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Standing Alone

By Scooterkitty

Word Count:
Date: 4/16/05
Series: pre-mini-series
Rating: K
Category: Challenge
Pairing: Kara
Warnings: none
Summary: none
Spoilers/Disclaimers: None


The report of the guns seems unnaturally loud in the stillness of the afternoon. She flinches slightly at each of the three volleys. She is acutely conscious of the scent of the white roses lying near the casket...

The engagement had not yet been officially announced, so it is to Caroline Adama, and not to her, that the guard of honor presents the folded Colonial flag...

As the mourners begin to drift away from the gravesite, she looks up at the flawless, liquid sky and wonders at the unfairness that today, of all days, the sky should be so blue...