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Is Fear an Algorithm?

By Mike Payne

Word Count: 100
Date: 5/9/05
Series: Season 1
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Kara
Warnings: none
Summary: Dradis word of the week: Fear
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Flesh and Bone / Would never, ever, ever want to infringe upon the outstanding work of the talented folk that created this fabulous canvas that drives our imaginations.

It knows my name!?

Kara wanted to take her cane and bash its head in right now and be done with it. But she had to break it down, find out what makes it tick. Find out what makes it suffer, causes it pain.

If it does feel pain.

Does it know pain? Does it know the pain of the billions that they slaughtered? Pain of the few thousands that survived?

Has it felt the suffering, the loss, the anger, the hatred, the fear as it masqueraded as someone who does feel?

Does it feel fear?

She'll soon find out.