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Passion of Summer

By Jeb Barr 

Word Count:2,399 
Date: 10/29/04
Series: Mini
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Lee, Kara

Lee was almost surprised when he opened the door after getting home from the summer job to find Kara already sitting at the kitchen table. Not terribly so, because for the past couple years it had been happening more and more often. Kara's mother worked odd hours at her nursing job, and Kara had taken to staying at the Adama house when her mother had a night shift.

There were two envelopes, Colonial Military Blue, official looking things sitting on the table, one in front of her, and the other across the table. Lee gave a bit of a nod as she looked up, feeling his chest tighten with anxiety. He knew what they were and he settled himself into his chair almost skittishly.

"Have you?" Lee asked hesitantly at Kara.

"No… I was too scared to open it up by myself." Lee gave Kara a nod and picked up the envelope and held it up to the light. If he could figure out good or bad without opening it up, that would be better. "I did that Lee, you can't see anything, the paper's too thick."

"Where's Mom?" Lee really wanted to do this when they were not here. If he did not get accepted, he wanted some time alone to himself. Luckily Zak was still off at flight camp, and would be for several weeks more still.

"She said you would probably like it if she wasn't around when you opened that up. She went to visit her sister tonight." Lee gave a nod, and breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at his envelope and then back up to Kara who looked just as hesitant as he was. "I don't want to open it if… well…"

"Yeah, I know what you mean Kara. Umm… You want to open mine and I'll open yours?" Lee hoped she would go for it. He wanted good news today, and he knew that Kara would get in. That would be good enough, and he knew she had even more riding on her acceptance than he did.

Lee grinned as she handed her envelope over to him without a question, and he passed his over to her. This he could do.

He tore the end off the envelope and skimmed hurriedly through the letter… Legalize mumbo jumbo… blah… blah… blah….

"You are expected to report to Picron Training Command..." Lee looked up as Kara's voice started almost at the same time his did, and he knew then that the smile that was on his face equaled her own. Lee tossed the letter down on the table and quickly stood up.

"Wait here… I've got to get something." Lee replied to Kara's questioning look, and after a moment or two of fumbling around in his father's liquor cabinet he returned with one of two identical bottles of ambrosia. Dust covered the bottle, and the date predated even the war. "Dad…. Dad always said that one of these was mine when I either graduated from college, or when I got accepted into the Academy. This calls for a celebration, and I'd like to share it with you."

"This is… this is too…" Kara mumbled as she took the bottle, her eyes growing wide as she took in the label and the date. She still had a year before she could drink legally, but everyone knew that Junmai Ginjo was the best, and that the older it was, the better it was. "We can't…"

"Kara, I'm not drinking this alone, and Dad would have gotten you a bottle if he could still find one." Lee gave her a stern look which he had been cultivating from his father's pictures. It did not have the result he wanted, because she started giggling.

"Ok, Ok, don't give me the brow of doom. We should ice this.."

"Yeah, maybe… maybe we could walk out to the lake and grill up some steaks as well?"

"Sounds great."


Lee could not remember a more perfect day in his life. The first day that his father had let him go hands on in the little puddle jumping shuttle was close, but even today eclipsed that. He knew he had drank too much probably, he was not sure, because he hardly had experience doing so, but everything was comfortably numb.

The evening was incredible, warm without being hot, the breeze cool without being chilling. The sky was clear in a way he had not seen in a long time, the Caprican Mountains hanging in the sky as the sun set red gold behind them. Lee was pleasantly stuffed full of prime steak, salad, and tart-fruit pie that Kara had insisted of taking with them.

"Lee… Lets go swimming." Lee looked over at Kara, and if he had too much to drink, she had way, way too much to drink. The bottle was gone, and it had been so good. Sweet, smooth, and with more than just a hint of fruit in the body, Kara though had insisted on matching him shot for shot. Her lighter body weight though meant she was feeling more of the effects.

"Kara, we don't have any swim suits."

"You're wearing underwear aren't you? It used to be good enough…"

"Kara we were like… eight back then. I don't think its such a good idea anymore."

"I won't tell if you won't." Lee sat up and simply shook his head at her. He did not want to argue with her, but be damned if he was going to go swimming with her. Not right now when simply seeing her wind tousled hair, and her lithe frame through a haze of alcohol was showing him what an attractive woman she had bloomed into. "Fine, be that way, but I'm swimming."

Lee cursed Kara's impulsiveness. She always had to be riding the line. She could not do things the safe way, no she had to always be flirting with danger. She started stripping down at the waters edge, and he nearly looked away, only the alcohol and the fact she was not really naked, as he told himself, keeping him from doing so.

It was not until she jumped into the water that he realized how bad of an idea this was. She had been drinking, the lake was probably cold, and most likely she would not realize how dangerous things were until she was drowning. With a silent curse to the Lords he quickly stripped off and dived in after her.

Lee came to the surface, thinking the water was a lot warmer than he thought it would be for the time of the year, only to still see no sign of Kara. He looked around, and on the verge of panicked shouting, had her pop up right in front of him, splashing water. There was more to keep his attention though than the water that washed over him. Namely the wet, translucent material of her bra that showed her… He turned hurriedly around as blood flooded from his brain to his face, and regions further south. She continued to splash, laughing behind him, she probably thought he was trying to escape the water he knew.

