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My Lover

By Doc

Word Count: 542
Date: 10/29/04
Series: Mini
Rating: K+
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Gaius, Number 6

She's always with me now. I can't get away from her even if I wanted to. For two years she was my lover. She never demanded anything more than I was willing to give. In bed she was inventive, exciting, everything I could ever ask in a lover. She never pressured me for more, for marriage. Now I would have settled for marrying her because with her in my brain I can never escape. She is my lover forever.

I remember when I first met her. She came up to me after a lecture I had given on development of artificial intelligence. She told me she had read all my work and was very impressed. She was tall, blonde and drop dead gorgeous. She wore a dress that left little to the imagination; it was out of place among all the suits. I was hooked. We went somewhere to talk and later to my room. I was delighted to find she was extremely intelligent. When she later admitted she had attended my lecture for the express purpose of meeting me to offer me a proposal, I was all ears. I loved the way her mind worked. I would have done the same thing if I were in her position. So I listened and became even more enchanted with her. After some haggling we struck a deal, in exchange for unlimited computer access, she would help me finish development of my navigation system. It was almost done but had some flaws in it and I was being pressured by the military to get it completed or loose the contract.

She never asked about my indiscretions, although I knew she occasionally would see some evidence of my other women around. It never fazed her. Even though I would cheat on her, I would always come back to her. She really was like me in every way. No other woman could match her in bed. Her only flaw was her tendency to talk about her religious beliefs. Sometimes when we were lying in bed she would talk about her God, and about God being love. I'm not a religious man but always felt it best to humor her.

I thought I had it all. I was brilliant, a close personal friend of President Adar, rich, and well respected, with a women any man would die to have. A woman, who was content to let me go my way, yet be available to my needs, without pressuring me for a permanent commitment.

Now that's all gone. I need to be careful. No one can know about her, my secret lover, or about my involvement in the fall of the human race. For now the new President and the military leaders look to me as their Cylon expert. I have to make sure it stays that way. At least I can use her for information about the Cylons. So far she has been very helpful in maintaining my charade.

She comes to me anytime, anyplace, and even though I now know what she really is, I can't help my reaction to her. She knows my body like she knows computers. She has damned me for the rest of my life, my lover.