. Iphi stopped and looked at them before hugging Lee and then Callie. She looked at them both her eyes twinkling, `I'm happy for you both, its unexpected,' before pausing and smirking, `well not that unexpected.' She smiled before turning and heading off down the corridor, `Hope you had a good honeymoon night,' she said waving as she passed round a bend and out of sight. Before she could say anything he had taken off at a quick pace down the corridor and she struggled to keep up before she slid off her heels and moved off after him barefoot. `At least they're not laughing at us,' she mused. He said nothing his face hard to read, `Its not that bad is it? she asked a hint of sadness in her voice. He turned and looked at her and seemed about to say something but stopped then spoke again, `Remember you have CAP,' he muttered to her before leaving her stood in the middle of the corridor. `I'll see you later then,' she said waving her hand at his retreating back.

She waited till he disappeared around a bend before heading off herself towards Alpha quarters pleased to have a place to retreat too. The hatch opened easily and clanged shut behind her. A few muffled groans erupted from some of the bunks and Cal rolled her eyes, `Rise and shine, it's a new day people.' Carrie poked her head out from behind her curtain half grinning half growling, `Wonder why you so happy,' she said smirking. Cal rolled her eyes, `How is Ben?' she asked with an answering smirk. Carrie grinned, `Sleeping.' She pulled out some clean clothes, `I'm gonna head and take my three, then you can tell me what happened.' Carrie smirked again, `You don't remember?' Cal shook her head, `After the dancing it gets a bit fuzzy.' Carried arched a brow, `Well you were drinking quite quickly. Hold on.' She got out of her bunk and picked up some clean clothes of her own. `I'll take my three, we do have CAP soon.' Callie groaned, `So I was reminded, several times.'

The two of them headed into the showers and quickly stepped into cubicles. Cal turned on the water mildly impressed there was something resembling heat in it. The water felt good against her skin and she ran her hands through her hair quickly cleaning it. She smelt a little strange and it took her a few seconds to realise it was Lee, she smelt of Lee, that was just too weird. As her three came to an end she dried herself off and stepped back outside, `clothes back in quarters and then food?' she asked hopefully as she dressed. Carrie nodded waiting for Callie to finish off before they headed back to quarters to ditch their clothes.

The messhall wasn't really all that crowded but it seemed as if every other person made their way over to congratulate her and tell her what a lucky guy the CAG was, she smiled politely before they made an escape to a quiet table at the back. She looked at Carrie expectantly, `Well how did I end up with this and this?' she held up her hand and then waved it out at the rest of the hall. Carrie smirked, `Give someone enough Ambrosia and they'll do anything.' `So not funny right now,' she answered. `The whole waking up next to him after a night a frakkin, fine, married, that's a whole other ballgame.' Carrie shrugged, `No one really knows exactly what happened, only you two. One minute you were on the dancefloor the next,' she paused `gone. You came back a while later, showed us your rings and licence and that was that.' She stopped eating for a few minutes, `Lee said it was spur of the moment something about Kara always telling him to live for the now or some such daggit crap.' `Is that good or bad?' she mused, `And it doesn't explain my agreeing to it.' Carrie shrugged again, `None of us were that surprised I mean you were all over each other before you went off together and you've been dancing round each other for weeks, since well, you know.' Cal groaned, `Yeah maybe, but still skipping dating and heading straight for marriage? That's not me.' `He said something about you agreeing to seize the moment.' `Man I must have been really drunk.' Carrie leaned forward, `so what are you guys going to do?' Cal sighed and shrugged, `No idea, he pretty much doesn't want to deal with it right now, although I did get him to admit he thought it was a little funny.'

