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Colonial Stock Exchange Wire #1

By Oversurge

Word Count: 492
Date: 2004
Series: Mini
Rating: K
Category: Action
Pairing/Focus: E

From the Colonial Stock Exchange Wire

Mars-Canceron Industries and Cylon Mining Corporation to Jointly Develop Advanced Chip Technologies

Canceron Heights, Canceron, and Rein Valley, Canceron---131885021

Mars-Canceron Industries (CSE: CAMCI) and (CSE:CACYL) Cylon Mining Corporation–Hyperion Technologies Division today announced the two companies have entered into an agreement to jointly develop chip-making technologies for use in future high performance robotic products.

The new processes to be developed by CAMCI and CACYL, will be aimed at improving microprocessor performance and reducing power consumption, and will be based on advanced structures and materials such as high-speed silicon multi-layered chips, platinum interconnects and improved transistors insulation.

The agreement includes collaboration on 45 and 25nm technologies to be implemented on 300mm Mars patented multi-layered silicon wafers.

“We are set to commence production of our 90nm solutions in the fourth quarter of this year, so we are now expanding process-technology development efforts for our next generation of processors targeted at 45nm and below,” said William Hatch, senior vice president, technology operations and chief scientist at CAMCI. “By collaborating with an industry leader like Hyperion Technologies, Mars-Canceron can deliver industry-leading performance and functionality for our customers while reducing the rapidly escalating cost of technology development.”

CAMCI and CACYL will be able to use the jointly-develop technologies to manufacture products in their own fabrication facilities and in conjunction with selected manufacturing partners. The companies expect first products based on the new 45nm technologies to appear in two years.

“Today's marketplace demands the most advanced chip designs and materials technologies,” said Selman Duran, Cylon Mining Corporation Vice-President of technology and emerging products, Hyperion Technologies Division. “Our work with Mars-Canceron is all about speeding our joint technologies into products, and helping reduce the time-to-market for customers.”

The development will be supported by CAMCI and CACYL engineers working together in Mars-Canceron Multi-semiconductor Research and Development Center in Mars-Canceron Industries, Trident Bay complex on Canceron. Work is expected to begin by end of this month.

About Mars-Canceron Industries Mars-Canceron Industries is a recognized leader and innovator in the chip industry, having been the first with advances in multi-layer silicon chip production. A Colonial wide supplier of advanced high speed micro-processors and networking circuits for commercial, industrial, governmental, military, and personal computer and communications markets with manufacturing facilities on Canceron, Aries, Caprica, Gemoni, Virgo, and Picon colonies. Mars-Canceron Industries is based in Canceron Height, Canceron Colony.

About Cylon Mining Corporation

Cylon Mining Corporation is a colonial-wide natural resource company with its primary focus on the development of the Tylium ore mining equipment and robotics. The unique characteristic of Tylium has spawned considerable research into new and exciting energy production applications for space drive engines. Cylon also holds other mining and natural resource interests in the Canceron System, and operates an underground mining contracting business. The Hyperion Technologies Division is the company’s research and develop branch in robotics. Cylon Mining Corporation is based in Rein Valley, Canceron Colony.