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Military Honors

By Gem

Word Count: 99+ 1
Date: 5/25/05
Series: Pre- Mini
Rating: K+
Category: Dradis Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Kara and the Adamas
Warnings:Character Death (an unseen one)
Summary: Dradis Contest: Word of the week:Honor
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Slight Mini and Act of Contrition

The day was beautiful. Zac would have loved it but Zac wasnít there. Lee helped his distraught mother up the hill following the honor guard carrying her son, his brother to his final resting place.

When they reached the graveside Lee noticed his father and Kara standing on the other side of the casket. Lee placed a supportive arm around his mother.

The honor guard folded the Colonial flag draped over the casket. Zacís commanding officer took the flag. Then he turned to them and walked directly to his mother. He knelt down next to her and presented the flag.