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To Infinity and Beyond

By Evilclone666 

Word Count: 1,828
Date: 02/15/05
Series: One
Rating: K+
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Focus: E

A table two chairs and a four by four, lovely place well I guess its better than the brig. How did I get here well that in itself is a long story, I’ll get to that later but first I gotta answer this guy. He’s sitting there staring at me, hasn’t said a word since he came, not like the others, nope this ones different, got a presence a sense of respect I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say this guy is the boss.

I must’ve gone up in the list of priories, cause the minute I said “Earth” everyone suddenly went quiet left the room and left me alone to simmer for about 20 minutes, I was about to start bringing down the house when he walked in, it seemed to me that his presence was such that he could’ve made the Earth stop in its orbit. I just hope that he can’t actually do that, I don’t think he can he looks human enough but as Jack would say appearances can be deceiving. Still his eyes didn’t glow and he didn’t make anything blow up and definitely no I’m gonna be a big grandiose, blow up your world and enslave your people, so I’m gonna take that as a good sign.

The old man finally spoke to me, a deep husky voice that spoke of command and of someone who had seen to much, I was getting a bad vibe like something was going on around here that they really didn’t want to tell me but had no choice. And as much as I hated to quote Jack again he (he will love this report) I’m getting a bad feeling, a very bad feeling.

“Who are you?”

Interesting, I’m assuming he’s the commander of this vessel and if he is, why in the name of hell would he be asking who I am? Surely his first duty would be to know everything and anything that happens, especially when some one from a planet there trying to find turns up on there door stop, so I’ll take the sarcastic route and see where it gets me.

“I already told the other 25 guys including the janitor, why don’t you go and ask one of them?”

Well on the good side it bought a smile to his face, on the bad side it looked as though he wasn’t going to budge on this one, still it was worth a try, his answer as if I had expected anything else from him was short and to the point.

“And I heard what they said, including the janitors version, but I want to hear from your mouth, I want to know your story”

Oooh great, he wants to know my story well shucks I feel honoured, so where do I start, I guess the beginning would be as best place as any. I guess I’d better make an impression on this fella, so it’s a story he wants to hear; well all-good stories start with…

“Once apon a time there was a boy named John and John was a big Astronaut. One day John was out doing Astronauty things when a big blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out at the other end of the galaxy”

Now I’m pissed, so I’ll just sit hear fold my arms and refuse to say anything until I get some answers. The trouble is this guy is calling my bluff.

20 minutes later…

20 minutes and neither of us have said a damned word, this is taking it to be beyond funny, so I’ll sit here and try and put the pieces together, well the ship that I nearly rammed is about 3 times the size of the Prometheus and has some massive guns, however the girl looked a bit battered. When I got off my ship it looked like they’d just come out of a war zone, if that’s the case oh crap… Jack is not going to be happy.

Chapter 2

20 minutes I sat there him staring at me and me staring at him, the Commander of an unknown vessel. 20 minutes of thinking, of nothing to do but sit and stare this guy down, looking into a pair of eyes that had seen to much, that had truly known war?

20 minutes was what it took for the pieces to fall into place, the vessel from what I could see of it was a war ship, mother ship class running for her life. The Commander must have seen enlightenment in my eyes ‘cause he nodded very slowly and smiled.

Eventually he sat back in his chair and told me who he was and what their story was, there was no sarcasm no anger or hatred, just tiredness and a deep sadness that I understood only to well.

“I am Commander Adama on behalf of the surviving ships of the colonies Kobol I welcome you to the last Battlestar, her name” he looked around the room and smiled softly. “Is Galactica”

Surviving ships, last, oh my God that means there were more of them out there, but then that was a given we do know that the Go’uld spread the human populace around the galaxy and beyond, we just didn’t know how far. That word I had heard on the TV what was it, Frell? A swear word I think yup that springs to minds.

“Hi my name is John Crichton as I kind of explained earlier, I’m from Earth more specifically Stargate command, I’m a pilot. I’m working on an experimental aircraft”

“Earth” The commander rubbed his chin thoughtfully “Tell me about your craft and how you nearly rammed into us”

“Well as I said earlier, there this man called John Crichton and he was an astronaut”…

Chapter 3

“Well, I guess things could be worse”

It was a mumble more to her self than anything, the guards were refusing to talk to her and no one had come to see her, she didn’t know what was going on or how things were. Still one of the benefits of being locked away was that it gave her the opportunity to think.

