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She’s All I Have

By Padawanmage

Word Count: 615
Date: 2004
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Boxey, Sharon

I wander.

I wander through the corridors, through some rooms and even to the flight deck. I sit on the catwalk, my legs dangling; watching Vipers take off and land. They're so old. I even remember making a model of those planes. Time passes until someone who notices me says it's not safe to be here. I just nod , get up and move on.

I wander until I come to what looks like where all the pilots sit and work. No one notices me there. Finally, I look over at the one who brought me and the others here; the one who also lost her parents. She looks up from a lot of paperwork, sees me, and motions me over with a smile. I sit down….because I really have no where else to go. Someone moves a plate with a cookie over. I haven't eaten in a while…and no one else seems to mind, so I start eating.

After a while of just watching the others, my eyes start to get really heavy. I lean forward, resting my head on my arms.

/Dad…Mom…Aunt Judie...Fire…./

I wake up, a little startled. A hand's on my shoulder, but the face isn't mom or dad.

It's the one who saved me.

She says something about it being late and offers to walk me over to the small room they let me have. I just nod again as she leads me down some corridors to my room. We go in and she walks over to turn on the light. I notice for the first time that the room is small, and I wonder where the other kids are.

The woman looks over at me and tells me the bed's made. I just look at her. She looks back at me, a little confused, and then with an embarrassed cough, she turns around and gives me a little privacy. I take off my shirt, shoes and pants and climb into bed. She peeks around and - looking a little relieved - comes over to tuck me in. She sits next to me and asks if I'm okay.

I just shrug….what can I really say?

She ruffles my hair and stands up…heading toward the door. Right there, as I see her walking away from me, do I understand what it all means: mom, dad, my aunt…my family isn't around anymore. They're gone.

She turns around and stops at the door when she sees my face. She asks me what's wrong.

I just look back at her and all I can ask is the one question I asked before:

"Is everyone on Caprica dead?"

She looks away and I can see she doesn't want to answer, doesn't want to be there. She swallows and then, slowly nods once.

I just look right back at her. Then I feel my eyes start to sting. Why? I knew the answer, didn't I? A lump forms in my throat and I swallow. My eyes close by themselves, and I try to look away….

..and all I see is my aunt waving goodbye to me as she gets smaller and smaller.

Something walks over and sits on my bed and before I know it, I'm held and gently rocked back and forth. I just sit there doing nothing, and all I can smell is the scent of leather, oil and sweat. Finally, I bring my own arms to hug her back.

Hot tears run down my cheeks and I can feel hers falling down my neck as well. She holds me tight, but I hold tighter. And I'll never let go. Never.

Because she's all I have now.