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Unconditional Love

By Justjanet11756

Word Count:
Date: May 2006
Category: Relationship
Pairing/Focus: Lee / Kara

-Unconditional Love

"Lee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee. No, no, no, no." She cradled him in her
arms. "Please. Stay with me. Please."

He coughed and a small trickle of blood escaped the corner of his

His eyes finally seemed to focus on her. "Kara." He said, weakly….

****** One Year Ago ******

"Sam asked me to marry him." Kara said quietly as she lay wrapped
in Lee's arms. She felt him tense, but he didn't speak. "I
said `no.'"

She expected him to be happy. She expected him to tell her that he
loved her, and that they would make it work. She expected him to
tell her that they'd be together for the rest of their lives. She
expected him to make love to her again like he had an hour ago.

But he didn`t.

He let out the breath he'd been holding. Kara looked at him. He
was anything but happy. His eyes were squeezed shut and he had
raised a hand to his forehead.


He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed and pulled on
his boxers.

"Lee." She put a hand on his arm and he pulled away, walking across
the room.

"Kara, I…."

She stood in front of him with the blanket wrapped around her. The
pain in his eyes was scaring her. "Lee, please." She said,
brushing a hand down his cheek.

"I married Dee." His voice was barely a whisper.

As hard as she tried to, she couldn't breathe. Her heartbeat was
pounding in her ears and the room turned white. She put her head in
her hands, sliding her fingers into her hair and pulling it tight,
using the pain it caused to bring the room back into focus.



Her hand came out like lightning and struck him across the face.

"Frak, Lee," she exploded. "You married her yesterday and you're
frakking me today? How the hell can you do that?" She shoved
him. "Huh?" She shoved him again. "Answer me, you asshole."

She went to shove him a third time but he grabbed her hands to stop
her. He spun her around and pinned her against the bulkhead, their
hands trapped between them.

"You didn't want me, remember?." He growled.

"No." She whimpered. She was lying. She did remember. 'There is
no us. There's nothing here.' Gods, she wished she could take it

"Why did you go back for him, Kara? The Admiral.. the President..
they turned the SAR down. Why did you push for it?"

"There were survivors, Lee. We had a duty…"

"Those other people were just a convenient selling point, Kara." He
shouted, pressing harder against her. "You went back for him. If
you wanted me, why did you go back for him?"

"Because you didn't want me." She pushed away from him and quickly
pulled on her clothes.
"I guess I'm not the only pilot who can't keep their pants on." She
spat, and stormed out.

****** Present Day ******

She had spent the last year thinking about Lee, about their first,
last and only night together.

She had gone to his quarters to let him know she chosen him over Sam.

But it turned out she was too late. One day too late. Too
humiliated to face him or Sam, she fled to New Caprica.

Still, she missed Lee terribly. At least once a day she went to the
shuttle to call him. She'd turn on the power and pick up the
receiver then put it back down and shut the power off again,
deciding it was better to let him get on with his life even though
she couldn't get on with her own.

But now the Cylon occupation was over. The rescue parties from
Pegasus and Galactica had landed to bring the survivors back to the
fleet. She knew Lee would be among them.

She headed off towards the rescue shuttles, winding her way through
the crowds in the New Caprica City Market. Occasional gun shots rang
out from drunken partiers celebrating the human victory by shooting
their guns off like fire crackers. She should pop some the of the
idiots for being irresponsible, but she needed to see Lee first.

He was standing by one of the shuttles going over something with one
of his officers. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw him.
He had gotten more handsome, if that was possible. His shoulders
were broader and his hair was longer, just starting to curl at the
collar. She ran her hand through her much shorter hair wondering
what he would think of it, then took a deep breath and called out
his name. He turned, met her eyes and smiled.

It was all the invitation she needed. She ran through the crowd and
into his outstretched arms. He pulled her into a hug and spun her
around just as another shot rang out.

She felt him go limp and struggled to hold him up. Her hands
pressed against his back feeling something warm and wet there. 'Oh,
gods no. Not this man. Not now.' When she brought her hand back
around, it was covered in blood.

She crumpled to the ground.

"Lee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee. No, no, no, no." She cradled him in her
arms. "Please. Stay with me. Please."

He coughed and a small trickle of blood escaped the corner of his

His eyes finally seemed to focus on her. "Kara." He said, weakly.

"Hey. You're ok. It's ok. Hold on. Please Lee." Her voice broke
and she started to cry.

He reached an unsteady hand up to her face and wiped a tear
away. "Hey. Don't cry. I'm not mad at you anymore."

She smiled through her tears. "No, baby, me neither. Don't talk
ok? The doc's coming."

"Love you." He whispered. He took one more breath before his chest
stopped moving.

She placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Love you too."