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A Day in the Life

By colum dillon aka maddog 101

Word Count: 11,766
Date: 07/04/05
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Action
Pairing/Focus: O

a day in the life of Caprica day one.

The first nuke went off without any warning there was panic everywhere people screaming and dropping were they stood. The heat and blast wave blowing out window and incinerating anything in it path

"Mister president "shouted major Dillon as he ran into the office "we need to get you out of here we are under attack by the cylons and most of the ruling council are already dead". "There's nowhere to run mark" the president replayed to major .Dillon "I have sent a message to the cylons that we surrender but there has been on replay from them". Dillon looked stunned "what now" he asked mostly to himself . "I have ordered command bunker delta to stand down and to keep all its forces in tacked and out of sight any one that knows about the base is dead now or will be soon you and I are all that left that knows were it is and now you must go there and take command I'll stay here ." "You can't we need you you're the head of state I can't just leave you here ." "You can and you will the cylons are going to look form me and if they don't find me they'll know that I'm in hiding and keep looking until they find me and the base now go that an order NOW." Dillon left the office and headed to his transport parked outside. There he found his right hand man and friend captain john furlong, weighting with a letter which he handed to Mj Dillon as he stepped into the armoured car .

Mark "My old friend I know at this point your making your way to delta now and that the world that we love is all but over, I know that what I wont you to do is hard and goes againtest every thing you know but this is it". "I promote you to admiral to control of all ground air and what's left of space." "Your orders are to regroup bring in what ever forcers there are left out there and save as many civilians as you can ." "Build up your forces and stay hidden for as long as possible ." "Delta can cater for as many as 1 million people it may be antiquated but it has all the basics to build a new life for you and your people ." "There are 5 shaft built down 50 k into the ground all of them have there owe living areas and manufacturing plants ." "You can build any thing you what and need to take back are worlds but it going to take time and a lot of work so don't go all gunhow on me ." "Build you army and take back what's ours one plaint at a time all the best scientific minds we have are there so use them". "As for your aide john's a good man and a great solider as his father was so use him I promote him to major ." Good look mark .

The letter ended as they left the city . Admiral Dillon looked back just in time to see a colon ship open fire on the presidents building it finished in a pile of rouble This was the alpha of a new time and this time there was no looking back .

They arrived at the base late into the night the rain had begun to fall as they left there car in the underground hanger . As they got out they were met by a small armed force of special forces (sfs) admiral Dillon was the first to speak. "Were is your commanding office Lutenant". he asked without reply the lt pointed to an office in the corner of the hanger . Dillon and john march over to the office and entered. There was a very tiered major sitting be hind the desk eyes glued to the monitor behind the desk . There were reports coming in from all over the colonels the cylons had hit every were as had as they had caprice, he did not here the admiral come but shot up as soon as john anosted them self's .

"Admiral congratulations on the promotion" "We don't have time for niceties what your report" The major looked down at his desk and picked up some papers that were on it, then looking at Dillon He began to read "We have 1100 vipers 500 raptors 100000 sfs and 400 medical staff and enough supplies to feed and water a small city for years As per your orders we have sent out search and rescue teams some of them have already stated to check in with news that some of the small towns and villages have not yet been hit I have ordered the to evack as many people as the can to shaft 2 and to gather as much supplies and medis as possible and also there to batten down in cover if they cant get to the base before light". "Good" Dillon replayed "I will go to my quarters and get cleaned up if you can have one of your men show me to them?". "Yes sir do you want quarters in the dome or on the caprice". Dillon stopped and turned to look at the major the "what" he asked. "The caprice is a small battlestar about 2 thirds the size of the old one but with planetary landing capability its new and had not been lunched before the attack but it fully funchnal and we have already changed all the codes to it and all the other ships to avoided a recurrence as to what happened up top". Dillon looked stunned "I had no idea were did you get the funds to build it with out any one knowing about it ?" "well as the saying goes you don't think a hammer really costs the government ?" "Ye ye I know" "Take me to it".

Admiral Dillon stepped onto the bridge it was laid out similarly to any other battlestar only slightly smaller and with out the centre consol that allowed you to see what was going on, on the battle field. Instead there were holo projectors that gave you a 3d few of what was going on out side . It was on and they the bridge crew were watching the feed back they were getting from there passive scans of what was going on in and around the planet and system .

"Report" the admiral barked. A small well bilt man stepped forwarded "We have so far counted 35 base stars and countless troop transporters ten of thousands of fighters and that just around this planet they have started to land ground forces and there are millions of them". "They are also scanning the planet for human life scenes but we are safe in here the ground above us can't be penetrated by scanner" . John's diary. It had been 3 weeks séance the cylons had first started there bombardment of the planet that had only lasted 2 days but the effected will be felt for decades. There was nothing left living in most of the city's the radiation had taken care of that, The small town had been abandoned by the occupants before or during the raids on them by the cylon ground forces we had been able to get a lot of the remaining civilian population to safety ,but that was just the start of are problems . "The bunker was able to take up to 1 mil people but we had civilians alone 2 mil and then troupes there were 2500000 of them from all the service ground air and space we were going to have to do something soon or there will not be any one left alive" .