The last thing she expected was to receive an answer to her question.

“True, but it could be worse.” Joshua grinned “You could be onboard a Cylon ship being interrogated.”


Roslyn jumped up from her seat and landed with a clang against the bars, Joshua just rolled his eyes.

“That’s not normally a response I get, and what the hell does Frak mean?”

“Uhm” Roslyn went slightly pink “It’s a swear word”

“Oh I getcha” he thought for a minute then nodded “Kind of like Oh bloody hell”

Roslyn had a blank look on her face, Joshua grinned again “Earth saying I’ll teach you some more one day.”

“Earth” she said with a shocked look, Joshua still smiling replied.

“Yes that’s right I’m human” He blinked “kind of.”

“Kind of?”

“Yeah I’m uhm ascended, to a higher plane of existence” Joshua made quotation marks with his fingers.

“Oh, so what does a higher being want with me?”

Joshua scratched his chin “Well it’s not just you I want, I’m here to lend a hand to this rag tag group”

“Rag tag?”

“Yeah that’s right, but don’t dig the rag tag, after all it was a bunch of rebels that brought down an Empire”

Another blank look, Joshua rolled his eyes again.

“It’s an Earth film, when you guys get there I’ll rent it out for you”


Joshua nodded “Yeah that’s right, it’s a long story when we have time I’ll explain all these things to you”

“Oh okay”

“So you’re in quite a situation here.”

“Yes, I’ve been arrested”

“Arrested, I guess frak would be an appropriate word to use”

She smiled and sensing no threat sat down “Yes it would be appropriate”

“So, you want to tell me about it then?”

“Okay, I was arrested for believing in something” She smiled slightly.

“Oh so it wasn’t anything to do with asking Starbuck to disobey orders and take a Cylon raider back to Capria for the golden arrow?”

For the third time since Joshua appeared she had another blank look, which turned from shock to suspicion. “How do you know that?” Joshua grinned broadly.

“Hey I’m a higher being; it’s my job to know these things, besides Oma gave me a few hints as to what was going on”

“Oma?” That blank look again, Joshua grinned.

“Oh sorry she’s the one that ascended me, nice person”

“Let me guess” Roslyn responded “another long story”

Joshua laughed lightly “See your getting the hang of it” Roslyn nodded at that comment.

At the moment she nodded Tigh and two soldiers walked in, all three of them looked at Roslyn and then at Joshua, once again they too had shocked looks.

Tigh responded aggressively to Joshua’s presence,

“Who the frak are you and what the frak are you doing in my holding cell?”

“Well he certainly likes that word doesn’t he?” laughed Joshua, Roslyn just looked concerned; she turned to Tigh and with her command voice.

“Please do not insult our guest”

“With all due respect Madam President you are not in any position to tell me what to do”

“With all due respect Colonal Tigh, I am still the peoples President, and this young man is a guest on board Galactica”

“How does a young man just appear in my holding cell Madam President” Tigh said that with enough venom to put a hole in one of the bulkheads.

“Last time I checked this was Commander Adama’s ship”

Tigh smiled evilly, narrowed his eyes “Commander Adama has been shot!”

“What!” Roslyn looked pale and sat down taking deep breaths she asked “By whom?”

This time it was Joshua that answered, “He was shot by a Cylon agent”

Tigh’s response was so quick it shocked everyone, except Joshua who just sat there and smiled “Sharon”.

Roslyn looked at Joshua and asked him whether he knew about it, Joshua nodded.

“Part of the reason I’m here. If you’ll let me I’ll take us there and heal him”

Both Roslyn and Tigh nodded in agreement, and with a click of his finger the three of them vanished and appeared in the med lab.

“It’s a trick its gotta be” Tigh looked around the room, “He’s a Cylon trying to gain our confidence, soldiers don’t let him go near Commander Adama!”

It was too late, Joshua was standing next to Adama, the soldiers grabbed their guns and aimed them, as they were about to shoot several things happened, Roslyn shouted out “No!” at the top off her lungs, the room suddenly got very bright and Commander William Adama formally on the critical list woke up.

