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A Barter Economy

By Chris Taylor

Title: A Barter Economy
Author: Chris Taylor
Word Count: 766
Characters: Boomer, Sharon , Kat, Hot Dog (or something like that)
Date Posted: 8/11/6
Story Timeline: Unknown
Warnings: Contains violence and sexual situations. May not be appropriate for some readers.
Disclaimer: Neither BSG nor the characters are mine and I make no money from this

Boomer paces the bars of her cell in the Galactica brig. Her boot heels resound on the metal plating with each step. She stops at the foot of the bed and runs her fingers through her long loose hair and looks at the large mirror across from the cell. She takes off her leather flight jacket, folds it over the metal railing at the foot of the bed, and resumes pacing.

The outer door to the brig clangs and then opens. Two marines in riot gear enter along with another type-eight Cylon. She is barefoot, with her hair pulled into a pony tail. She is wearing
workout sweats and handcuffs. "Back away from the door" one of the marines says unnecessarily to Boomer as they open the inner door and prod the new Cylon into the cell. She turns around and, with a practiced motion, presents her hands for the marines to remove her handcuffs before they close the door.

Boomer eyes the other copy of herself skeptically as the marines leave the room. "Who the frak are you?" She asks.

"I'm Sharon ," The other Cylon answers.

"No. I'm Sharon ." Boomer asserts.

Sharon tilts her head to the side and says "I'm a different Sharon ."

"Yeah," Boomer says as she walks around her copy, looking it carefully up and down. "I've heard of you. Honestly, I thought they'd send in Kara with a bucket of water. You must be the warm-up

"They're not bad people, Sharon." Sharon says. "Give them another chance."

"What the frak are you telling me this for?" Boomer asks as she stops walking and faces Sharon . She shakes her head slightly and looks at the outer door where the marines had exited. Boomer looks back at Sharon and asks, "Is it true that you have my memories?"


"All of them?"

"No. Just up to when you shot yourself to try and…"

"But you remember everything up `till then?" Boomer asks with emphasis. "You remember my training, my missions, shore-leave with my friends?"

"Yes, all of it," Sharon answers.

Boomer steps into the punch and slams her fist hard into Sharon 's face, knocking her sprawling on the hard metal floor of the cell.

"Then that's for Margaret." Boomer spits the words out angrily. "What the hell were you doing fraking Helo? You know how she felt about him."

"Racetrack was your friend, not mine," Sharon explains as she dabs at the blood coming from her nose with the bottom of her workout shirt. "Besides, she could never have loved Helo like I do. It was meant to be... True love... It has to be, we were able to have a child together."

"Pff," Boomer exhales dismissively. "If love were what it took, then I'd be popping out little Galens like there's no tomorrow. They probably just gave you some kind of fertility therapy."

Sharon looks at the closed door to the brig as she stands. "Speaking of Galen…" she says and closes her fist tight. Sharon steps into the punch and the image freezes with her fist inches away from Boomer's face.

Kat leaned back from the video control console in the navigation planning room and turned to face Lt. Constanza. "That's all you get for free, `Hot Dog,'" she said.

"How did you get that?" Constanza asked.

"You don't want to know," Kat answered. "Now do we have a deal or not?"

"I'm not sure," he replied. "I was kind of hoping that they'd… you know… get along better than that."

"You're a real piece of work, `Wiener Man,'" Kat said as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm used to hearing that in a different tone," Constanza joked with a sly grin and a half chewed toothpick sticking out of his mouth.

"It's fifteen minutes long." Kat said, "Trust me, it's worth it for the imaginative Cylon insults alone."

Constanza looked at the image frozen on the video screen, scratched his chin, opened his mouth wide and flipped the toothpick end over end with his tongue.

"It took five marines in riot gear to get them off of each other at the end." Kat offered, as she spun her chair around to face Constanza and swung one of her legs up onto the console beside her.

Constanza flicked the toothpick into the trashbin beside the console. "Okay, Kat, you've got a deal," he said kneeling in front of Kat's chair and pushing her skirt up with both hands.

Kat leaned back in the chair, slid her hands into Constanza's hair, and said "You know I don't give change," with a smile.

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