Mj john furlong stepped into the main control room to find admiral Dillon there already. He walked up to the admiral and saluted "John what have you got for me". Dillon asked "Well I have been looking over our situation and have come up with some ideas". "Well lay them out the admiral ordered" "Well one we need to start working on a planetary shield to stop more cylons from landing and fortifying the planet" 2 "we need to find out what sort of force they have on planet ,the last estimate is there are about 20 mil cylon on the planet so for in all the format from ground to ships as well as the humanoid one that we observed in the last scan that we did" 3 "we need to start training the civilians in warfare if we are to have any chance in wining this battle" and 4 "we need a scientists to start coming up with way of cleaning the atmosphere of radiation and a way of taking out a lot of cylons in one quick manner" Dillon looked over the report and then turned to face john "well first thing first we start training and get the scientists to work on a useful defence that we can turn and use as an offence".

DAY 1 TRAINING O600 There was a large crowd gathered in the hall leading to the hanger that had been hastily set up as a training area for the new recruits, who were now calling themselves the freedom malisha. With in 1 hour of the call going out for recruits over 20000 people young and old turned up . Some were well over the hilt but we would find them something to do it was good for marl even if it was just loading targets every little counted and it meant the people that the army had delegated to do that job and other menial job could be put to better use .

john watched as the recruits stepped forwarded and were sworn into the new army of the colanes they were proud to be joining the fight but he could not help thinking that this was all futile in the long run how could the beat the cylons they did not bleed or eat they were just machines that had an ai mind that had one thing on it to conker and destroy what was left of the human race. Well a least they would go out fighting and as far as he was concerned that was better than dieing in an overcrowded bunker 5 miles underground were the was no night or day no sunrise or sunset .if I have to die in this dammed war then let it be fighting and not in my bed,

Training day 90

Dillon walked into the offices of the instructors from a meeting on how there progress was going . The instructors were all sitting around a large boardroom type table. It was like the old day, Dillon thought to himself this was were they would meat when they were in the academes to discourse who they would but were or who they would drop from there ranks the wash outs . But this was also different they could not affords wash any one out from the training they could only hope that they could train the worst that they had to at least kill some cylons before the got them self's and the gods forbid the rest of there platoon with them . The admiral sat down at the top of the table to the right of him was john . " what have you got to report to me about our new recruits men?" A large built man in his late 30,s stud up he was fit tall and had the look of your typical drill sergeant he turned and look at the admiral , "Sargent Jim Tyler" he introduced himself to the staff that did not know him "Well admiral we are not doing to bad a little slower than in the academe but getting there the recruits are very willing to take orders there enthused with the though of fighting to get there homes back, as well as kicking some cylon ass, the only problem is that we don't have enough staff to keep up with the amount of new recruits we have. We are now training them around the clock in shifts there are now a quarter of a mill new recruits in the military and about 30000 new recruits in the med and engineering cores as well, so we are fairly well set up. Other than that every thing is going to plan we should have a good army ready for you in six months and a great army in 1 year that's if we can keep the pace going" The admiral looked at Jim your "very confident in your assement of your men why?" "They have something to fight for there lives depend on it you know the saying give a man a cup of water and he will drink it give him a well and he can feed the world." "alright there are a lot of people that we would have washed out in the academe but we are beggars we cant be choosers. Now all you have to do is look for what suites them in the army and build on it ."

"If they are good at braking into places? Train them in getting into places without been caught. If they can fix a radio? train them in fixing radio. That's all I am saying give them a bit of discipline and respected and you can get allot out of them and that's what we are doing in the most . Dillon look at him and stud up walked over to him and shock jims hand "that all I am asking you to do and your doing a good job so keep it up". "Now back to business we have to flight simulators up and running that can be used to train new recruits to the viper squadrons so if any of your recurs show any sigh of been anyway interested or capable in flying and you think could make it in a viper send them down to the main hanger just give them 20 or 30 men! People to start with and we will see how that goes".

Jim stepped out of his office as john was making his way to see him. It had been 3 days since they had had there meeting with the admiral and Jim still had not sent the people that he saw fit to the hanger bay to start viper training and the wing commander there to train them was getting very impassioned with the hole set up so john was sent down to sort it out , "Jim weight up I need a quick word with you". Jim stopped and turn to face john he looked as though he was ready to blow when john reached me . "Yes sir what can I do for you?" he snapped "You can tell me were the viper recruits are and when will the wing commander have them to start with". "I'm just on my way to get them from the brig Jim replayed and before you ask yes these are the best I have and there a slightly more than the admiral asked for there are 40 of them and to be honest with you the sooner I see the back of them the better they can be your problem now". John looked puzzled "you did say that these people were the best you had? Then why are they in the brig." Jim looked and laughed "they are the best but they have no discipline." "they were in a reform school military reform school so they think they know all there is to know about the military and keep trying to find ways out of doing what there supposed to". "what they ended up in the brig for, was for coning one of the recruits into believing that they were officesers and managed to get the night shift to run the canteen for the day shift which they were supposed to be doing for four days and by the time we caught on to there scam the night shift had blown up half the galley when one of them had fallen asleep while he was lighting the gas only thing is that he had turned it on and had knot light it so when his class mate walked in and startled his he press the lighter switch and boom no more galley and five recruits in the sick bay with no hair and some nasty burns." "So I put them on bread and water for 3 day and through them in the brig to cool of. but they are the best and they work very well as a team if I was keeping them I would transfer them to special forces and train them there ." "Well take me to them" john asked. Jim John walked into the brig to see for himself what Jim had given him for the viper training . The prisoners stud to attention as john walked towards them he looked them up and down then turned to Jim "you can leave them in there for now he said", Jim looked puzzled "are you not going to take the down to the wing commander with you" he asked "No I do not think they will do for him" John replied with a rye smile on his face as he walked out of the brig Jim followed him out "sir what are you trying to do to me do you want the wing to come up here and lynch me ?" John stopped and turned to look at Jim still smiling "no Jim you gave me a very good idea I want to set up a small team of good people to do some work for me and with what you said about that lot I think you found them for me alright. They will be though how to fly vipers and anything else we have as well as blow up things but I think I need them to owe me. something to get them to work for me with out asking to many questions and I think I now know how to do it come lets go to your office and work on it" .

