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Why be so dull?

By OverSurge

Word Count: 1,348
Date: 2004
Series: One
Rating: M
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Baltar, Kara

“Here we are,” said Gaius Baltar as he opened the hatchway door to his private quarters aboard the Galactica. It was good to be the President’s Science Adviser and to be recognized as a hero among the survivors. It was his work and development of a devise to conceal the location of the fleet from Cylon detection. It had been weeks since any Colonial patrol had encountered any Cylons. Baltar’s invention had given the Galactica and the fleet it’s first real break. It gave life a chance to return to normal or ratter to a new normal.

Gaius Baltar had been made an honorary crewmember of the Galactica for his work to save the Galactica. It had once looked like the Galactica would never be able to get away from the Cylons to recuperate from a number of combat engagements with Basestars. The Viper pilots had really liked the fact they could finally have solid sleep periods and repair and maintain their Vipers. Also Baltar was very entertaining in the pyramid card games, he was a real excellent card player, and had the admiration of one particular card player.

Gaius allows Kara to walk in first into his quarters. As the door closed, Kara had turned around to look at Gaius with a smirk, “Nice…Nice and Private.”

“Yes, it is nice, but sometimes it can get very lonely in here,” said Gaius trying to win false sympathy from Kara. It had been somewhat lonely for Gaius since Six had not made any appearance in the last few weeks. Gaius figured his visions of Six were caused by the stress of the new war, and the constant fear that it would be the end. Six must have been a temporary delusion, a mental response to help him deal with the stress or the guilt. He would admit he was beginning to miss her, but he could never tell anybody about her.

Kara smiles and slightly shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Gaius. “I feel so sorry for you, it must be awful to be the Head Nerd,” said Kara, playfully mocking him. “You were right, life would be dull without a little risk.” Kara had been very impressed with Baltar’s charming ways and his good looks. He was just so different than the military men she had been surrounded by for so many years. She just needed a change, and Gaius was a welcoming change. Just like him, Kara was very intelligent, more than average, which had always got her into trouble when she could not find a challenge to occupy her time. They had things in common, they both loved to be challenge, and to rebel against the mainstream.

“Being careful is so boring,” said Gaius as he step in closer to Kara. He can see Kara’s smile and the intensity in her deep brown eyes; he could see that she was going to be exciting. Kara nods in agreement, and steps in closer looking into Gaius eyes. Then closes her eyes as she puts her arms around Gaius waste, and she could feel his lips on hers.

“That was a little dull, Gaius” said Kara as she tilts her head to her side with a smile after the first kiss.

“I’m sorry. Us, Nerds do not have a lot of experience with kissing,” said Gaius with a little laugh at his own joke. “I guess a little risk is called for in this case,” Gaius holds her tight in his arms and this time puts more passion into his kiss. His mouth can feel Kara mouth open a little, enough to invite his tongue into her mouth. It is at this moment, when her tongue slips pass his and into his mouth. As if they are opposing vipers dueling in the sky, each tongue maneuvers around the other.

Gaius could feel one of her hands moving behind him underneath his shirt and her pushing him toward the wall. She presses up against him when he made contact with the wall. He can feel her grab the center of his shirt at the button line and then pull hard to ripe his shirt open. Parting his shirt open, she breaks contact with his mouth and looks at him with a mischievous grin. Gaius was more than cooperative in letting Kara take the lead, he preferred aggressive women.

Kara moves her left leg between Gaius legs, pressing her inner thigh against his. She grabs hold his right hand with her right hand and guides it to hold on to her ass. “You want me to do all the directing?” asked Kara.

“I’m only a humble scientist, wanting to learn and study my subject, before I conduct my exercises and experiments. I am a fast learner,” said Gaius as he squeezes her ass.

“Oooo…I am a pilot after all. Before I fly I must always do a pre-flight check,” said Kara as she gropes his groin. “Equipment check!” Kara pulls Gaius off the wall and throws him down onto his bunk bed.

Gaius is surprise with her strength as he was checked and thrown onto the bed. He lies, with his shirt ripped open. Looking up at Kara as she pulls her sweater off over her head, with only her sports bra on. She descends onto Gaius on the bunk bed, giving him a quick kiss on his lips. She attacks his neck as if she was a vampire sinking her teeth into her prey. She sucks and licks at his neck as she works her way to his ear, while at the same time rubbing her hand on his chest moving down to his abdomen. Just as she nibbles his ear lobe, he feels the delightful sensations of his ear lobe being suckle and cool air blown gently across the surface.

Kara flesh against Gaius exposed flesh was warm and soft. Gaius works to pull off her sports bra, at least partially at this point. Her now freed breasts were on his chest, as Gaius could feel her hard nipples against his flesh. Turns his head again to face Kara gaze and again kisses her. She moves her legs apart over his lower abdomen and positions herself to sit up, taking the opportunity to pull her bra off over her head. Gaius just watches as he observes her shake her hair, and looking down at him with her smiling eyes. He instantly reaches up to touch her breast. He can feel himself tremble a little as a virgin would for the first time. It had not been too long ago that he was in a similar situation back on Caprica, but that seem like ages ago. He had relived times he had with Six or imagines them, but this time it was real. He could feel the touch of soft warm flesh.

The blood begins to course through his body, as he can feel her heat on his abdomen. Kara garbs hold of his hands as he massages her breast, and bends over to kiss him. They begin to share the warmth of each other’s bare skin. Gaius maneuvers his arms around Kara and rolls her on her back. They lock eyes and her eyes tell him to move downward. “By your command,” said Gaius, he had always heard Six say the same to him. He begins to kiss her cheek, and work his mouth to her chin, and down the center of her neck, kissing it, and sucking. While one hand caresses her neck from behind and the other cuddle the soft skin on the side of one of her breast. He makes his way to the nape of her neck, kissing both to the left and right. His thigh rubs between her legs, against her center. Kara moans slightly at the attention to detail Gaius is giving her, to tease and touch her sensitive areas, some of which usually gets ignored. It’s all about pleasing the skin, before you can pleasure the hot spot.