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A Holiday Kiss

By Doc 

Word Count: 1,315
Date: 10/29/05
Series: Mini
Rating: K+
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: William, Original Character

I walk down into the decorated hangar bay. WOW! The crew has gone all out. We are celebrating the Festival of the Holy Lords, a time of celebration and gift giving to commemorate the founding of the Twelve Colonies. Our president has decided that it's important to continue to celebrate the holidays. I look around the gaily- decorated hangar bay and see smiles and laughter among the crewmembers here.

I also see children running around and laughing. Another idea had been to have all the children from the orphan ship come aboard Galactica for a visit as a special treat. I can see a group of children gathered around Chief Tyrol as he explains the workings of a Viper. I have to laugh because they probably only understand about a third or what he says but all of them have eyes as big as saucers.

But it is Starbuck who has acquired her own fan club. Both boys and girls of all ages are gathered around the pilot firing questions at her left and right. Starbuck is looking a little desperate but Lee isn't helping her. No, the CAG is standing off to the side laughing his head off. I'm pretty sure he won't be laughing for long. Sure enough I see some kids break off from around Starbuck and run over to Lee. They are pulling him over to Starbuck and all the while shouting questions at him. Revenge is sweet.

I wander around the hangar bay watching the celebration while waiting for Bill to finish his shift in CIC. Someone hands me a small cup filled with some fruity drink. I take a taste then look around. I would swear that this has alcohol in it. I thought there was no alcohol aboard Galactica.

I'm standing off to the side when a voice interrupts my musings. "Enjoying the party?" I almost jump out of my skin. I didn't see Colonel Tigh come up to me. "Sorry, Doctor, I didn't mean to startle you."

"My mind was wandering. Happy holiday, Colonel Tigh!"

"Happy holiday to you too, Doctor. Are you here with anyone?"

I sigh, "Waiting for Bill to finish his shift." I have given up on calling him Commander when talking with certain people - Colonel Tigh, Dan and his wife Molly, and sometimes Starbuck.

"Would you mind if I keep you company while you wait for Bill?"

"Not at all, but if you're going to be talking to me for a long time, better call me Kylen."

"Fair enough, call me Saul"

We move away from the wall and begin to walk around the gaily decorated hangar bay. Children are running all around and the off duty personnel seem to be having a good time. Saul and I talk about this and that. Our interactions are less stressful now that I'm no longer taking those classes. But he'd better watch out when his physical comes due. If Saul thinks I've forgotten about him throwing me into the brig he has another thing coming.

We are talking about something when all of a sudden I find several children and Galactica crewmembers surrounding us. They are shouting and laughing and seem to be herding Saul and I in a particular direction. Just as quickly, they move back to give us room shouting "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" What in the names of the Holy Lords? I look around and realize they are staring at Saul and myself and pointing up. To his credit Saul looks just as bewildered as I feel. I suddenly get a bad feeling and look overhead. There suspended above us is a rotted little piece of plant tied with a bright ribbon. How did anyone find mistletoe?

We both look at each other. Clearly he is just as embarrassed as I am . The kids are all laughing and chanting, "Kiss. You have to kiss or you're going to have bad luck." I am already unlucky. Maybe I can get lucky by not kissing Saul. We try to get away with a little kiss on each other's cheek but I hear a familiar chorus of voices shouting, "That doesn't count. It has to be on the lips!" Which, of course the kids take up as their new chant. I am so going to kill Mark, Cassie, Starbuck and Lee.

As I look at the surrounding crowd I see many smiling expectant faces. I sigh and look up at Saul saying, "Look, let's just give them what they want. The sooner we get this over, the better."

I see a gleam enter his eyes as he says, "Kylen, are you implying that it would be a chore to kiss me?'

Oh for Lords sake. "No I"

All of a sudden he dips me back, and kisses me on the lips. I'm in shock and grab at his shoulders trying to keep my balance. Before I can do anything else it's over, and he pulls me upright again. The crowd cheers and then sets off in another direction, probably to find more victims.

I look up at Saul who is grinning like a fool, and am about to say something when his expression changes and he gives a hasty, "Happy holiday, Kylen. It was a pleasure." Then he moves away before I can say anything. What??

I hear a familiar cough. "I see you started to party without me."

Oh Holy Lords'. I slowly turn around to see Bill standing a few feet away. I sigh and silently name Tigh "Coward". I know I'm blushing all shades of red as I move toward him saying, "I guess you saw that."

"I did." He isn't smiling and I can't read his expression.

"For Lords sake it was just a holiday kiss. The kids and certain crewmembers had us under the mistletoe. The kids were all expecting it. What were we suppose to do?"

"You seemed to be enjoying it. I didn't know you and Saul had gotten so close." Oh great! Bill has a bruised ego. Well, I'm not going to put up with a sour face all evening. I take his arm saying, "Come along."

He looks bewildered but follows me. When I have him under the damned mistletoe I say, "Happy holidays, Commander." Then I wrap my arms around his neck, pull his head down and kiss him hard. I do love kissing him. His arms automatically come around me and pull me closer. I finally pull back when I realize we have attracted an audience. An audience that is whistling and cheering.

As we pull apart I'm blushing even more than before. This is a first. When we are in public I almost never call him Bill much less kiss him. I look up into his eyes. While Bill's expression gives nothing away, his eyes are saying a lot. I get the feeling his mood has dramatically improved. However, all Bill says is, "Is this the only present I get?" Greedy bastard.

I continue to blush and can't seem to look him in the eye as I quietly reply, "You have to wait for the rest." Bill gives me a quick hug as he chuckles then says, "They say the Lords reward those who wait."

As we go to sit, I kneel down and whisper to a few of the children. They start laughing and go running off. Later, as Bill and I are sitting down and enjoying the food (I will never enjoy the synthetic dishwater they call coffee), I hear the "Kiss, kiss, Kiss!" chant and look over to see the children have cornered Starbuck and Lee under the mistletoe. Now all I have to do is make sure Colonel Tigh will be among the first to undergo the yearly physical and remember where I placed all those really small gowns. Revenge is sweet.