John stepped into Jim office. "Jim I am going to set up a new squad that will be away from the main body of are forces and that will have people that are not afraid to think and act outside the box and your guys down in the brig are going to be the first recruits ." Jim looked at him for a minute , "you are kidding me sir these guys have no discipline and your talking about creating a hole new squad around them that's just asking for trouble sir." That's what I am hoping for, "Well we l will just have to work on them and make it clear that if they go to far we'll make there last few moments on this plant a living hell." John stud up and made his leave of Jim and headed to the admirals office on the caprice. He mad not talked to Dillon in a few days and had not told him of his plans. John knocked on Dillon's door and what'd for it to be answered . "enter" john walked in "sir". "yes john what can I do for you" " I want to put a team together of about 200 men to work on some of the points I talked about in our last briefing ." "what type of people do you want and for what" well I need 3 vipers pilots that can be used to train every one in the team to fly a viper and a raptor .I will also need some of our best scientist and computer Tec's and 40 recruits that are currently in the brig to be put forward for court-martialled and then I want to be able to do a deal with to get them out of the brig and working for me with no questions asked . oh and what ever supplies we need to set up a new base away from here in one of the old boom shelters from the last war, sir." "your not asking for very much" the admiral responded sarcastically. "I think we can work on that for you john."

Chapter 2 Dawn of a new Age

It had been some while since john had put in his request with the admiral to set up his new unit and things were beginning to come together . The abandon't underground shelter that john had located to use as a new base of operation for the unit had now been kited out with hangers and science labs as well as sleeping quarters and mess halls they were already to go now all he had to do was get his team together . John entered the brig were some very dishevelled recruits had spent the last four months weighting for there court-martial for reckless endangerment and assault . "well what have we here?" the recruits looked up then stud to attention and saluted. "at ease ladies and gentlemen" "I have an offer to put to you and it will get you out of here and into action if you agree you will be released into my custody and any records of this will disappear . This is what I won't you to do ." after about an hour of the major giving the jailed recruits the rundown of what he planed and what part they would have in it he left them to think about it.

Paul stud up to look at his friends as john left the cell . "well what do you think ? if we take the deal we get out of here and back into the action and this plant that the major has could be FUN" they all looked at Paul and said nothing at first then a low voice came from the back of the cell it was a small very young looking girl by the name of Helen although the all called he sparks. "you know that what the major is asking us is as good as suicide ,he wants us to go out there and capture colons and there ships as well as collecting as mush of there Tec as possible so that the Tec's can find out how they work and how they communicate with each other , now this is going to be fun but only if we do it together so if we all agree then let have a new start and show the cylons that they messed with the wrong people ," with that a cheer went up and a new feeling of hope seamed to flow through the bunker .

Chapter 3

A beginning

John stud at the entrance of the his new underground bunker there were people milling everywhere making sure that everything was up and running. There were 20 shiny new vipers witch john had, had painted black with the markings of an old religious cult that had died out a 1000 years ago it was a Celtic cross with a man standing on a snake, john felt that this was a good symbol for the struggle that lay before them the only is that there snake was a cylon.

The new recruits had arrived in the dead of night as this was the only time that they could travel with some safety from the continues cylon patrols.

John walked into the sleeping quarters were the 40 were resting after there long journey. From behind him he heard a rustling and before he could turn around there was a call out "attention on deck" all the recruits jumped to attention jumping of their bunks and stepping out I front of there bunks, They looked like a well-trained drill team they moved with so much ease and what looked like they were in sink with each other. "All I need now is to have them pull off there missions with such ease and we might just win this war", john tough to himself. "at ease we have a long day ahead of us to lets cut the formalities to a minimum , now from now on you will be known as the rouge knights. The knights looked at each other and the to john then one of them stepped forward he was the smallest of them all . "sir may I speak frankly" john nodded yes . "that name sucks we though with the cross that you had painted on the vipers that we could be called the Celtic knights after all the all the Celtics were supposed to be grate fighters and that what we will be," john looked at him for a minute then spoke "well if that's what you won't to be called then be it but the next time you ask me for something and this goes to all of you until I now you all by you name or call sigh let me know how I am addressing now lets get to work ." yes sir they all replied . "sorry sir my name is Jones and they call me mouse because I can squeez through about any opening sir" "very well" john replied "now get cleaned up and down to the hanger bay ASAP I need to sort you all out into what your good at and what I would like you to do in this team and when I say like you can take that as been an order." John turned and walked out of the bunk room and though I really should learn there all there names if only to make it easy to ball out the right one when they mess up and I know they will as long as it in training and not out in the field that all that will matter.

It had been 3 week since the Celtic knight (ck) had arrived in the bunker and training has been going to plan .they were eager to learn how to use every thing and had there own way of dealing with who was good at flying vipers and raptor and using the tek . They new the meaning of been a team now this was there chance to prove it this was going to be there first mission .