Another routine mission, a planet with no known life forms, well none that we know of. We brought with us some of the newest members of a group we received from Earth. They had only been here a week but Weir had decided that they needed to get out of the city for a while, being away from the land effects you at first, slowly but surely you get used to it.

So off we went to the planet. We didn’t go too far, one of the local planets. Rodney as usual was so excited he nearly wet himself. Christ, even the kids were better behaved then him. Yes, that’s right; we have kids on the mission and one of them being Elizabeth’s nephew, which is just fine with me. We have to baby sit the kids and Rodney and go into a potentially hostile territory. Well, can’t say I didn’t warn her, which I did about 30 times. Rodney I’m not so worried about, he may whine a bit but I know he can handle himself.

Anyway, we were on the planet exploring some ruins when suddenly I heard a crack from behind me. I turned around and came face to face with a brotherhood weapon “Oh crap” was the first thing I said, we were surrounded.

“Who are they?”

That was Joshua asking, the youngest in the group all of 18 years old, and banished to the other side of the galaxy but hey the kid was enjoying it. I heard the other day that he had already charmed some the other ladies in the group, something about his cute smile. So what could I do but stand there and explain to him who they are.

“They call themselves the Brotherhood, they claim to be waiting for the Ancients to return”.

The only answer I got was “Oh” he looked around at the ruins and the writing on it and suddenly his face lit up, even Rodney was confused by it.

Not surprisingly the Genii showed up, they backed up the Brotherhood, I think we had roughly 30 weapons or so pointed at us. The leader walked forward and demanded that we put down our weapons, as we did so two things happened, the first was Joshua answering the obvious question.

“I know what the writing means!”

The second, he pulled my gun from my holster and shot himself in the head, point blank range.


John Sheppard woke up shouting; he gave a start at the sound of his own voice. Was that really him screaming like that? John got up and went over to his bathroom, and got showered.

“Well nice to see I’m not the only one up and about at this time of the morning, what’s the matter John couldn’t sleep?”


Doctor Weir was standing by one of the balconies drinking some of the instant stuff they had deemed worthy enough to call coffee. She sipped and grimaced.

“You know I can’t wait until Rodney and the Athosian's are able to start growing coffee beans”

John took a sip of his and grimaced copying Weir’s expression, he then laughed slightly.

“Yeah I agree, Say Elizabeth?”

“Yes John”

She looked at him strangely for a minute before he answered.

“Do you have a nephew?

“Yes I do John, I have two in fact, why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason just curious, one last thing what are their names?”

Elizabeth smiled slightly, she never realised John was even remotely interested in her, brushing her hair back in a typical female response she answered the question.

“One is Andrew he’s 10 the other is Joshua he’s 18”

John blinked twice and felt a shiver go up his spine; Elizabeth must have noticed it as she looked at him oddly.

‘Goddamn, must’ve been a dream, well I hope so ‘cause if it’s a premonition I don’t like where its going’ thought John. Shaking his head, he nodded his thanks at Elizabeth and walked off in a hurry to the gate room.


“Wow so what you’re telling me is that we are definitely not alone?”

That was Joshua asking the question, the one who answered was Daniel Jackson. They were both sat in the Joshua’s mother living room, Daniel Joshua his mother and father, Amanda and Richard Anderson, loving parents and annoying clean freaks, who often referred to him as a Kevin.

In reply to his question he got the response he was both hoping and not expecting.

“Yes that’s correct, your mother and father are here keeping us company”

Joshua deliberately did his Kevin impression, knowing the response he would get from his parents, his father rolled his eyes and mother sat there and grinned evilly.

“Thank you genius, you know what I mean, what with the truth is out there and all”

“You watch too much X-files Josh”


Joshua raised his hand in mock salute and responded in kind.

“Speak to hand bub”

Daniel grinned.

“So how do you do it Daniel, how do you guys boldly go where no one has gone before”

“We use a Stargate”

Joshua blinked, oddly reminding Daniel of Elizabeth.

“A Stargate, in layman terms it connects to other worlds using a wormhole”

“Layman terms, translates to me that I should have paid more attention in physics”


His father clapped his hands together and gave “ah ha” in response along with an “I told you so”.

Joshua shrugged “oh well, probably safer if I don’t know how it works, sooo come on them tell me all the cool stuff!”

“Well what do you want to know?”