"Kara… just stop… please… and go get dressed again." The laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun at the harshness in his voice. Lee knew he would have to make it up to her sometime, but right now was just not the best of times to allow her to be her.

"Just what, is your frakking problem tonight Lee? We've been accepted, and you're being such a spoil sport right now!" Kara had slipped under the water when Lee was not watching her, and had erupted in front of him again, with the furious words pouring off her lips. Her body though, that had caught his eyes again, and this time he did not have the willpower to look away. The thin material of her underclothes clinged to her skin, more translucent that opaque, her nipples hard and peaked under the wet material. Her eyes always seemed to become so expressive, so liquid when she was pissed. Not fighting mad, just pissed, like she was now.

Lee could not help it, he was moving before he realized he had thought about kissing her. His head tilted to the side, lips pressed against each other, with the lightest brushes of tongue hinting, asking for admittance. They parted, but before Lee could react, he could feel her tongue caressing along his own. He pulled back, his heart beating fast, his lips seared by the touch of Kara's.

"Lords I'm sorry Kara…"

"I'm not." Lee looked up from the plain expanse of water he had diverted his eyes to, bringing his gaze back to her face. He watched her fingers as they touched her lips softly before she continued to speak. "You don't know how many times I dreamed of you doing that…"

Lee could not tear her eyes away as she stepped closer, her hands dropping to slide around his waist. Her face flushed with the rose red of a blush, and she gave one of those patented impish smiles. Lee could not help but smile back, as she arched her back, pressing up against him as she whispered softly, not taking her eyes off of his.

"Could you do it again… Please? I don't think… I don't think I can think of a way to make this day any more perfect."

"Kara… Zak…" Lee was finding it hard to even string two thoughts together into one, let alone come up with a complete sentence. Her body was searing against his, as she molded herself against his chest.

"Lee, shut up and kiss me." Lee was nearly doing just that when she said the words. Her lips brushed against his own as she spoke, and any final protest fled from his mind as her hands drifted down off his waist and pulled his hips against hers. The second kiss was far from hesitant, hard and demanding, and Lee was not the one doing the demanding. His hands roamed her back, feeling the complex play of muscles in her lithe form, as she back slowly back to the shore. He was barely aware of the dry sand, and then grass that came up under his feet, lost as he was in the play of tongues, the burning touch of her hands and lips.

When her lips pulled back from his, Lee moaned softly, only to have that turn to a guttural groan, as Kara arched back to pull her bra off. Lee leaned to place a sucking kiss upon her neck, delighting in the feel of her pulse against his lips as he followed it down to her shoulder. He was barely aware of her legs moving, and then her hands shoving his boxers down over his hips, as his lips trailed kisses over the hard edge of her collarbones.

"Lords Lee…" The sound over her voice, husky with emotion as she slowly sank down to the ground, pulling him along with her with hands buried in Lee's hair, caused his heart to speed up in its already mile a minute pace.

Lee only had a vague idea of what to do, falling back on what he had read in various books, frank discussions on human anatomy with teachers and his mother, remembered writings from a horde of pornographic magazines a friend of his had brought to camp. Lee brought his lips down to a hard nipple, his mouth sucking on it, tongue caressing against it, and was rewarded by Kara's immediate reaction. Her body tensed against him, back arching as she gave a long drawn out moan.

"Lords Lee…" Lee found his name on her lips, the way she reacted to every touch of his hands and lips intoxicating. Her strong legs wrapped around his torso, pulling him down against her as he began to kiss his way over to her other breast. His efforts brought another deep guttural moan, as her hips began to writhe beneath him. "Lee… Oh Lords Lee, quit teasing me…"

Lee gave a grunt in pain as Kara's nails dug into the skin of his shoulders and back. He found the idea that she thought he was teasing her to be humorous, as he was simply doing what he had wanted to do for years now, consume every inch of her body. He pushed himself up on his elbows and moved back up her body, kissing her tenderly as he came to a halt. He had thought about this moment for so long, wanted it to be perfect, and he could not help but feel it was still far too rushed, something that they were doing because of the alcohol and hormones rather than something they wanted.

Lee looked deep into Kara's eyes, his gasp echoed by her throat as he slid slowly inside of her. Lee continued to watch with half lidded eyes as the feel of her became so much more powerful as he moved deeper into her. He could not help but pause as his hips came to a rest pressed against her own, cradled in her hot, firm embrace. He kissed her again softly, surprised by the sudden and overwhelming tenderness that had come into her eyes.

"Kara… this feels so…"

"Mmmmhmmmm…. Yes… don't stop though… Please Lee… don't stop."

Lee brushed her lips with his own once more, before his concentration was eaten away by the feeling her constant rocking was causing to flood from his groin to his brain. He knew as he continued to move against her, he was being too rough, not looking after her needs enough as he climbed closer and closer to his own peak.

"By the Lords…. Just like I dreamed… Lee…"

Lee groaned as with the release of his name from her lips, she began to spasm around him. The cliff that he had been fast approaching suddenly dropped out from under him, as her contractions seemingly milked his orgasm out of him.

After it was over he was still unsure of whether or not he had said her name as well, or even what, if anything had broken past his lips. What he did know is that things between them had changed, and possibly not for the better.