Major john furlong entered the mess hall "well this is it I have your first mission for you ,your objective is as follows 1 recon the town of starfeild 2 gather as much info on how many cylons there are based there 3 pinpoint a place that we can set a trap to capture a cylon without destroying it now the plan is you will have to go in on foot witch is a 40 mile hick in the dark ,you will be given night scopes to find your way there when you get there t will be getting light so you will need to find shelter so you can stay hidden for the day ,I advise you to split up into at lest 3 groups to if one of the group is rumbled the others will be able to complete the mission . if a team is caught your orders are not to go after them the mission is the most in portent ,but if you do have a chance to free your comrades after you have transferred the information you have gathered back to us and at lest one group is on it way back then you may attempted it . finally if you think you have been spotted do not make your way back here , but that is just common since . right any questions? It was 7.15 pm and the sun had just set when the ck's left the bunker Paul had been given command of the unit for this operation and he had broken the unit up into 4 parts and made sparks leader of unit 1 . Tiny called that because he was 6foot 8in tall and built like a stone wall unit 2 Tom unit 3 and Helen unit 4 "this is how we are going to do it" Paul said. We are going to march in a fast trot and when we get to starfeild I want the four unit to brake up unit one will set up communications and perimeter defence ,unit 2 I want you to head for the centre of town and 2 business sector and survey from there any movement that may indicate what the cylons are doing and using there and unit 4 your with me we are going to the space and air port we need to place monitoring devices there then when that done I think we bring the major back a present of a cylon so if any of the unit spot a likely target contacted me and we can set it up now remember we need an operational cylon so don't mess up".

The ck's set out on there long march if was going to take them at lest 8 hours which was cutting it fine because this being spring the sun rose early about 5.15 so the needed to be in starfeild and under cover in no less than 9 hours to be sure that they would not be found out . It was bad as it was been out in the dark trying to avoid cylon sweeps .

As the units made it to the town it was beginning to get light and they still had not found a place to bunk down for the day . Paul called out for everyone to a stop as the sun came up. "right by the looks of it we are not going to get somewhere totally secure to bunk down so this is what I what every one to do . firstly every one is to brake up into there designated units then make your way to your objectives keep your heads down and no radio chatter if one of the units is caught we don't what them picking the rest of us up on the radio ,right everyone lets go."

Paul's unit was the first to set out and head for the space/air port this was going to be difficult and more dangerous than it would have been if the had been able to get some were to bunk down for the day and to make it worse they were all tiered after there forced march through the night so they had to be extra careful . The smell of rotting flesh was overpowering even though it had been over 6 months since the first attack on the planet ,there were rats everywhere and they had no fear of the unit as they approached them on there way to the port . The rats would run up at them and nip at there arms and leg s when they were crawling through the mud on the banks of the main highway to the port , Paul had not seen any sight of the cylons for most of the day until they rounded the last flyover on the highway , Paul toll the unit to stop and called up flint a small slim boy really he looked 12 but was actually 19 and had had to have test done in the main bunker to prove his age before they let him into the army with the rest of them. "flint I want you to make your way up onto the flyover and see what's ahead of us don't use the road as there may be cylons monitoring it." "ok boss won't be long" and he was not when flint arrived back to the unit he was as white as snow, he had only been gone for 20 minutes , "report" Paul ordered "there every were thousands of them all lined up like bottles on a shelf and there heading this way ,they also seam to have prisoners with them mostly man and women are age no one much older and they look in bad shape.

Major john furlong walked into the lab to get a report on how thing were going on there attempted to make an electro magnetic shield strong ,to with hold an advance of cylons on the war path. "well how are we doing with the shield" john asked the Kane . "Well we are not doing to badly as it goes we can now shield a 20 mile radius for a 2 hour period with the power cells we have" Kane replied "so what do you need to bust the rang and how much power do we need to have it go up permanently" "we need a turmow generator with a quad out put that would give us a 600 sq mile radius so working on that you would need to supply us with about 300 units to give the entire planet cover and that would not take us to orbit". "Can you make smaller versions for vipers and raptors?" "it would be hard to build one that small and I could not guarantee that they would work for very long because they use so much power now I could build one for a battlestar" "and the shield will holed up to a complete bombardment" "Yes as long as the cylons are using conventual weapons like the ones they used on us when they attacked but the problem is we do not know if that's all they have our did they just use what they new would destroy us" "well that's the chance we'll have to talk anyway that's in the further we could not launch the caprice without alerting the cylons as to were are base is."

CHAPTOR 4 Paul made his way to the top of the flyover to take a look for himself at what flint had seen when he got there the since was as flint had said. Altogether there was five column's of cylons and they reached back for as far as the eye could see all moving slowly towards were the rest of the unit were weighting for him to return. Paul made his way back to the rest of them and ordered a quick march to the woods up about 500 yards to the right of the space/air port they would have to make it quick as part of the ground they had to cover had no cover and if they stopped of any reason they would be spotted by the cylons. The unit made it just in time as the entered the woods the first of the cylons came to the flyover and came to a stop, every one in the unit froze luckily they were in camouflage and it would be very hard to make them out but they all felt that there harts were beating so lowed that the cylons could here them. Just then there was a large explosion as a number of the clyon's prisoners made a run for it. The cylons opened firer on them almost at once but not with grate accuracy because most of them got away the only problem was that they were now heading towards the woods that Paul's unit were now hiding in this was going to get messy and that was just what they were not looking for Paul was going to have to think fast .

