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Beyond the Red Line

By BSG 2003 RPG

Word Count: 1,716
Date: 10/29/04
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: None

Kara sits for a moment, letting it sink in. He had been directly involved in the battles she had read about growing up... the same battles that inspired her to join the fleet in the first place... "Frak... that is some misadventure..." She said, a mischievous grin crossing her face. "Let’s hope it doesn't take us that long to get home this time... I would hate to have to catch up on all those birthdays..."

Mars laughs at that. "I was in more than my share of misadventures, Young lady." Mars says in an old timers voice joking. "Why don't you give this dirty old man a kiss?"

Kara smirks "Don't know about that..." She says, leaning a little closer... "You sure your heart could take it old timer?"

Mars had used that line a few times, just to see if he would get a kiss from a pretty woman after he would tell his story at the bar, most just laughed thinking he was joking. Mars laughs; he can't help but laugh at his poor me story.

"Kara I think my new heart can take it..." said Mars. “But can you handle it." Mars did not know exactly what he was doing; he was just going with the flow of the exchange.

Kara smirked. That definitely sounded like a challenge... and she was never one to pass on a challenge when it was issued... she reached up and lightly brushed his cheek then leaned in and brushed her lips against his...

*Score* Mars thinks inside his head. It was a nice kiss, but Mars could not resist just one more trick. With wide eyes and shock expression he pulls away from Kara, grabbing his chest "Ooooo....My heart can't more..." Mars fakes passing out on the sofa, but it doesn't work, he cracks up laughing.

Kara grabs a pillow and tosses it at Mars before cracking up laughing. "I think you may be even more of a brat than I am...” she moves back over to the couch, sitting down beside where Mars was still laying. She couldn't resist and tickled him.

Mars is attacked by Kara, and he has no choice but to defend himself. "I'm not a brat....I'm just a bad boy," He grabs Kara and returns the attack. Then stops looking into her deep brown eyes...

Kara yelps and tries to get away, but finds herself trapped against the couch, being tickled yet again... She finds herself looking into his incredible green eyes once more. Frak... a girl can only be expected to take so much... she thought to herself as she reached up and brushed a hand along his cheek...

He knew better than to start something and let it go unfinished. He could stop here and continue with plotting the jump points, but it could wait. Sometime you have to give in, even if it could seem wrong. He just stares into those eyes and feels her hand on his cheek. He just moves down to meet her lips and see what happens next.

Kara lets her hand slip from his cheek and around his neck as his lips come down on hers.... she kisses back a little harder. Lords, she knew this was crazy, but she didn't care anymore... they could be dead in a few hours for all she knew... but all that mattered was the warm sensation of his lips on hers, still tasting faintly of ambrosia...

He can feel her mouth open and her tongue searching for his, with a little tease he taps it with his and backs off. It had only encourages her to stick her tongue further. It was met by his, and his lead the dance between the two. He holds the side of her face with his hand then runs his fingers up through her hair.

Kara groans softly, letting her fingers run through his hair before pulling back and biting lightly at his lower lip before once more pressing her lips to his, savoring each caress of his tongue on hers. She brought her other arm up and slipped it around his waist since he no longer held it pinned at her side

He backs off Kara for a moment to take his jacket off, it was getting warm. She still held him by the side of his thigh, as not wanting him to get away. He looks over to the table to see his drink on the table and he grabs it and takes a good drink. He looks down on Kara on the sofa, and offers her a sip.

Kara watches, smiling as Marc slips off the heavy leather jacket, then drops it to the floor. When he offered her a sip of the ambrosia, she nodded, pulling herself up to take a drink. She set the glass back on the table... her eyes never leaving his. She licked a droplet of ambrosia off her lip; then pulled him close once more.

His mind stops thinking about the past or future but only on the now. He once again engages Kara's soft lips; he could smell the ambrosia on her breath as their breathing is in sync with each other. He can feel her chest up against his through his t-shirt, and her legs inter-twine with his own. His guides one hand down to the small of her back, and slides it down to hold her ass.

Slowly, Kara breaks the kiss, only to trail soft, lingering kisses along his jaw, to the soft hollow jus below his ear. She slides her hand further along his waist, pulling lightly at the edge of his shirt, until her hand comes to rest on the warm flesh beneath... She can feel his hand come to rest, pulling her against him. She nips lightly at the soft skin below his ear then licks it gently,

Marc wiggles a little bit as Kara lick at his ear, it was a little ticklish, but he liked it. "That’s nice," he said. He lets her do it some more, as he returns his one hand back up to the small of her back and makes tender circles on the surface skin. He then rolls his back against the back of the sofa, so they both lay on their sides, and he could not roll anymore. His other hand on her back, guides up to between her shoulder blades, moving the back of her shirt up to that point. He feels the strap of her bra.

Kara trails soft kisses down his neck, along the collar of his shirt, until she reaches the base of his throat, then back up to his lips, gently capturing his lower lip between her teeth as she pushes his shirt up further, trailing a hand lightly across his abdomen.

He finds the fastener on the bra strap and undoes it. The straps hang loose, and he then he gathers the rest of her shirt and pulls it above her head and throws it away. He can feel her teeth on his lower lip and her hand on his mid section. He shifts his body again to have her slightly above his, as he moves his lips to gentle capture her lower lip. His hand that was on her lower back was now moving along her side to under a section of bra close to the side of one of her breast.

Kara gasps breathlessly at his light touch, trembling as she kisses him deeply, her hands gently easing up his shirt until she is forced to break the kiss to pull the shirt over his head. She lightly slides her fingers over the bruises left from the battle only a day before. A large scar runs down his chest, but rather than as about it, she simply leans down and kisses it lightly, before returning her attention to his neck...

Marc could sense the growing passion in Kara, she was becoming more aggressive. He had forgotten about the bruising he received just a day ago when he was hit by Centurion fire, his armor saved him. He was now on his back, looking down on her as she kissed his battle scars from long ago. She was on his neck, and all he could do was look up at the ceiling and enjoy the touches. He had his arms around her, and could feel her breast against his mid section, and he could hear the sound of slight moaning. Was it him or was it her, it did not matter.

She slowly slides her hand up his chest and up along his cheek before slipping it behind his head and through his hair as her lips met his once more. Kara shifts her weight, moving until she was completely over him, her legs on either side of his hips. Her free hand came up and rested on his cheek as she pulls back from the kiss once more, looking into his eyes, her thumb brushing against his lip.

She was now on top of Marc, As she had moved her bra had finally slipped completely off. His breathing had become deeper, as he can feel the excitement coarse through his mind and body. He can feel her warmth as she brush her thumb against him lip, he opens his mouth a little to suck on it. As both of his hands grab and squeeze her bottom while he looks into her excited eyes.

Kara leaned back in, her tongue brushing along his lip before she captured his lips once again with hers. She pressed her hips against his, moving slightly as her hand trailed back down his chest, her thumb brushing across his nipple as she suckled lightly on his bottom lip.

Marc holds on tight to her with his strong muscular arms as he sits ups with now her legs moving around his waist and her again nibbling on his ear. He turn his body and picks her up as he stands with now one of his hands on her rear and another on her back for support. His heart is pumping against her chest as he walks her into the master bed room, and drops her on the bed.