Joshua put his finger on his chin and thought for a moment.

“Where do all the chicks hang out?”

Everyone groaned at that.

Chapter 5

Amazing, technology, culture, different societies, aliens, astonishing. Words all words, something to describe feelings, feelings that no one could describe. One minute you think you are it, the only person in the room, then suddenly someone switches on a light and the rooms crowded with people.

That must have been what it was like for the ancient peoples of Earth, to look up in the stars and think “Are we alone?”

I could honestly understand why the government would want to keep the Stargate project a secret, the religious freaks would go nuts, the people would panic, and it would be like when that reporter played War of the Worlds on the radio.

Yet, I don’t feel any panic, or alarm. I just look at the Stargate and think ‘well shucks, isn’t this fine’. The one thing that gets me though, is this feeling of destiny like I’m supposed to go through ‘gate, the entrance to the heavens.

“Wow so who’s this guy”?

That was Joshua; he was pointing at a man who happened to be standing next to Daniel. Daniel looked at the man and grinned, the man mirrored Daniel’s response; Daniel answered Joshua’s question.

“That’s John Crichton”

“Hi John, I don’t need to salute you do I?” John shook a ‘no’ and put out his hand, Josh took and shook it firmly.

“So John Crichton, what do you do? Do you fly B52’s?”

“B52’s?” Answered John “Nope I fly Rockets”

“Dude, you’re an astronaut” Josh was positively grinning now.

“Yup that’s right, I’m going out today to” John stopped and looked at Jack, who was also in the room, Jack nodded back. “I’m going to fly an X303, it’s an experimental bird, its not one of a kind but we are testing one of a kind hyperspace engines”

“Wow, kinda like warp speed” Jack chuckled and did Captain Picards trademark engage signal. Josh answered Jacks signal “Aye aye sir, engaging warp nine.”

Everyone laughed the tension that had been there earlier, was now gone. Everyone had been laughing and joking when Colonial Carter walked in smiling, Jack turned to Carter.

“What’s up Colonial?”

“We’re ready for Joshua”

Jack turned to Joshua and shook his hand; the others did so in turn and wished him luck. Daniel took Josh to the embarkation room, surrounding him were other men and women, the best and the brightest from all walks of life. His mother, father and brother stood in the control room, his father and brother standing proudly his mother in tears. Daniel went to the ramp and stood in front them, tradition Daniel had explained to him earlier.

“Ladies and gentleman, you are the best and brightest in your chosen fields, you have been chosen to join your comrades in Atlantis, there you will embark on an adventure like none other, or in the words of a famous TV star, you will be boldly going where to one has gone before”

As he was saying, that the wheel had been dialling the appropriate glyphs, when it stopped and it was announced that a connection had been made, Daniel walked two steps forward.

To Joshua the sight was amazing the event horizon shot forward at such a speed, it looked like it could’ve swallowed anyone in it’s path, the ‘water’ then went back to where it had come from, and what looked like a pool sat in the middle of the Stargate.

Joshua was the first to walk up the ramp, he stopped at the pool of water, looked back at his parents and brother waved them goodbye.

He turned to the pool of water.

“To infinity and beyond” Joshua stepped forward and vanished.

He remembered reading somewhere that at the end of the tunnel there is a great light, well so far, that had held true. However, what he wasn’t expecting was the sound of cheers.

He walked forward with his luggage and got greeted by his Aunty, Elizabeth Weir, she walked up to and hugged him tightly, pulling him away so he didn’t get run over as the next group came through.

When they stopped Joshua looked around the complex, and for a few seconds everything went silent. Joshua stopped, looked into the middle of the room and stared into the huanted eyes of John Sheppard.

Earth’s Orbit

At the same time John was in the X303, he was in orbit around Earth. He was travelling at speeds far faster than he was used too, and truth to tell he was having the time of his life. Those down on ground could have sworn they heard a “Yeeeehaaa” coming from the radio.

John radioed base and told them everything was fine, he hit the appropriate buttons for hyperspace, as he did a massive blue wormhole appeared and gobbled him up.

All that could be heard in the ground base was…

“Holy shit!”

Chapter 6

As for location bah, you guys need to watch more tv then you’d know who I’m talking about, anyway enough of my whining let the battle begin!