As the first of the escapees made it to the woods Paul ordered his people to grab them and cover them with the camo tents , they would hid there heat signatures as well as keeping them out of sight . The only problem was that the prisoners were liable to fight them as they came so the best way to do it was hit them with a stun bolt and that would make it easer to hid them and keep them quiet. Buy the time the cylons had reached the out line of the woods Paul's people had managed to bring down almost al the escaping prisoners but some of the had managed to evade the stun bolts and Paul could not risk the chance that he our his people would be cough out of cover trying to catch up and bring them down before the cylons did,

John walks into the admirals office. "yes john what's on your mind?" "we have a shield that will cover the hole base from cylon detection well unless one of the walks into it" "ok how dose it work and wont the cylons be able to see us through?" "to answer your last question first no the cylons won't be able to see us we would be using cloaking technology witch will project us as being part of the landscape and on scans will show up as a mountain the only thing is that the shield will only have power for 24 standard months after that it will start to deteriorate ,so if we go a head with this we will have to have a plan to get off world or be able to take the cylons out of the picture.

Paul gathered all the survivor that he could together in a clearing near the centre of the woods he was going to have to make a plan to get them all out of there with out been detected by the cylons and by the looks of it he and his people are going to miss there meeting time with the others so that will make it even harder for them to make it back to base with only 10 armed and by the looks of it 60 or 70 escapees. One of the men that had got the use of his legs back after been his by the stun and was looking at Paul stud up " I do not know your unit patches were are you from?. Paul replied "we are new and we are part of a bigger force of troops so if we don't get going we are going to have no hope of meeting up with them and that's going to be bad for my people and for you." " that not what I asked you I am with the air force a captain in the air force so you will answer my question or we are going nowhere do you under stand me." "clearly" Paul replied "but if don't start moving now I will leave you and every one else that what come behind for the cylons to deal with I don't know you and until I can verify who you are you will shut up and do what your told and that goes for every one here now lets start moving." Every one did just that even the captain it was going to be hard to get every one back to base with out been spotted and if Paul had to he would leave them all behind if that meant that he would get his men back in one peace .

As Paul and the rest of his team made there way to there meeting place they made good time . the prisoners that they had made saved from the cylons were in better shape than Paul had though they were when they had freed them . "Where were you caught?" Paul asked one of the men as they marched . "we were caught in the space port as we tried to take of in a shuttle the cylons landed almost on top of us most of the crew were killed in the fire fight as we tried to make a run for it but I was lucky the cylons used a flash grenade that took there rest of us down so when I came round we were in handcuffs and the cylons were interrogating us ." "what were they looking for?" "I'm not sure they had a human working with them and all she wanted to know was were the rest of the military had gone to ground but we did not know all I knew was that we were trying to follow the battlestar galactica which we had managed to get a radio signal from and they were making a run for it with as many refugee ships as possible but that about 6 months ago . since then they have looked after us farley well they seam to have founded there own religion".

As they reached the pre arranged meeting place Paul was relieved to see that the others were still there, "Paul you made it we were beginning to think you were not coming back and I see you have brought some survivors with you ." "thanks sparks I will give you the rundown on are way back to base, so how did the others get on?" as they started there long march back to the base at a slower pace than they did on there way out because no mater now well the freed prisoners were they still were not as fit as the ck's . Paul listened to sparks as she gave him there report. "Well tiny made it into the town centre and managed to plant quite a lot of monitoring and listing units around the town they also managed to pick up the cylons communications frequencies but they are scrambled but at least we can give them to the boffins in the base to see what they can make of them. As for tiny he had a small run in with a cylon patrol by they managed to as tiny put it deactivate them he brought one back it's damaged but I'm sure that we can us it for some thing ,so were did you pick up the stragglers?" Paul gave sparks a complete run down about what happened on the out skirts of the space port, when he was finished his report Paul ordered the units to pull up and bed down for the day because from here on they would have no cover and that would mean they would have to do a hard march at full tilted to get back to the base while it is dark and that meant they had 7 hours to kill so sleep was better than nothing . "sparks you unit has watch split the ten of them up into 1 hour shifts .

The first few hours went by without any hitches and the majority of the unit and freed prisoners sleep but about two hours before they were to be woken all hell broke out as the watch started to wake up the unit they had spotted a large contingent of cylons heading there way and by the looks of it they had found there tracks and were on an intercept course for them this was going to get hairy.

"Paul was the first to his feet blasting out orders unit 1 on take are flank and start laying down covering fire unit 2 to Jones I want you to take the refugees and make a beeline back to base take the long way round and if there is any sign of you been followed head for the hills don't under a circumstances go back to the base. Units 3 and 4 your with me we need to circle back and try and out flank them we can't leave any of them standing because they send in a report about are position they will not give up until they find us or the base so activate your scramblers now ,"

unit 1 opened up fire on the cylons as they approached sparks had strung out her people In a semi circle so as the cylons approached they would be caught in a crossfire this would give unit 2 and 4 time to come up the rear of the advancing cylons. "keep your weapons on fast reload and us you ammo wisely we do not have an endless supply so we are screwed if the others do not get here soon." The cylons kept coming they had no fear as one went down 2 would replace it and they were getting closer every minute . Sparks cheque her scanner to see were the others were and they were not close . She was going to have to give the order for her people to start to pull back in staggered formation if she was to get out of this mess alive and in one peace.

