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I Scream Inside


Title: I Scream Inside
Author: chaos_eternus
Word Count: 705
Date: 26th Feb 2006
Rating: T
Category: Pairing, Baltar, Six
Warnings: Ansgt
Summary: Pre-Mini. Baltar Knows of Six.
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Not much unless you havent seen the mini...

For the record: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from Battlestar Galactica.


Poor foolish woman.

No, poor follish machine, it would be a bad idea to mistake that thing for something alive, sentient even as duty requires that I act like it is, allow… that heresy to think she has me controlled, that I am a simple genius who is controlled by his dick.

The irony is great, I am a genius certainly but I am also not stupid, it was easy enough to figure all was not kosher when the first time we frakked, I could see red oscillating up and down her spine in the reflected light of my mirror.

That was not normal, not for a human and even in my arrogance I knew enough at that instance to think ‘Cylon'

I didn't let on of course, if she truly was then my life was at risk.

I would need to tell Colonial Intelligence, but I know seeing red lights in a mirror would not be sufficient to prove to them I was naught but a slightly insane genius and many do say after all that genius and insanity are very close bedmates.

A sample of DNA was easy enough to obtain, but showed nothing in itself, however my clerk, god bless her soul, processed the results as she would a normal scientific grade sample and came running when she found twenty matches, all different individuals.

That was enough to take to the Police, along with my suspicions.

They didn't believe but based merely on my name were willing to check, but they believed soon enough, when they managed to trail five ladies identical to my fiend at the same time.

Gaining new samples of their DNA and proving that the building blocks of their life were identical was a harder task but the police managed both, keeping me separate to that to ensure Intel could not claim the samples had been interfered with.

Then it was Intels turn.

They dismayed, angry and more then a little fearful.

The Cylons were evil, of that was no doubt, but what they had done in creating false life was not only a heresy, outlawed by the Word, but a dangerous one. The fact that they had tried… were trying to manipulate me was dangerous enough considering the clearance that I have, what else were these human form robots up to?

Intel didn't know, but they wished to find out.

Hence why I am here, laying down, pretending to enjoy myself as this robot abuses my body. I want to retch, I want to scrub myself until my body bleeds again, I want to put a bullet right through her pretty head or wring her with my own two hands, I want…

But I don't, I know my duty, I hate my duty and I do it anyway.

Information is power after all.

We know they intend to corrupt my new navigation program, so there have been delays in that deployment, the only ships equipped are those with Commanders we suspect are trustworthy, their computers carefully but silently rigged for a quick reset to older coding.

We know they want and have achieved access to the central mainframes so slowly we feed false information in, trying to trap them into a falling into a black hole, a program designed to create a false reality within the computers, projecting data close enough for the cylons to use and trust but different enough from reality to perhaps give our units a chance and in the midst of this all, I know the Admiralty has their own plans, plans involving a carefully created and guarded fleet hidden away from sight, all equipped to fight the cylons and none with my corrupted baby, the CNP.

Slowly we draw them in, but as yet, they cant know that we are preparing, waiting, so everything must continue as normal, and I must allow this abuse of my body, I must allow myself to appear as the arrogant, gullible genius and we must play happy frak buddies.

I will never be clean, I may never frak a woman again, my parts sullied and dirtied beyond repair by this thing.

But I do what I must to survive.

And all the while I scream inside…