She glanced down at her watch, `I guess we should really think about heading down now huh' Carrie nodded and the two of them made their way down to the deck. `Wonder if anything exciting will happen today?' she mused as she climbed on board. `Does it ever,' Carrie retorted. `Nah not often,' she answered with a grin as she pulled on her helmet. As they emerged out into the vastness that was space Callie felt a usual sense of peace pass over her. `Nightsky, Shadow, lets try not to get into trouble.' She could almost hear Carrie grinning back at her over the comms, `Only one that does that round here is you Shadow.' Callie rolled her eyes and laughed, `Not in here I don't, least ways not yet.' With that they moved out to take over CAP, letting the hours pass with some gentle banter and lots of thinking on Callies part. As they landed another CAP over Carrie grinned over at her, `spending the night with your husband?' `Frak off Carrie, I'll be in quarters just to bug your ass.' They walked along the corridor together Carrie ribbing her about her marriage like it was the most amusing thing she'd ever heard. She sighed softly knowing this was going to last for weeks or until the next amusing thing came along. Looking over at her locker she noted something taped to it, stepping over she pulled off an envelope wondering what was inside. Pulling it open she discovered an invitation to dinner in the Commanders quarters, `Frak' she muttered softly to herself. It was almost as if Carrie was programmed to hear her every word, `What?' she said that voice still filled with humour, `Divorce papers?' `Worse, dinner with the Old Man.' Carrie broke into fits of laughter and Callie flicked some paper over at her. `Just you wait your turn will come.'

Chapter 2

A quick shower and a change of clothes found her knocking lightly on the Commanders hatch twitching nervously. She could hear voices inside and thought about making a run for it but the hatch opened before her legs could take flight. The Commander smiled at her genially,

`Lieutenant, please come in.'

He stood aside to let her enter, she could see a table set for four and Lee already inside.

`Sirs,' she said formally feeling incredibly nervous.

The Commander grinned, `Is that any way to talk to your husband and father-in-law?'

Cal would have choked if she'd had anything to choke on, as it was she turned beet red before composing herself and smiling at Lee's obvious discomfort. `In spite of the fact I am um married to your son you are both still my commanding officers,' she said in answer.

Adama senior nodded, `How about this in here I call you Callie and you can call me Bill, or Dad, ` he finished with an almost cheeky grin. He offered her a glass of Ambrosia which she took gladly and she took it not sure whether to laugh or not.

She held up the glass, `Yes Sir,' she paused her eyes twinkling, `Dad.' She just about to contain her laughter as she spoke as Lee spat out a mouthful of drink,

`Uh Dad?' he mustered arching a brow at her.

She shrugged moving over to stand closer to him, `he is the Commander,' she said amused, `Bill just doesn't seem right.' As she looked at him she could tell he was as nervous as she was only he was hiding it better. She was about to enquire why they had been invited to dinner when there was another knock on the hatch.

She watched as he opened it a crack, `Madame President,' he said opening it fully,

`Commander Adama,' she peered round the room as she came inside, `Ah the happy couple.'

Cal could her a hint of something in her voice and she wondered briefly what they were up to before glancing at Lee as the pair of them suddenly took great interest in different parts of the room. She glanced over her shoulder and caught the two older people swapping amused looks and she knew something was definitely going on. Cal briefly wondered what the pair of them looked like as they both suddenly took great interest in different parts of the room. She quickly glanced over her shoulder and caught her Aunt and the Commander giving each other amused glances, now she was sure something was going on.

The hatch opened again and two figures quickly placed a bundle of dishes on the table before leaving them alone again, `Dinner is served I believe,' the Commander said in a pleasant voice which scared Callie more than anything so far. She sat in the indicated seat opposite Lee, her eyes flicking between the Commander and her smiling Aunt.

Dinner itself passed easily enough with some polite seemingly getting to know you conversation from the Commander. As it came to an end he stood and raised his glass, `To the Galacticas first marriage, and following the relaxation of the fraternization laws, hopefully the first of many.' He smiled at the pair of them and she was sure he was really enjoying himself, `And as Galacticas first married pair we hope you enjoy the quarters that are being prepared for you.'

Lee practically choked on his drink whilst she had to hurriedly swallow her mouthful before it ended up flying through the air. `Married quarters,' he spluttered out at last.

`Well you will need somewhere private to start making babies,'

Cals head whipped round to look at her Aunt, `Um, babies? We're not even sure about this whole marriage thing yet,' she declared,' didn't anyone tell you it was a drunken accident?'

`Yes that was mentioned but since you're so visible we decided you can at least put up an appearance of a marriage for now.'

`Is that an order?' Lee asked while Callie sat there looking at him silently.

`For now, yes. Your quarters should be ready,' the Commander passed Lee a sheet of paper, `those are your quarters, once we finish here I suggest you pack and move.'

Cal felt a twinge of nervousness as she looked at Lee, `So what your saying is we're being ordered to live together as part of a PR exercise.' She could see the look on her Aunts face, a mix of amusement, embarrassment and resignation.