Paul and units 2 and 4 were having it hard to there had been more cylons in reserve behind the advancing cylon troops and Paul had walked his people right into the middle of them fortunately the cylons seam to be taken by surprise and that was all it took to units 3 and 4 to open up on them and they took down 2/3 of the cylons before they even got a shot of but that soon changed the cylons gathered there composure and began to through what ever they had a Paul and his men . "tom" Paul called out over the sound of gun fire I want you to make a brake for it Helen and I will give you cover we need you to you to carry on with the original plan we'll hold out here for as long as it takes then we'll fall back to our ron day vew point". Tom looked at Paul for a minute then answered "I think if you held the cylons of us for as long as possible then made a break for it to catch up with Jones and sparks and I can keep the rest of the cylons busy for as long as possible then make a brake for it to the north that may give you the brake you need to get the survivors back to base". "NO we all go back together" Paul replied "Paul be realistic if we all head back to the base the cylons will follow us a least if sparks and myself head for the hills we know the terrain up there and can eventually be able to make it back to base" "ok but you guys better make it back now go"

Tom moved his men up to sparks position and gave her a rundown on what the plan . Sparks looked at tom "we better make this quick my people are getting the frack knocked out of them and I do not know long they will last we already have lost 2 men and have three injured .

Major john furlong walked on to the bridge of the caprice as captain ciara Fleming was making the last adjustments to the new clocking device that had been installed . "how are we go ciara ?" john asked " not to bad ,the power drain is minimal which means that we can go out fully armed and shield with out causing any stress on the ships other systems .so we are good to go on your orders." Paul walked into the mess hall it had not felt the same since they had lost tom and sparks and Paul had still not forgiven himself for leaving them there but that had been 4 months and thing had changed for the good. The new recruits that had been in training not for nearly 12 months and the tec boys had made huge advances in the clocing and shielding tec, which meant that the time was coming for the first attack on the cylons and now they had the upper hand they had surprise and a way to defeat them.

Chapter 5

Admiral Dillon walked into the caprice control room "are we ready". "yes sir" replied ciara and john. "well lets get to it." the caprice engines rumbled into action and all the control screens light up as computers started to hum with info coming to the from all over the ship . "all systems running a 100% optimal performance captain". "prepare for launch". "all hand brace for planetary launch" "raise shields and cloaking" "shield and cloak active captain we are ready to go". "full power to engines ,helm take us out". With that the caprice raised up from the under ground landing pad and with a flash of hot air shot up and straight towards the night sky leaving it resting place never to return like a child leaving it mothers womb . Admiral Dillon felt his stomach turn as the caprice left the plaint atmosphere .he new that the feeling he got was in his mind as the ship was fitted with the most state of the art grv daps put if he could see it he felt it and that's what he would tell the cleanup crew will they cleaned up his sick from the unman consol he had been sitting at. "not to worry sir the reports coming in from across the ship say half the crew did that"ciara remarked.

"thank you captain now any activity on the surface after take of"? "no sir but we did buzz a cylon fighter as we left the atmosphere but there was no communication burst from it and it did steady up and continued on its course so it probably though it clipped the atmosphere". "good now captain lets start scanning the planet and finding out were the cylons have encamped them selves also scan the mountains and see you can find any survivors out there but do the cylon search first". "Sir it would be quicker if we scanned the planet using some of the newly outfitted raptors and had them feed there scan data back to us on a continues feed ,it would cut our low orbit time in half and would save allot of fuel ," "it your ship captain do as you see fit" Some hours pasted since the caprice and the four raptors that had been dispatched to carry out the complete planet scan . Information from the four raptors had come in on a continues feed to the caprice and was collated with it own scan data and was now ready for a briefing of the ranking staff onboard. Captain C.Fleming "sir as you can see from the first read outs the cylon have taken for granted that they destroyed our full planetary defences and that is there biggest mistake the have plenty of ground personnel but they seam to lack any major air defences witch is a major advantage to us. They have also seamed to have kept most of there military forces in major urban areas and only seam to have small patrols in the rural and small town's ,they also have reactivated all the major power plants on the plans and our scans show that there is a lot of power being lost in the rural areas through the damage caused to the inters tucker which would be an advantage to us if we could tap into in some way and boost are power supply to are underground fabrication plants which in turn would allows to in cress production of items for every day need as well as our military need's, my people have already run the numbers we could have 2 new battlestars of a similar class to this ready for launch in 5 months as well as been able to power up as many charge cells to power the new planetary shields to last us for 3 years on max strength that would mean we could cut the planet of from reinforcements to the cylons and give us a greater chance in taking back the plaint". "thank you captain but lets not get ahead of ourselves yet , replied the admiral.

Dillon stepped into the raptor a seated himself behind the pilot as the Maine hatch closed "activating the cloak and raising blast shields sir,we'er just waiting for clearance to take of sir then we'll be plaint side in about 25min sir". "raptor one your cleared for takeoff have a safe flight and my the gods be with you." The raptor engines roared into action as it lifted of the hanger bay deck and moved with grace into the vacuum of space.

Fleming look up at the main screen as the flow of information kept coming in from there scans of the space around caprica and it did not look good to date they had detected 12 basestar and about what looked like 70 troop careers which from there size looked as it they could carry about 50000 cylon troops ,and the caprice had only scanned 63% of the space around caprica. Dillon stepped down from the raptors entrance hatch into the underground hanger bay were people were moving around franticly making sure that there was no evidence of the raptors decent from the opening above the hanger 3 miles up . John walked over to Dillon "how was your flight sir". "Great john it was good to get back out there and see what the cylons have done to our world". "and how bad is it" "it bad ,there is a lot of damage done to the power grid half the capital is gone they did not have a chance". "Well if we have are way we make up for that". Dillon looked at john for a while and though to himself "if only I was as young as him and had the same confidence in myself as he did this would be a walk in the park but alas I don't and it wont".

