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By CrashCandy

Story Title: Home
Author's Name: CrashCandy
Word Count: 1462
Date: 29 August 2006
Series: s2+
Rating: M+
Category: Relationship
Pairing or Focus: L/K, K/A
Warnings: somewhat explicit rough sex scene
Summary: Kara unknowingly helps Lee decided between life onboard a battlestar or life onboard New Caprica.
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Set before the settling of New Caprica but after the election (sorry for the mega spoiler right there).

PS I love feedback!

“A battlestar is not a home. Its hallways are empty tubes of cold metal coated in gray and hallowing out the lump of machinery.” Lee writes in his journal as he begins to unbutton the top of his uniform. “How can anything grow here? How can there be any sort of normal life between cold slabs of metal and fuel? It's a machine manufacturing false life. It breathes recycled, manufactured air. It illuminates through a series of chemically engineered gasses. It feeds us without soil, with out ground.” Lee pauses, inhaling the stale air and tasting the scent of oil and sweat. Leaning against the hardness of a cargo container, he looks at his watch keeping careful track of the few minutes he has left of solitude. “We are the vessels in the battlestar's veins. Wandering its systems, maintaining its air, fixing what needs fixing.”

Feeling the weight of the machine on his shoulders, he can't help but to feel like a little boy lost among the giant stacks of metal boxes, cargo containers, and smears of oil in the dim of the cargo hold. It is lonely place, the cargo hold. Having no other purpose than to store packages, presents, and supplies in search of port, a home, or person. They sit here waiting to be found and Lee drowns himself in the thought, alone.

“Maybe home is on New Caprica.” His pen stops and hope brings a smile to his lips. Fantasy ensues him. “Life, ground, light…New Caprica.” His thoughts are abruptly stopped when he realizes that the cargo hold he calls his solitude is not entirely void of life. Footsteps creep around the columns and rows of boxes and then cease. Someone has invaded him.

Rebuttoning his uniform, he closes the book and rises slyly looking for the intruder. His ears pick up a soft shuffle muted by the barriers of crisscrossed metal. Lee's mind tells him to leave, go back to work a few minutes early, but he can't ignore the thought of someone occupying his shelter. No one knew the secret of his haven, no one until now. Getting closer to the noise, his footsteps are quiet and calculated like a recon mission. Positioning his body closer to the crates, he peers between three cargo boxes concealing Lee neatly. He gathers a glimpse of blonde hair, skin, and movement but they make an incomplete picture the officer can't understand. So Lee listens.

The shuffling has stopped and all that's available to his ears is the sound of breathing. The quick inhales and forceful exhales of stagnant air lead Lee to observe a laborious and escalating breathing pattern. Maneuvering around the wall of boxed steel, he stands stretching his body taller. Lee's eyes capture the sweat on the intruder's brow slicking the blonde hair against their skin. The trespasser throws their head back; eyes, nose, and lips pass through his sight in one movement. “Kara.” He whispers to himself bringing another playful smile to his lips. It's just the two of them now and he doesn't mind her here, some how she fits his solitude. “Would she be on New Caprica?” The thought strikes his smile.

Climbing on top of the first cargo container a mischievous thought crosses his mind; good ole Kara Thrace could use a good ole scare. Lee's taught body slips through the shadows and over the blocks of steel to a gap between the boxes. He strains to see her laying on one of the elongated containers, elbows propping her body up at an angle, and her eyes closed as if enjoying the impossible warmth of manufactured light gracing her. Lee tears a piece of paper from his journal and quietly crumples it into a ball that's ready to be tossed at Kara's head. His arm cocks back, ready to fire when a whimper escapes her lips. Her face tenses and Kara's right hand suddenly grasps something below her chest and out of his sight. Lee's arm drops, her breathing is becoming more distressed. Her other elbow slips from under her and Kara's flat on her back unable to regain her breath. A wave of hot panic washes over him tickling his skin uneasily. Lee's eyes dart about, his mind stuttering on what action to take.

“Oh gods.” She says in one quick breath. Her arms and body tighten, sending her back into an arch. “Oh gods.” She says again before moaning, “Sam.” Lee's breathless. His fist tightens around the ball of paper wishing it were a rock. Sliding to the left, he can see him now, Anders with his head between her legs. Heat raises from Lee's body, he can't explain the anger. How dare she bring Anders into their space.

She writhes on him, loving his touch, his tongue, loving him till she can't control it anymore. She cries out and collapses leaving Anders with a big goofy smile on his face that Lee can't stand. Her breathing slows as she tangles her hands in Anders' hair. There's a moment between the two, a soft pause and the look in Starbuck's eyes changes, a moment of apprehension sweeps her face. Anders' hands slap against Starbuck's body and yank her from the dirty crate. She's flung into his arms and slammed against another crate, echoing a wave of violence through Lee's cargo room. He supports her weight in his arms as he stands with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Lee can't look away.

Anders forces himself into her sparking a gasp from her lips. But Lee is fixed on her face; he sees a slight wince escape the corners of her eyes that only he could recognize. It was pain. “This is ridiculous.” He whispers and turns away as he felt ashamed for her. But Starbuck cried out again and might as well have cried for Apollo. Lee's face whipped around as he saw Anders pound unforgivingly into her.

“Say my name, Kara. Say my name.” Anders said breathlessly into her ear.



“Sam.” She said staring into his eyes. “Sam.”

He paused his assault and kissed her softly. His arms embraced her, taking on all of her weight onto his body. Anders placed his ear against her chest, turning his face from Starbuck. Lee saw what Anders hid from Starbuck's view, something only he could recognize. It was pain.

Starbuck's eyes became choked with tears that she struggled to keep back. “Sam.” She whispered uncomfortably. “Sam…I'm sorry.” Anders was void of response, he held her still in his embrace. “Lee jus-“

“Don't.” Anders said softly, turning around and pleading with his eyes. “Don't ever say his name again when we make love.”