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Order Prevails

By Sati James

Word Count: 2,653
Date: 03/27/05
Series: One
Rating: K
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Focus: Original Characters

Sol System was silent. Throughout the system there was simply no movement, shattering this silence for a moment a blue funnel appeared just inside the asteroid belt. Had anybody been there they would have seen the green Vorlon Heavy Destroyer, the main body tapering into the four arms, which, like some ancient arachnid, seemed to reach out to find it’s prey, but there was no one there. Silently the destroyer glided towards Earth. To the casual observer it looked as if the asteroid bet had extended all the way to Earth Orbit, until you looked closer.

Then the nature of this new belt became apparent; starfuries, shuttles, breaching pods, Hyperion cruisers, Omega destroyers, Warlock destroyers and even the rare Explorer ships, the wreckage of the once proud ships littered the system. Idly aboard the destroyer the Kosh read the names from the shattered hulks, Agamemnon, Lexington, Cortez, Heraclese.

Kosh proceeded through the system to Earth, occasionally catching a glimpse of a wrecked Simtar but cylon baseships were absent from the graveyard, no baseships were present in the legacy of the Humans final Stand. Above Earth Kosh found the most important legacy. The ship had once been proud, its four engines glowing with power pushing it onward in search of the 13th colony. The triangle forward section could no loner be recognised, the twin landing bays that gave her the graceful bird like appearance had been sheered off, her guns fired until they had nothing left to shoot and were among the last to fall silent. Her name was still visible; GALACTICA still blazed defiantly from the severed landing bay.

An orange funnel appeared as the destroyer jumped back to hyperspace, onboard Kosh was pleased. The manipulation and guidance of the Cylons had worked. Using their angel like appearance the Vorlons had helped and guided the Cylons, the very symbol of order into destroying their ancient enemy’s strongest champions. The Humans the personification of Chaos were gone the Vorlons were pleased. Order had prevailed now with their Cylon children they could show the ancient enemy that order, not chaos was the way to guide the younger races.

However, Sol System was not as quiet as Kosh had believed had he looked just a little further he would have seen a sight to fill him with dread. A fleet was leaving Sol System, not a military fleet but a fleet carrying the one thing the Vorlons hated, chaos. ‘What do you want’ is the most difficult question to answer, but the Humans now new. The need for revenge burned through Sol System brighter than the sun, throughout the fleet there was one constant thought. The days of the Vorlons and the Cylons were numbered, and they were small numbers. Quietly Earth Force One and Colonial One lead their charges towards the stars.

Space shimmered and a shadow battlecrab appeared. The ship smiled, it had successfully shielded the Human fleet from the Vorlons. The Vorlons believed that the game was over, they were wrong. Order had prevailed for now but the shadows were patient. With the escape of the Humans the shadows chessboard was set, and the pieces were moving.

It had been 20 years since the destruction of Earth and the flight of the Humans. 18 years ago a habitable planet had been found and with no sign of pursuit the fleet had stopped. The new planet was named New Earth and the shipyards of the new earth Empire were complete. Research had been undertaken in the last 18 years in combining the best of the Earth Alliance and 12 Colonies ships. As the Earth Empire was still new it was decided to concentrate on three of the most tried and tested designs. The Battlestar class carriers and the Omega class destroyers had both been upgraded but would only be used to defend New Earth.

The most powerful of the three would be the Warlock Class Battleship. Originally an Earth Alliance design, 3 times longer than a Battlestar and 6 times higher, the warlock had had Galactica style suppression batteries added along the hull to aid in point defence, Galactica style heavy armour to enable it to withstand multiple nuclear strikes and Galactica artificial gravity plating. (google image search “Warlock Class Destroyer”). As well as most of the weapons facing forward, its smallest profile and there fore the most difficult to hit, the Warlock carried a few fighters and withering weaponry: 4 twin mounted laser cannons (3 forward and 1 aft firing) 2 Missile Batteries (16 nukes each mounted on both sides, forward firing) 8 proton cannons (at least one can fire in any given direction) and 40 Vipers lancing from 20 tubes on the port side and 20 tubes on the starboard. Unlike the Battlstars these tubes were are part of the main body and covered by retractable armour plate, as is the landing bay between the 4 main engines. With Galacica style jump and Sub light engines Warlock class battleships were fast, manuverable, capable of taking on 4 base stars, Mainly due to the fact that Laser beams could cut them in half and a direct hit from a proton cannon would sever an arm, and they could give a Vorlon Cruiser a run for its money. (google image search Vorlon Cruiser).

