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By Evilclone666 

Word Count: 1,216
Date: 02/15/05
Series: One
Rating: K+
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Focus: E

Change is inevitable, the players are different but the future is constant, if you go to Za Ha Dum you will die – Kosh

Adding more players to the board will only bring about more chaos ensuring victory for us – Morden


Sheridan was not a happy man; he was tired grumpy and feeling the wait of this damned war. Things had been happening as well, strange things, people had been appearing out of no where and unidentified warships were being discovered all over the sector. As it was they had found a fleet of unmanned White wedge shape capital ships just lying around, he was pissed off and it was time to get some answers.

Sheridan had traipsed to the Ambassador sector to confront Kosh, and find out what the hell was going on. Sheridan stopped in the middle of the hallway, what awaited him there was none other than the ambassador himself.

“Well speak of the Devil” Sheridan said grumbling to himself.

“Kosh we need to speak”

The Vorlon just stood there staring at him (if you could call it that), through his encounter suit.

Sheridan waited a few minutes, got no reply, got really pissed off and asked the question

“What the hell is going on??”

Again Kosh remained silent, the mechanical piece on his suit lighting up and then finally he spoke. One word one single damn Vorlon word the typical response for them.


Chapter 1

Something hit my head, something hard; it felt as though I was thrown into it. I could hear explosions of some kind, far to close for comfort. Trying to get up hurt to much, trying to help hurt to much, everything was pain everything a blur. I heard a voice soothing, frightened and trying to calm me trying to relax me

“Rest, your injured you can’t do anything”.

Even still I tried to resist the voice the firm hand upon my chest, but I could not. Just as suddenly as the explosions had started they stopped; I wasn’t sure what was worse the deafening silence or the deafening explosions, at least with blasts I was partially aware of what was going on.

The voice again, it had an accent of sorts, it almost sounded like a Texan but I couldn’t be sure, the voice spoke again more clearly.

“I’m going to give you something to help you relax”

The voice sounded surer of itself now, not as scared. The voice did indeed give me something, I wasn’t sure what, but then I didn’t care, as I relaxed I let the bliss of darkness envelope me.

6 months before

A beautiful landscape, a beautiful sunset a cocktail in hand and a gorgeous woman by side; we lifted our glasses and “kinked” them together. Heaven, Risa, dream vacation of the century, well I ain’t there yet but hey I’m working on it, still I like where this dream is going.

A dream I thought, soon to become real, the Enterprise would reach Risa in about 8 hours, we could get there sooner, but I don’t think the brass would authorise Warp 9.5 just for a vacation, still I might drop the idea tomorrow with Commander Riker he like the rest of us desperately need a vacation.

“Do you really think they’d authorise Warp 9.5 just for a vacation?”

My ears perked at that apparently the women in my dreams were capable of reading thoughts.

She looked at me and smiled “It’s your dream, I’m part of it of course I know your thoughts” True enough I thought, intriguing. God I sound like

“A Vulcan” She finished

Now I was freaked, what was this a dream a vision or a nightmare? I took note of the woman sitting next to me; she smiled at me, such a lovely smile everyman’s dream tall leggy gorgeous blonde.

So what was this?

A dream

“Possible” she answered

A vision

“Could be,” she answered

Or a nightmare

The blonde looked at me with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face, suddenly everything went cold and dark, the winds began picking up and buildings and trees fell over.

“Resistance is futile!”

At that I woke up, covered in a sheet of sweat and chilled to my bones, frightened of what was going to happen next.

We arrived at Risa bang on time, I was stationed at the tactical and had as we entered orbit began sensor sweeps of the area, my gut feeling was telling something was gonna happen and soon. I was not going to take the risk; others on the bridge were noticing my edginess among those were Councillor Troi and Commander Riker and my college T’lei.

I must have been really distracted, as I never noticed Councillor Troi trying to probe my mind, generally I like to practice mind blokes and I keep a constant one up what with me being a private person and all. It was only after about 3 minutes of her probing that I even noticed she was doing it, once I did I closed my mind with such force it made her blink and stare at me.

For the next 3 day’s we were at Risa I stayed onboard the ship, I didn’t contact or speak with anyone, anyone who did try and talk to me got very brief answers and or got growled at. Because of the skeleton crew I was able to avoid people in general for long periods at a time.

Chapter 2

I woke again during the night screaming this must’ve been the third time this week that I’ve had nightmares, I didn’t realise where I was and I freaked out being in unfamiliar territory, for a few minutes I just shouted and screamed, when I tried get up I banged my head on a familiar bulk head and it appeared to knock some sense into me. Serenity, there ain’ t no place I’d rather be, something I heard the Captain saying the other day, 2 weeks and I’m still not used it. Going from an Ensign onboard the Federations Flagship to a no-body onboard a glorified cargo ship is a difficult change both Mal and Zoë have been brilliant after all they understand the changes that are necessary, both of them having a violent military past n’ all.

I checked my watch I’d picked up last week and noticed that it was 3 am in the morning (standard Earth time) and decided to go and fill the craving for munchies. When I got there I noticed I wasn’t the only one up, Book was there as well, call it fate call it the will of God or Divine intervention, call it whatever you want. To get to a point Book hand two mugs of steaming hot tea and a big grin on his face

“Well nice to see I’m not the only one up”

Talk about shock of shocks, I was stunned but hey, I’m not one to argue so I sat down and joined him.

Grinning I took the tea of him “Morning Book how you doing?” I put the mug down and got settled.

“Not bad, bit tired but I can’t sleep quite a contradiction there”

I took a sip of my tea and instantly regretted it, I burnt my lip; I decided to put it back down and make conversation, something I hadn’t done in a while.

“So Book, why’d you join Serenity”

“Idon’t know, I guess I’m still trying to figure it out, I think it’s where God wanted me to be”

“But why Serenity, surely there are other places you could be, where youcould spread the word of God more effectively”

“Well I’ve thought about that too, especially in recent months, why am Ihere, what am I doing where am I going, all the question have been asked andno answer has been forthcoming”

A difficult question to answer, but then inspiration slapped me and I answered his question.

“Perhaps your not here to find God but rather you are here to find yourself?”