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The Blur of Combat

By Mike Payne

Word Count: 100
Date: 5/4/05
Series: Season 1
Rating: K+
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: "Cat", Viper Trainee Nugget
Warnings: None
Summary: Contest word of the week: KILL
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Just after "You Can't Go Home Again" / Would never, ever, ever want to infringe upon the outstanding work of the talented folk that created this fabulous canvas that drives our imaginations.

Cat sat in her cockpit awaiting the `go' order. Nervousness, then anxiety, then downright fear as she waited for her first combat scramble. Days earlier she learned how to fly this bird, and now she was expected to fight with it? Just as the scramble order, her launch and form up with her wingman was all a blur. She was thrown into the soup, almost lost her leader. Banking hard to port then hard over starboard, a Cylon cut her off got behind her leader. Later, she couldn't remember because it happened so fast.

She got her first combat kill.