As Dillon walked into the communications room the Tec on the main board stud up to salute him and then reached over to hand the admiral a message from captain Fleming . "admiral we have picked up a low frequency distance signal from one of the moons orbiting caprica. I have sent out a raptor and 3 vipers to investigate it .when I know more I will let you know. Fleming out" "when did this come in" Dillon asked the communications officer. "about ten minutes ago" sir "keep me posted as soon as we here anything back from captain flaming."

The raptor with its 3 ftl fitted vipers slipped back into real space and raised there cloaking shields straight away. so if the cylons did pick up something it would only look like a blip on there radar . "viper one this is maddog keep your guys close to the moon surface as we go down to cheque out were the signal is coming from" "be save maddog, one out." Maddog took the raptor down just above the surface of the moon and followed the distress signal down into a large crater 7 miles deep and 4 miles wide . As the raptor moved down from the entrance of the crater it sensors stared to pick up something very large and radiating a low pulse of energy. As they got closer to the energy signal the shape of the object began to become clearer on the sincere read out. Maddog looked back at reaper and let out a large gasp as the sensors identified the objected as a battlestar . Reaper started to carry out a full scan of the ship . "anything" asked maddog , "yes we are picking up life signs scattered across the ship and from what I can pick make out 3trs of the battlestar is underground, it looks like they tried to do an ftl jump but there navigation failed and they hit the moon but I can't tell until we get in there .

Maddog brought the raptor into land close to the battlestar and put on his enviro suit and ordered reaper to keep the engines hot and ready . "if I don't make contacted in 1 hour take of and head back to the caprice and give a full report to Fleming" at that reaper put on his helmet and decompressed the raptor allowing maddog to leave and make her way to the stranded battlestar. As maddog made his way to the entrance hatch he managed to get a better look at the damage ,both launch platforms had been ripped of and there were the remains of vipers and raptor strung across the debris field . there was still power in the controls of the entrance hatch and mad hoped that there was still a good seal on the inner air lock or what ever was let alive inside would be sucked out when he open the outer hatch , maddog typed in the release code and the outer hatch began to open slowly but thankfully there was no sudden gush of air so that meant there was still a good seal on the inner door now all he could hope for was that there was still enough power to seal the outer door and open the inner . "reaper,maddog here I'm going in so we might be out of communication for a while I will make my way to the source of the signal and hock up my suit sensors to it so that you can see what's going on ,keep a full recorded and make sure that if any thing happens that you send it back to the caprice in a data flash," (data flash a 1.5 second burst of compressed data and pictures max info sent in a data flash is 200 gigs) "will do mad be safe reaper out".

Maddog stepped into the corridor as the inner door sealed ,he look at he suit readout and saw that the air in the corridor was breathable and lifted of his helmet then immediately put it back on as the smell in the ship was unbearable ,then he fought the sensation to through up. Making his way down towards the source of the mayday signal maddog came across the source of the sickening smell and now he had to open his face plat and through up because there in front of him were scours of body's piled up in the widest part of the corridor . As he came to the source of the mayday he noticed that there was no dust around the controls of the communications consol so that meant that at least one of the remaining crew was still able to get around . From behind him came the sound of someone stumbling down the corridor so maddog placed himself behind the opening to the communications room and awaited whoever it was to come in. Gus stepped in through the hatch to cheque on the signal and to make sure noting else had gone wrong in the last 24 hours when suddenly from the corner of his eye he saw a suited and armed person coming towards him. With the last of his strength Gus tried to move away but he just stumbled to the floor and started to cry uncontrollably . Maddog moved over to him and knelt down to help the man up ,as maddog helped Gus up he lifted his visor and spoke very gently to his . "it all right I am here to help you ,so lets get you to a chair and find out what your name is and see what we can do to get you and your people out of here". Gus look at maddog for a few minutes then relaxed "my name is Gus pandol communications officer on the battlestar pollough and there are 694 people still alive onboard and we need water and medical supplies." "well first things first let me contact my raptor and let my co-pilot know that I am still around then we can see about get a medical crew over here ok".

Maddog looked around the communications room there was very little damage and almost everything seamed to be in working order . "why were you broadcasting on such a low frequency Gus" Gus looked up from the flask of water that maddog had given them. "we though we had lost the war and decide that we would send out a low band signal so if there were cylons out there they might think that it was an automated signal and wouldn't bother to come looking but now I see that we made it we should have ." "we didn't make it, the colonies as far as we can see have been destroyed and we are all that left ."

"Tell me where were you jumping to when you were hit and crashed?" asked maddog "we had taken some bad hits and had just got are systems rebooted when we picked up a signal from the galactica for all ftl capable ship to meat up at ragnar for a final stand so we keyed in the curse and started the jump that's when the nav failed and we hit the moon" "maddog maddog this is reaper we are coming in with medics and supplies can you give us an idea of the condition the air lock is in reaper out". "reaper the air lock is in good condition but you might want to hock up an alternative power supply to it as the power reserves are low in here maddog dog out". Maddog looked down at Gus "well the cavalry are here so lets get you back to the rest of the survivors and get you all patched up." "are you not going to talk us of the ship to a medical facility". "that will be up to my captain but for now we are going to set up some shielding around this old girl and work from there".