`You can think of it that way.' They looked at each other giving into their fate, `Fine,' she mumbled sipping at her drink and she was met by an answering growl `fine.' She grumbled a little as she sat there waiting for it to be over, a little part of her pleased.

`Who wants desert?' the Commander asked brightly.

Chapter 3

Callie rolled her eyes as she emerged out into the corridor before heading back down towards quarters without waiting for Lee to follow, Lords Carrie was gonna love this one. She could hear his footfalls close behind her and neither of them seemed willing to be the first to speak so nothing was said as they walked into quarters. Carries curtain was drawn and she could hear laughter from inside, Ben must be there already. She found herself looking over at Lee pulling an amused face as she did so before she noticed the tightness in his face. Scowling she turned back to her own locker opening it and pulling out her clothing shoving it into a bag before carefully placing her other possessions into a box. He looked at her the tightness still evident,

`Ready,' he said grumbling at her,

`As I'll ever be,' she answered following him down the corridor. He checked the piece of paper before pushing open a hatch leading into what had been guest quarters, `this is it then,' he said looking round.

Moving inside she noticed that it was split into two different areas, some living space big enough for a couple of bookcases, a table and chairs backed up against the bulkhead and a tiny sofa, through a couple of sliding doors she could see a double bed and a couple of lockers.

`Home sweet home,' she mumbled putting down her box before moving into the sleeping area. She glanced round at the two lockers noting the entrance to a private head and shower. `So left or right?' she asked looking back at him.


Callie stripped off quickly and chose her side lying prone looking up at the ceiling, `We're stuck for now might as well make the best of it.'

`I'll take the floor.'

Callie smirked, `Its' not like we haven't slept together before, don't be so dumb, might as well take the other side it'll only go cold otherwise.' She stretched out enjoying the space before getting up again and unpacking placing her meagre belongings out onto the shelves, some books, a couple of photos and not much else. Lee had even fewer things and as she looked around she sighed, `Least it won't be hard to keep tidy,' she managed before disappearing into the head for a few moments. When she emerged Lee was already lying on his side of the bed sleeping, she stood and watched him for a few minutes sadly. `Well you do manage to get yourself in to a good pickle or two Callie, but at least its usually with a nice guy.' She lay down next to him listening to him breath until it lulled her to sleep.

When she woke she felt a warm body holding onto her and she shuffled slightly moving closer enjoying the heat, `Mmmm,' she said in a soft voice contented for all of thirty seconds before it occurred to her who it was, `Oh frak,' she muttered wondering how she could move without waking him when he squeezed her tighter and said her name in a soft voice. She glanced up at him noticing he was still sound asleep. His grip loosened enough for her to slide out and she watched as he shuffled across slightly into the place she had just vacated, shaking her head a little confused, what was going on in his head. She picked up her clean sweats and stepped into the shower taking her three. When she emerged he was still sleeping and she gave him a tentative kiss on the cheek, `Later Lee,' she whispered still not quite sure how she had ended up here. `Well when you do things you might as well do them in style,' she muttered heading out into the corridor towards quarters.

She stepped inside looking for Carrie or Kara and was pointed towards the head, she frowned slightly before stepping inside. `Hey,' she managed before being interrupted by the sound of someone vomiting,

`Hey,' came back a weak voice.

`Carrie, what's up?' she asked walking to find the right cubicle pushing it open gently, `You should really go see the Doc about this.'

Carrie looked up at her, `Its just some kind of stomach bug, I'll be fine.'

Cal smirked, `And what if it's the other, you know its possible you and Ben are well close,' she covered her mouth to hide the grin as Carrie growled at her, `Well its true, I know your engaged but just because everyone else doesn't hasn't meant there aren't rumours. Now come on don't be stupid, LS and see the Doc' She held out a hand and gave a look of relief as Carrie took it,

`Maybe your right,'

`Oooo admitting it might be possible,' she said laughing,

`Better frakking well not be I'll kick his ass.'

Callie smiled, `Least you love him and stuff.. Come on you coulda got married cos you were drunk.'

Carrie nodded, `Eh, that's true although I'm sure there will be other times for that.'

`Not if you're with child there won't be at least not for a while.' Carrie growled at her,

`I hate you Peters.' Callie, `Nah you don't. You love me.'

As Carrie cleaned herself up Callie watched her hoping her friend might actually be pregnant and half wishing she was. At last she seemed ready to leave

`Ready?' Carrie glared at her, `Not really but as I know you won't shut up till I do,' she gave her an evil grin `How was your first night in married quarters? Get up to much.'

