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A New Friend And Attraction

By Caleigh Hayes

Word Count: 953
Date: 2004
Series: N/A
Rating: M
Category: Relationship
Pairing/Focus: Baltar / Six
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Mini /

She brings it up casually saying, “I think Lee Adama will make an excellent friend for you.”

“I don’t want to make friends with some hotshot pilot,” I reply. “If I did Starbuck is a heck of a lot more fun and better looking.”

“He’s a very suitable companion. He’s bright, good looking, and has a powerful position,” she points out.

“He doesn’t trust me,” I say.

“He’ll be easy to win over. He’s isolated and vulnerable,” she says.

“So what?” I respond.

“The world you knew is over. You need to rebuild your life. You need friends and allies,” she says lovingly.

“I don’t care,” I say.

“you need to care!” she replies becoming frustrated.

“Why?” I reply tired of this whole conversation.

“Let me fix you up with Lee,” she says.

“No way,” I say turning away. I want to end this conversation.

“With the last jump the fleet has temporarily escaped. You must take care of your self.” Six states.

“Why,” I reply. “My life is a series of nightmares.”

“There isn’t going to be a next generation of computers, no more awards, money or recognition,” Six says.

“Why rub it in. You caused it,” I say.

“Darling, you can’t tell them everything you know about Cylons or you’ll end up with a very large whole in your head or locked in a very small cell,” Six coos.

“I don’t care,” I say.

“I care. I love you. I will always love you,” she says. “ I will not tolerate self destructive behavior.”

“My self destructive behavior? You haunt me. You drive me to distraction in public, totally humiliating me. My mental health is under suspicion. You draw me into fantasies of a world lost. You are the one who is destructive,” I retort.

“Let’s do some something different. Let’s watch Lee sleep,” she suggests as she rubs my back with her hands and my hip with her leg.

“That’s sick. No” I decline.

“He wont wake up he’s been in combat twenty-five of the last forty hours. The last jump was successful. No one will disturb him. You won’t get caught,” she assures.

“Absolutely not,” I’m standing my ground. She’s just a chip. I’m a complete person.

“Please, don’t make me pressure you,” she sounds reluctant.

“You haunt me what else can you do to me?” I ask defiantly.

“Darling, I like men. Part of my success with you was my genuine attraction for you. You are my first love no one will ever take your place. But he is attractive. Let me give you a gift. Feel attraction for Lee Adama,” she says as I feel her take control.

Suddenly, I’m close to him. I’m sitting next to him as he sleeps. He’s lying on top of his made bunk. He smells clean. His hair and skin are slightly damp. I can feel a damp warmth radiation from his body. I notice that he has a towel around his hips. I struggle to remind myself, these are Six’s thoughts not my own. I look at his classic features and how his neck merges into strong shoulders. His is almost statistically average in height. His body closely resembles that of a gymnast, balanced, agile and compactly muscled. I can feel that his muscles are hard at rest. I know why his body receives so much attention from women. It’s proportion and grace. In addition to conditioning for strength and stamina, he works on speed, flexibility and balance. I can feel my body react to this onslaught of sensations. My body is reacting unnaturally. I want to see his eyes open. I want to see him smile. When I can I see him awake. I realize I’m losing myself. I’m terrified.

“Stop” I beg.

I’m escaping the CAG’s quarters. On my way to my own quarters I nearly collide with Captain Kelly. By the time I reach my quarters I feel that my thoughts are again my own. Six is waiting for me as I enter. She greets me with the seductive passion to which I am so accustomed.

“Darling, calm yourself. Start with a meal. Listen be supportive. He likes women. He doesn’t want anything from you that you would find unnatural,“ she says with complete confidence.

I nod. She knows what I’m thinking. Her past tortures seem almost loving compared to this. Before I may not have been in control, but I was myself even if I have been interacting with a phantom. But I was intact. Now I see she can overwhelm me with her desires. Now that she has created a whole new level of terror, she makes sure I understand that Lee Adama is influential.

“In spite of obvious tension, he has tremendous influence over his father and Colonel Tigh,” she says.

“Yes,” I say.

“After inspecting the civilian ships, he became the fleet’s most recognizable military officer. The Commander is unavailable. Tigh doesn’t listen or seems disrespectful to the civilian commanders. The Captain is considered the most effective route to gaining assistance from the military,” she continues.

“Yes,” I say.

“President Roslin listens to him. She takes his advise,” she continues.

“Off course,” I say. “Remember I was there when he helped her get the fleet to Rangor.”

“I’ll stop by the pilot’s ready room tomorrow and get his schedule so I can arrange to bump into him,” I say. I don’t believe that Six wants me to become Lee Adama’s friend for my benefit. But to retain myself, I will cultivate a friendship with him. Lords help us all.

“Good, Darling,” Six says as she takes me away to a world that no longer exists.