Admiral Dillon and major furlong stud in the main briefing room of the underground bunker as Paul walked in they were finishing up a short briefing with captain Fleming . "come in Paul" john motioned to him to sit at one of the empty seats along the conference table . the admiral spoke first "we are sending you and your people up to the downed battlestar to set up a forwarded command. There you and your people will take part in the first wave of attacks to try and draw as many of the cylons away from caprica so when we raise the shields we won't have as many base stars to deal with" "with respect how do you want me to do that with only a had full of men sir?" john turned to Paul "we are giving you a squadron of 100 vipers and 6 raptors and they will all be fitted with ftl drives and cloaks they will be led by lt Colum `maddog' Power he will be answerable to you and is up on moon 1 now were they have manager to clear out one of the landing zones on the battlestar we have a copy of the full out lay of the plans for you on data disc for you to read on you way up so good look" Paul stud up and saluted his commanding officers and went to leave then stopped and turned "it been an honour working with you sirs good by". Paul walked out thinking to himself "suicide mission just when I was beginning to have fun well frack it"

Paul walked into the command centre witch had been set up in the remains of the downed battlestar . Over the loud speakers came a call for all wing commanders to make there way to command for final briefing . "I see we are all here so lets get started keep all questions to the end, commander there all yours". "thank you" replayed Paul as he took the podium. Paul looked down at the people he was about to send to there almost cretin deaths . "ok I will run down the plan and if any of you have and questions at the end speak up because this will be your last time to do so. The plan as it goes is simple we are going to jump the raptors and vipers to the system rim were we will then tag the vipers to the raptors and then jump the first 50 vipers in ten to a raptor slap bang in the middle of the cylon fleet the raptor are to drop there cargo and jump back out of the kill zone hopefully bring with them a basestar and some of it support craft so you must make your jump as obvious as possible we need to bring as many of the cylons out of capricas orbit your jump coordinates will bring you in behind the Haley's comet were we will have five combat fitted raptors with to nukes each and another 50 vipers to give covering fire as well as keep the basestar support occupied .now back to viper wing one after you have been dropped in by the raptors I want you to set up a cross fire situation that bring two basestars in line with each other and draw the fire then open up with every thing you have then when I give you the signal light up your ftl drives and jump right out of there letting what ever they are throwing at you hit them then we will jump the reaming raptor gun ships in with there nukes and hope fully sit back and watch the fire works . after we have jumped every one back out we will regroup and try and do as much damage to the remaining basestars hopefully drawing as many of the remaining ones away from caprica that will be were the remaining 100 vipers will come in hopefully catching the cylons of guard . they will come in from behind taking out as many of the cylon fighters as possible and if every things goes to plan we will make a brake back to caprica just before the planit shields go up now any questions". Captain power wing one stud up "sir why don't we jump in under our own power and leave the raptors to do there own thing so that they will have a better chance in getting away before the basestars can open up on them and we have are cloaks so we could come in with out been detected until we open fire and the cloaks go down ." Paul looked perplexed "we do not want the cylons to know that we can shield are selves from them and we don't want them to know that the vipers have ftl drives before we have too. the cylons know we cant jump vipers so there going to think that we are launching from a battlestar and they are going to start looking for it as soon as we start to attack and as long as they are distracted we have a better chance in surviving this hole thing and getting home." Another one of the wing commanders stud up and looked around the asked the question that all of them were thinking "sir what happens if we don't make it plaint side before the shield goes up were do we go". Paul smiled and look across the faces of every one in the room then answered "we have made sure that there are enough rations to support us up here for 2 years and there are still 11 more planets left out there with tasters crawling all over them so don't weary we will find some thing to do ok now if that it every one to there posts and good hunting." Paul stepped down from the podium and started to make his way to his raptor smiling as he went along "if all there wearied about is making it back to caprica before the shields go up this is going to be one hell of a learning curve".

"Five minutes to launch that 5 minutes to launch all hand to designated positions" "all viper and raptor crews ready launch in 30seconds" viper wing one has launch and is heading for Ron day vow with raptors" viper wing 2 has launched and is now in position" "wing 3 and 4 are now on standby"

"viper wing 1 will engage cylons in t – 2 minutes" Paul turned to his left to see his second arrive with the signal that wing one had engaged the cylons and that the raptor had made a very sloppy jump back behind Haley's comet and had managed to bate not one but two basestar's into following them. Paul turned to the communications officer and ordered viper wing 3 to make best speed to give back up to wing 2 and wing one raptors or as the had started to call themselves the raptorbates . Paul then returned to the three view screens that were getting live feed from the battle with the cylons over caprica and from the raptors behind Haley's waiting for the cylon basestar's to appear out of light drive .

Wing one was having a hard time of it although things were going to plan it was taking longer for the basestar's to come into the battle they had launched the squadrons of fighters and that meant that wing one were hugely out numbered but they were holding there own as the cylons had tried to us the same tactics they had used when they had attacked the first time as they had had no resistance in over a year and were presuming that this was a lone battlestar coming back to try and see if they could take the fight to the cylons and as there seemed to be a full squadron of vipers out there the humans may not have changed the access cods to there ship controls . And that exactly what the cylons were now trying to find out by beaming a code to a number of vipers to see if the could shut them down and they were . Vipers were going dormant all over space one by one allowing the cylons to come in close and pick them off .were they in for a shock