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By Oversurge

Word Count: 449
Date: 2004
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Original Characters

Looking down on the Vipers NAV screen with hundreds of target markers. Fire Fox grips the control stick, taking hard deep breaths and with his heart pumping like it was trying to jump out his chest. A flash of light illuminates the cockpit. Looking above his canopy a gray blur races pass his vision, a cylon raider had nearly collided with his viper. He pulls hard on the stick, the viper back flips, and he fires on the Raider. It breaks apart. More Flashes.

He hears voices call out in his helmets earphones.

“I have a lock, taking the shot”

“Watch your six, you have bogie”

“I can shake him”


There’s too many!”

“Take care Fire Fox”

On his left, then on his right, Vipers flash into balls of light, as they cease to exist. A Cylon Basestar and a Battlestar are both on fire in the distance as they exchange hits.

It is mass chaos as Vipers and Raiders tangle in a dance of death, lighting up space with miniature novas. “Take care Fire Fox”

His heart is pumping, beating louder and louder. The strobe flashes begin to illuminate his cockpit in surreal lights and shadows. His breath is labored. He fires on one raider after another, loosing count. “Take care Fire Fox”

Fire Fox has become one with his new Viper Mark II. Where he looks, his viper points and shoots. Full thrust, reverse thrust, fire, left thrust, bank right, fire, spin to left, forward flip, fire, fire, fire. Flash after Flash, they keep coming. “Take care Fire Fox”

His rhythm of breathe is off, hard breath, shallow breath, deep breath, rapid breathing. The fear. A Viper explodes. “FIREFOX!” Then Raider and Viper explode as they collide.

Fragments of metal begin to rain on his canopy. Fragments of Vipers, Cylons, Raiders, and Friends. “Take care Fire Fox”

Warning lights on his console begin to flash. His Viper begins to spin. He can’t control his breathing, his throat begins to tighten, can’t swallow. The master warning buzzer sounds. “I got your six, Fire Fox,” a sound of an angel. He starts to gain control of his viper, and sees Jenny’s Viper. Her sweet face, her mouth the words “Take care Fire Fox”.

As she disintegrates in a ball of fire.

“NO!” screams Colonel Paul Tigh as jumps up from his nap in a cold sweet with tears flowing down his cheeks. Realizing it was only a nightmare, he composes himself, wiping the tears from his face. He hears the alert buzzer then on the overhead speaker “ACTION STATIONS, ACTION STATIONS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL”

“You have to be kidding.” Tigh says to himself.