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7 Points (Old)


Title: 7 Points (Old)
Author: chaos_eternus
Word Count: 781
Date: 08/11/04
Rating: T
Category: Action, Crossover
Warnings: War... nothing much really.
Summary: Adama finds a familiar Seven Point address for Earth...
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Not much unless you havent seen the mini...

For the record: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from Battlestar Galactica or Stargate SG-1

Commander Adama looked with tired eyes over the original copy of the Books Of Kobol in his hands. He knew there was a clue in here somewhere, some link that would point the way to the mythical 13 colony. Except this was just confusing him, unlike later copies, including that issued to every cadet at the Colonial Military Acedemy, this said Kobol was a person, not a place. Stranger still, it referred to earth as being the first world, not a colony. He knew this copy had not been opened, not been viewed by human eyes for at least 800 yahren, but would that have been long enough for this level of change to have appeared in the texts?


        And what were these strange symbols etched into the ancient scrolls handles? His instinct told him they were significant, important, but he could not see how. Six symbols at either end, with space for a seventh. What in Kobol's name were they?


        He copied the symbols onto a pad, and carefully packed the ancient fragile scroll away, locking it into his personal safe, before grabbing the pad and heading towards the canteen. He could do with something to eat.




He sat down at the table with a sigh, looking glumly at the unappetising bilge on the plate in front of him. He hated this stuff as much as everyone else did, but still. He grabbed his fork and began eating, concentrating on the pad as he did so. He could have sworn he had seen those symbols before, but where?


        "I didn't think you were much of a history buff Commander"


        Startled, Adama looked up at the weakly smiling face of Cally, one of the few survivors of Tyrol's crew.


        "Mind if I join you commander? Everywhere else is taken"


        "No, be my guest" he paused "what do you mean history?"


        "Those symbols, they are the ancient symbols for the colonies, from before the Cylon rebellion, I had a friend in school who was a big history buff, loved that period" Cally brushed the tears from her eyes as she remembered her dead friend, "actually they are still used by astrologers, they insist they are constellations but they cant remember which colony they are from" she laughed slightly, "they don't match any constellation from the twelve colonies though"


        Adama stiffened, looking back down at the copied images. Six images of constellations. plus space for a seventh. Six relatively fixed points in space, plus space for a seventh, a point of origin. It was a course.


        "Son of a bitch!"


        "Excuse me sir?"


Adama realised he had spoken that last out loud, "Never mind, excuse me I have to go"




Adama walked swiftly up to the bridge, clutching the pad tightly, his mind moving in only one direction, this could be it, this could be it.


"Tigh, I need this symbols matched against the star charts"


"What these? They don't exist; don't tell me you've starting listening to those astrology nuts now?" Tigh responded, his voice rough from years of alcoholism.


"Not from the twelve colonies no, but find the world where you will see these symbols, and you will find earth"


"You're crazy" Tigh replied.


"I don't think so, I found these symbols on an original copy of the books of Kobol, just match them please"




"And just out of curiosity why is it everyone else knows about astrology and I don't?" Adama asked a slightly wry tone in his voice.


"Because you have your head firmly stuck on your shoulders, like a good commander" Tigh chuckled at Adama's look as he left the room.




"How do you do it?" Tigh said, striding into Adama's office three days later.


"Excuse me?"


"That excuse we call a back up jump computer finally spat out a list of possibilities, all within the same general area, one of which is a trinary star system"


"From the pad you mean?" Adama said, pulling the glasses off his face.


"It gets better, no ship on record has ever been this way, and yet we have some information on stellar bodies in the area in the computer. Unfortunately the information has been converted from format to format so many times its partially corrupt, but this information appears to be tagged with the symbol of the original colony ships themselves"


"I think we have ourselves a destination"


"I'll start the plot for hyperlight jump, and let me guess, we don't tell anyone right?"


"Maximum security Tigh, do not let this go over the airwaves, if the cyclons hear of it."




"This is USS Prometheus, you are trespassing in Tau'ri controlled space, please identify yourselves."