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Stolen Moments

By Haeng

Word Count: 100
Date: 17/04/05
Series: One
Rating: K
Category: 100 word challenge
Pairing/Focus: R
Warnings: None

"Zoom! Zoom!" A child, head full of tiny braids, giggled, playing with a toy viper.

President Laura Roslin grinned. Artificial sunlight warmed her. Away from the cameras she could forget the plots that dogged her days. This vice presidential farce. Zarek.

She knelt beside the girl. "What's your name?"


"I'm Laura."

Helen solemnly announced. "I'm gonna be a pilot."

"You'll have to work hard."

"You sound like mom." She looked down. Joy leached from her eyes.

Roslin knew not to ask more.

President. Power alone wasn't enough. These stolen moments reminded her what they fought so hard to protect.