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By Gem

Date written: 1-18-07
Rated: T
Word count: 1,997
Story Timeline: Season 3
Warnings: Spoilers Season 3 Unfinished Business
Characters: Starbuck, Apollo, Anders, Adama
Summary: When Lee saw Kara and Anders after they got married What was he thinking?

A/N: I have been gone for a while but after watching the BSG Marathon on Monday. I felt this needed to be written. This has not been betaed so all mistakes are mine. Remember to Read and Review. I hope you all enjoy

Lee felt as if the world was swallowing him whole. His father's words were burning a hole through his heart. Kara married. No, he couldn't believe it. He stood transfixed next to his father. As he watched her walk toward them she was with him, hanging onto him. ‘She shouldn't be hanging on him. She should be hanging on me.' He thought

“Lee are you okay?” His father had been watching his son's reaction to what he had said and he became concerned. Lee seemed to be preoccupied and suddenly distant. He didn't say anything so Bill pressed on filling Lee in on other important developments.

Lee heard his father's question but didn't answer he was to busy watching them walk toward him. The blood continued to rush through his ears. He was enraged. That is how he should answer his father's question. He wanted to turn away and ignore Kara and Sam but his anger wouldn't let me. He had to face them he had to let her see his displeasure.

Did last night mean nothing to her? Was it just a final fling? She didn't love him, as she had professed to the world in the field the night before. That was the difference between he and Kara. He means what he says to people. She never could keep a promise.

They stopped in front of him. She was smiling and hanging on to Sam. Kara stood with him happy and full of life. She was oblivious to the pain she had caused Lee.

Lee stared deep into her soul. He wanted her to know and feel his pain; the pain that she caused him. He was willing all of this to go away, to be a dream, but Lee knew it was a cold hard reality. Lee was only half listening to the words coming out of Ander's mouth but he heard “Can you believe it.”

Lee couldn't keep quiet anymore. “No I can't.” was Lee's response and it was the truth. Lee did the only thing he could do. He wished Anders luck—he was going to need it and walked to the shipyard to meet his waiting Raptor.

His father's words echoed in his head during the walk “Kara got married….Are you Okay?” The answer to his father's question was most certainly not. He had been burned. Lee could never talk about this with his father. He could never tell his father why, how or by whom? What would his father think about him? The inquisition about Shevon, a year ago was enough he couldn't face him with this. He wanted to get as far away from this hell as soon as possible.

Lee could only leave this place and leave Kara behind. He would find solace in Dee. She was the only person that loved him