You Have To Show Them That You're Really Not Scared

You're Playin' With Your Life, This Ain't No Truth Or Dare

They'll Kick You, Then They Beat You,

Then They'll Tell You It's Fair

So Beat It, But You Wanna Be Bad

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It

No One Wants To Be Defeated

Showin' How Funky Strong Is Your Fighter

It Doesn't Matter Who's Wrong Or Right

Michael Jackson: Beat it.

It should have been bombs, that was what it felt like, explosions raining down on them left right and centre. No matter how hard they tried to move forward, they were constantly being pushed back, it was beginning to look increasingly desperate.

Daniel noticed a break in the enemy’s pattern; Teal’c had scored a direct hit and had killed the Prime of Baal, another nameless beings death on Teal’c’s hands. The break was only brief as the blasting began again vigorously, those loyal to Baal wanted revenge.

Daniel was hit, not by a staff weapons blast but rather by the shock wave. He was thrown back against a large stone pillar, something in his back made a loud cracking noise, the next thing he saw was Jack and Sam engulfed in a rain of fire, wiped of the face of the planet, for what wanting to help people? Was this the end of Sg1, the end of Daniel Jackson?

All he remembered was a great white light; it felt so right, so comfortable, and yet so familiar. That was when he heard it, a voice that should have been on the other side of the galaxy it was…


“Hey Daniel how’s the head?”

“Well welcome back to the land, or rather ship of the living”

Commander William Adama was sitting up in his bed smiling at Joshua, ignoring the dropped jaws of all the people in the room. Lee, Roslin and especially Tigh, it was quite a sight.

“Thank you Joshua”

Adama looked around the room at the collection of people standing in there, he was surprised to see how many doctors were surrounding him, Tigh looked at him and then Joshua and then back at him. Joshua looked at Tigh smirked and asked…

“Still think I’m a Cylon agent”

“I uh, I uh” Tigh shook his head and rubbed his eyes “Frak I need a drink”

Lee and Roslin laughed nervously and agreed with him, Roslin looked at Joshua with sad eyes, and then looked away embarrassed, as though she were caught in the middle of something.

Joshua smiled; it was time to do his light trick again. So with that thought in mind he walked over to Roslin, she however, still nervous backed away slightly.

“Please, do not be frightened of me”

Again the room suddenly got bright for the second time that evening, Joshua revealed his true form to all those standing in the room, he placed his hand on Roslin’s chest, found the cancer and cured it.

One month before Galactica’s hanger bay

You know it is strange, being on a ship full of humans, yet you are the outsider, the one no one really trusts. So I do my best, I try to introduce myself to as many people as I can “Hi I’m John Crichton Earthman” this normally gets me a nervous smile and then they run away as fast as they can, the normal response is “I’ve uhm got to go to the loo”


Oh well cannot say I did not try, today had not been any better. I was about to give up when I came up the flight hanger, I walked in and bumped into a tall good looking female, otherwise known as Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace. Damn what I would have given to have a piece of that, anyway back to the story.

She stood there and smiled at me she wanted to know what I was up to and why the “frak” was I in her hanger bay, so I figured the best way to get out of being dragged back to my room was to tell her the truth and nothing but.

All I got in response was an, ‘oh’ a smile and then a grin.

“Your bored?”

Yup that about summed it up, I couldn’t do anything else, engineering isn’t exactly my strong suit, and science well forget that right off. So she raised her eyebrows and with the waggle of a finger I followed her.

That was when I saw her, she was stunning.

She stood over by her Viper, dressed from head to toe in leather and drop dead gorgeous.

Starbuck turned to me and introduced me to my latest infatuation “John Crichton I’d like you to meet Aeryn ‘Ripper’ Sun

With a smile that could have lit a thousand galaxies, she looked me up and down.

“So your the infamous Earthman?”

Galactica’s med room One month later

Everyone was shocked, Adama especially. He had never seen his son cry, not even at Zaks funeral, they had witnessed a miracle, two. He himself had resurrected by Joshua and Roslin had been completely purged of her cancer. This was too much for some of the doctors one of them had fainted.

It was then that Joshua made his announcement; Starbuck had arrived back in system with the arrow and some interesting passengers. He also said:

“You’re going in the wrong direction, you’re heading towards a planet called Atlantis”.


buh hahahaha more confusion and more waiting, dang those nasty cliffhangers!