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Arrow in Flight

By Kate Owens

Word Count: 798
Date: 04/04/05
Series: One
Rating: M
Category: Action
Pairing/Focus: E
Summary: This is a continuation (well the START of a continuation) of Episode 1-13 Kobol's Last Gleaming Pt 2. 

Horwitz burst into his office, "Are you hearing this?" She asked. The wireless droned on, the commentator now off, the sounds of silence followed by Roslin talking drifted over the air.

"That was the situation yesterday as Commander Adama placed President Roslin under arrest in what can only be called a military coup at this point," The announcer came back, then extolled the virtues of their exclusive.

"Yes," Zarek said, his ear to the phone. "Yes, I think so too but we have to entertain the possibility that the Military may be listening in, or could possibly jam our communications," He said into the receiver. "I agree, but we need to proceed with caution. Yes. Yes. I look forward to hearing from you." He set the phone back down in it's cradle.

"Tip from one of the newsies who got the story ready for air," He said pointing at the phone and rubbing his ear. "I've been in contact with the Picon, Libron and Tauron contingents."

"What are we going to do?" The tall blonde asked.

"Send up Frazier. I need to talk with him before we get much further. Then get that kid from the Rising Star, better get him over to Cloud Nine. We're going to form an emergency quorum."

Horwitz turned on her heal and left with a purpose. She'd need to find Fraizer first, he wasn't the most accessible person on the Astral Queen. Then getting a shuttle for Richard would be next to impossible, but Tom was right they needed a body man in place before the media descended on Cloud Nine, assuming that Adama allowed them to even set up the Quorum.


"How is he?" Gaeta asked as Tigh walked back into the CIC. Tigh looked tired, more tired than usual. The junior officer could see that he was hurting for a drink, but it didn't look like he'd succumbed yet.

"Don't know yet," Tigh said. He'd spent too much time dealing with the aftermath of that. Gaeta has started to get things ready, what he thought they should do, but Tigh had been gone for hours. The Officer of the Watch already had a Raptor prepped and ready to go, but they were running out of pilots for the utility craft in a hurry, he hadn't slotted anyone into that spot as of yet. It was tricky saying who should be there, Apollo and Boomer were in the Brig, Starbuck was gone, things were a bit confusing as to who was in charge of the Air Wing at this point.

Tigh picked up the 1MC and spoke into it. "Attention all crew. I have assumed command. Commander Adama has been... incapacitated. I am taking over until such time as he is fit to return. That is all." He put the receiver back down.

"Specialist lockdown comms in and out of Galactica. I want all transmissions in and out to have my approval. Is that understood?"

Duala looked at him for a moment. "Y-Yes sir," She said.

"Search and Rescue?" He asked Gaeta.

"The ship is prepped, but without Apollo or Boomer..."

"Yeah. D, get someone up here from the Air Wing."


The night had been cold, colder than any of them had really been prepared for. The sun poked over a low rise. Tyrol looked at it from his placed huddled next to the wounded. They hadn't moved, but they needed to. He knew they needed to. It wouldn't be hard to localize the crashsite.

"You awake Chief?" Cally asked quietly, quiet enough to not be hard by the others.

"Get your sleep Cally," Tyrol said. He wasn't in the mood for talking. They'd spent the night here, Crashdown avoiding him. The kid was in over his head, and they both knew it. He was the LT. though.

"It's too cold to sleep," She said, her breath in the air punctuating the situation.

"Well don't wake the others," He said.

"Chief, they aren't coming for us are they?" she asked. He'd expected some sort of SAR mission by now to be honest. Ever since they'd seen the explosion. Well. He'd hopped that what they'd seen had been the Basestar going up. In truth he had no real way of knowing. It was all the more reason to get away from the crashsite.

"Of course they are," He said. "Don't talk like that." He got up. There was no use trying to sleep anymore. "Come on. Let's check the bird again for supplies."