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Hammer to Fall

By Chaos Eternus

Word Count: 873
Date: 4/25/05
Series: Season 1
Rating: K+
Category: Action
Pairing: Lee Adama
Warnings: maybe a bit dark, but nothing really to warn about
Summary: Just waiting for the Hammer To Fall...
Spoilers/Disclaimers: 33 Minutes / Dont own BSG or the song, if i did, i wouldnt be worrying about money...

Here we stand or here we fall

Vipers, scimitars, a blazing whirligig of weapons fire and darting twisting shapes
History won't care at all

If they win, there wont be no history
Make the bed, light the light

We are whats left of the light, of the glory of the Colonies
Lady Mercy won't be home tonight.

An explosion, a second, one raider but one Viper, one of his people too, not good.

You don't waste no time at all

Again? Frak it, why every 33 Minutes? He needed sleep, his pilots needed sleep.
Don't hear the bell but you answer the call

Once more into the breech… weren’t the sirens that woke me this time though, it was the sheer inevitability of it. 33 Minutes, even my body knows it now.
It comes to you as to us all

Frak, but that was close. Think I picked up a few new holes in the tail plane; hope Tyrol and his crew will be able to fix that in time.
We're just waiting

We cant go on like this forever, we’re tired, need sleep, need rest.
For the hammer to fall

All it needs is one mistake, just one and the Hammer will fall.
Oh every night, and every day

More like every 33 minutes… frak it, Lords, give us a break, please?
A little piece of you is falling away

Can’t think… too tired now, if I try my mind hurts. It feels like molasses and jack-hammers in my head, all so slow, yet oh so loud and painful.
But lift your face, the Western Way –

Couldn’t stop though, had to go on, a people, a way of life to defend.
Build your muscles as your body decays.

Natch to that… Kara and my Father to defend, a family to keep whole for as long as I can, now that we are a family once more at least.

Toe the line and play their game