It had now been 30 years since the colonisation of New Earth and 10 years since the Shipyards had been brought on line. New Earth was now defended by the Home Fleet. The Home Fleet was made up of 3 Divisions, each one consisting of 5 Battlstar class carries and 10 Omega class destroyers, with there new upgrades the Home Fleet could withstand the entire fleet the Cylons used to wipe out the 12 colonies and put a significant dent in a Vorlon fleet

In New Earth Orbit, fresh from the shipyards was the pride and joy of the Earth Empire, three Warlock class battleships. The flagship of the Earth Empire was the Vengeance and she was flanked by the Defiance and the Liberator. With the final two Warlocks Freedom and Independence approaching completion Vengeance, Defiance and Liberator were sent to Earth. They returned 2 weeks later with the news that nothing had changed since there flight 30 years ago. With Freedom and Independence completed the 5 Warlocks were grouped into the First Imperial Fleet and jumped to the edge of the 12 colonies…..

…..and right into the middle of a Cylon task force.

Fleet captain Jeremy Sumpter relaxed in his command chair aboard the Vengeance. It had been three weeks since the First Fleet had left the Terran System and they were now approaching the 12 colonies, now he was deciding what to do next. With only 5 ships, powerful as they may be, there was a certain risk to taking the entire fleet in at once.

“Lieutenant Colver, tell the other captains I want to speak to them at once and send the calls to my office.” “Yes captain” Captain Sumpter watched as he left the bridge, Sarah Colver was one of the youngest of his crewmembers. 20, tall with blond hair and a reasonable body she had had half the deck crew after her as soon as she stepped off the shuttle. Quite how someone could become so adept at encryption friendly and deciphering enemy codes that young was beyond him, but then most said the same when he became fleet captain at 28. The comms chirped and the screen split into 4 to reveal his fellow captains.

Captain Sophie Thomas of the Defiance was 25, of average height but with an athletic body, (she’d actually managed to include a gym on the Defiance), shoulder length dark brown hair and small rectangular glasses.

Captain Avril Buchanan of the Liberator was also 25 and had attended the academy with Sophie. She was tall but slightly thinner than usual, but not majorly so, the most striking thing about her was her flaming ginger hair, (call it red and they’d never find your body.)

Captain Richard Hurst of the Independence was 29, tall but well built and had grown his chocolate brown hair to shoulder length. (The last person to call him a girl was still in intensive care.)

Completing the tableau was Captain Dexter Smith of the Freedom at 54 he was the oldest of the 5 but that didn’t bother him. Looking like an older version of Alfred Bester he did not have the initiative or tactical ability of the others but his ship Agrippa was one of the 3 to survive the Battle for Earth.

“Well Jeremy, why have you called us all here” he cringed at the icy voice from Captain Thomas, from the looks of things he had interrupted her in the gym, never a good thing. “I wanted to discuss the next jump…” “why, the calculations are already completed” that was from Captain Hurst, as the navigators of the Independence had just finished the calculations he had taken it as a personal insult. “I meant how we are going to approach it” “simple we all go through and blast everything in the area to space dust in revenge”. Captain Smith’s hated of the Cyons was legendary although as one of the only three military captains to survive the Battle for Earth that was understandable. “We can’t just go in there with all guns blazing. Our Warlocks are more than a mach for any of the old Cylon Baseships but if they upgraded them with wreckage from the graveyard then we could have a much tougher fight.” “If that’s true we just have to tell Captain Buchanan that the Cylons said her hair was red” “I heard that Sophie.” “I’m dead.” “Look I am the Fleet Captain...” “great he’s pulling rank” “...the Vengeance and the Freedom will jump in, do a quick scan, take out any opposition and jump out again. If we need assistance Dexter or I will call you in or jump back to your position.” “Alright Jeremy. Sophie, Avril and I will work out a good guard formation while you check out the old colonies” “we are almost to the jump point, I suggest we get ready for the Jump”. A red light travelled the length of the Vengeance and the Freedom and they were gone.