`Frak off Diarta,' she answered a little more defensively than she intended,' anyways you know its only for show, its not real.'

Carrie arched her brow at her, `Sure you two can fool each other but not the rest of us,' she grinned again, `so no midnight action then.'

Cal rolled her eyes, `Carrie your mind belongs in the gutter…' As they walked down the corridor she realised she had to go and keep her appointment with her Aunt, she grumbled and sighed softly, `Once your inside the LS and in the company of a Doc I'm gonna have to bail. Aunt Laura wanted to talk to me about something.'

`We could always leave it till later,' Carrie tried looking pleadingly at her.

`No,' she smirked, `Its now or you'll keep trying to get out of it so no later.' She pushed her inside following listening with an amused look on her face as Carrie grumbled about the unfairness of the universe,

`Why me? Why not you?'

Callie arched a brow, `Well if the Commander and our President have there way it will be me.' She could feel Carries glee across the gap,

`But it would be such a cute baby a little Lee and Callie'

Callie couldn't help but laugh, `Frak off already.' She smiled as she watched Bri come out to see to Carrie,

Bri grinned across as she took Carries blood. `Am I gonna have a niece or nephew soon?'

Cal stood up, `Ok that's it I'm gone. I'll expect to find out the results when I get back.' She pushed her way out of the door trying to block out the laughter that followed her.

Callie stepped out of the shuttle onto the deck of Colonial One. She looked round searching for her Aunt but she wasn't there.

`Lt Peters,'

a voice called from behind her, a voice that caused Callie to freeze on the spot for a moment before she turned. The figure steeped forward and to her he looked just like he had the last time she had seen him on that Caprica City street.

`Yes, that's me.'

She answered looking at him her eyes flickering slightly. He gave her a soft smile,

`The President has been held up in a meeting she asked me to escort you to her quarters.'

Callie nodded,

`Why didn't she send my brother?'

she asked as he began to walk her through the ship,

`he was delayed as well.'

She snatched a look at him out of the corner of her eye. Well she mused at least she could congratulate herself on her good taste.

He waited till they were alone in the corridor before he turned back to her

`You look,' he stopped, `amazing.'

The lilt in his voice almost caused her to shiver

`and you still have a silver tongue.'

He smirked then smiled,

`Its good to see you Callie, even if it is here.'

She turned her head looking at him properly,

`Didn't expect to see you at all.'

`The Gods work in mysterious ways.'

Callie shook her head at him as they reached her Aunts private are,

`I'm on her staff now, you'll be seeing a lot more of me.'

Her fingers moved to the wedding ring she wore,

`I'm sure we won't see as much of each other as you think. My job really doesn't allow that much time off. Although I am surprised our initial sweep for people with flight training missed you.'

Jamie smiled again,

`I found your Aunt and persuaded her I was more useful here than in a cockpit. Which you know is true.'

Callie rolled her eyes

`Frak off Jamie, your problem was you liked to show off too much not that you couldn't fly.'

Jamie shrugged,

`That may be the case but you were always the better.'

As he gazed at her Callie felt something she had long since buried surface a little, she stuck out her hand,

`Its been nice seeing you again Jamie, I hope to see you soon.'

Jamie took her hand and kissed the back of it,

`You will I'm coming back with you on the shuttle I'm liasing with Captain Adama on a few things for the President.'


she forced a smile on to her face,

`I guess I'll see you soon then.'

She stepped through the curtains and looked across at her Aunt who now waited for her.

`You're a shocking woman Aunt Laura.'

Her Aunt smiled softly,

`But he's so nice Callie and if Captain Apollo isn't the one then maybe he is.'

Callie sat down and looked across at her. `We really need to talk about this.'

Jamie stood in his quarters looking down at the single picture he had, the one reminder of home, it was of two trainee pilots next to a lake smiling. Callie had always been so different from all the other girls he had known, a little odd but she had intelligence and humour, seeing her emerge from that shuttle had been like a fresh breeze flowing across his face. He knew about the marriage, knew it was a sham but still something about the way she had touched that ring made him wonder. He looked forward to meeting this Captain Adama who had done the thing he had not been able to, marry her. He stood outside the shuttle waiting for her to arrive a smile crossing his face `Your late.'