The six Cylon Baseships on patrol no. 23464677 were in a U formation and had not discovered anything unusual. If the Cylons were capable of feeling boredom they would have since the last ship they got to destroy was a Minbari Sharlin on patrol 29673. Suddenly 2 heavily modified Warlock class destroyers appeared right in the middle of the formation. Human and Cylon had only one thought. FRACK

Chapter 4: Baptism by Fire

Since no one has reviewed and told me which style they prefer I shall write the next chapters in a combination.

The model 7 in charge of the Cylon patrol checked the scanners 4 times then ordered the basestars to open fire. “By your command” “Report Centurion” “we are to close to use the missile batteries without causing significant damage to our own basesars” “then use the rail guns and the fighters” “the rail guns are designed as anti figh……”

“ I SAID OPEN FIRE!” “By your command”

Aboard the Vengeance Captain Sumpter recovered quickly. “Sarah contact Freedom tell them attack pattern Omicron (Oh-Mi-Cron). Don’t launch fighters at this range they’ll be destroyed, AFW’s (Anti Fighter Weapons) full enemy suppression barrage, CSK’s (Capital Ship Killers) take down the closet three of those Baseships!”

One of the great benefits of the combined tech was increased anti missile/fighter weapons, increased armour and increased speed with devastating close in armaments, though the stand off capability was reduced the greater speed and protection made this on minimal importance. The Cylons learnt this within the first few seconds.

The Scimitars flew out of there Baseships intent on blasting these human warships that had been foolish enough to return… and were promptly turned into a firework display by the AFW suppression batteries. The model 7 watched in horror as his fighters disappeared and the rail guns shots bounced off the human ships armour but not for long as his base ship was soon to die.

The base ships were not designed for close quarters combat and it showed as the CSK’s on the Vengeance and the Freedom opened fire. The baseships in front of them immediately died as the laser cannons lanced out, cutting through the base ship from the top severing the arms it looked as though they might slice them into three, until the beams hit the central section that held the two parts together. The reactor breached and the base ship blew apart closely followed by its sister ship.

The proton batteries were also baking short work of the Baseships to port and starboard three were reduced to twisted wrecks with gaping holes. The final baseship was trying to escape but the aft proton cannons of the Freedom managed to score a direct hit on one of the fighter bays. The end of the arm exploded and flame shot out of gashes in the hull then there was another explosion further up the arm and another and another increasing in speed the fuel dumps along the arm went up one after the other Boom…Boom…Boom as gravity aboard the Baseship finally gave out the fire swept down the corridors like water someone has just pored down a gutter scorching and burning the reddish flesh of the basestar until it reached the bottom of the central core where the fuel for the main engines was stored, the Basestar died in a orange fireball that soon died because of the lack of oxygen, and there was nothing larger than a hand span left of the once mighty ship.

Take that you metal basterds. “Lieutenant Colver, damage report please” “Yes captain the Cylons rail guns managed to take out 5 of our suppression batteries, the backups will cover that area with no impact on combat performance, and the port hull has taken minor damage from the explosions of the Basestars. Sir Captain Smith is hailing” “put him through” “Jeremy how’s Vengeance?” “ not to bad, only minor damage, Freedom?” “Same here. Thank God for model sevens.” “How do you know which model it was?” “Simple, any commander with half a brain would have tried to get far enough away to use missiles but whoever was commanding that patrol didn’t. only one Cylon model has that sought of incompetence and that’s the model sevens” “Why are they so bad?” “Imagine putting a mid level bureaucrat in charge on an Omega” “Well at least we know the jamming works” “How so Jeremy” “well that last Basestar tried to escape and warn the others. If they had been able to transfer to new bodies then there would be no need” “Well it looks like the tech boys got it right for once, lets go and check out Aires. Even if the Cylons couldn’t transfer it won’t be long before they miss that patrol.”

Cylon Occupied Caprica…..

“Have we received any news on that missing patrol” the model 6 in charge of Caprica asked the model 1 “Boomer”. “A Centurion is brining the report from the fighter sent to investigate now.” “By your command” “report Centurion” “The patrol has been destroyed” “Six Basestars destroyed!” Six was quickly going into one of rages so One intervened “are the weapons used to destroy the patrol known to us?” “Yes. The Scimitars were destroyed by colonial suppression batteries while the basestars were destroyed by laser beams and proton cannons belonging to the Earth Alliance.

The scream echoed around Caprica. It was the scream of a child whose parents have just come home… and decided it’s time they were grounded.