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Brothers in Arms: Holocaust

By pzgr6

Word Count: 10,021
Date: 02/19/05
Series: Pre Mini
Rating: T
Category: Action
Pairing/Focus: Cain, O

The Cylons were made by man…

They rebelled…

They evolved…

Then came the day the Cylons decided to kill their masters…

One Year Earlier…

“Action Stations, set Condition One, repeat Action Stations set Condition One through out the ship.” The TAO called over the intercom system. Flashing lights and the rush of crewmen was a sign of the Battlestar Pegasus coming to life. Nearly 4500 feet long, with sixty-four weapon batteries, and forty strike spacecraft, this was one of the most powerful warships humanity ever built.

2000 people were racing for their appropriate stations. One, a woman with medium length brown hair in a military bun entered the Combat Information Center.

“What do we have?” Colonel Patricia Tolen asked.

“Sir message from Fleet, it was broadcast in the clear.” Lt. Rylo the Tactical Action Officer reported. Tolen took the message quickly scanning it. Peter Rylo saw her mouth open slightly in shock.

“Did…did you confirm this Lieutenant?” she asked taking in the information.

He nodded, “Yes sir, then Petty Officer Lee sent a confirmation request, and it was confirmed.”

“Very well Lieutenant, I’ll inform the CO.” Tolen said reaching for the phone on the map table in the center of the CIC. Picking it up she selected the CO button, this connected her directly to the Commander’s room.

After a few seconds a gruff voice on the other end came over the phone, “Yes, I heard the Condition One call what’s happening?”

“Commander, we have a priority transmission from Fleet, it reads ‘Cylon attack, this is no drill’ sir.” Patricia replied.

Commander Garris Cain took in the information, “I’ll be right there.”

A few minutes later a uniformed Commander Cain entered the CIC. Colonel Tolen handed him the message. Reading it quickly he handed it back to Tolen. Looking up at the DRADIS console above the map table he spoke, “All right where do we stand?”

“Sir both Viper Squadrons are ready, we have alert fighters in the tubes, and the others are being readied for strike missions. Raptor 120 is now doing recon ahead of us. Finally we’re waiting for an update from Admiral Nagala.”

“Why are we waiting for Nagala? What’s the latest from Picon?” Cain asked.

“Sir, Picon Fleet Headquarters was destroyed, along with thirty Battlestars in orbit. Admiral Nagala has taken command of the fleet from the Battlestar Atlantia.” Tolen answered soberly.

Cain stopped for a moment; with the lost of Picon the majority of the Colonial Fleet’s leadership was dead.

“Thank you Colonel, could you get an update on the fight.” Cain ordered. Nodding her head Tolen walked over to the tactical map plot to consult with Lt. Rylo.

One hour from Virgon

Captain Leslie ‘Sheba’ Cain checked the message she had just received from the Battlestar Atlantia. Her Viper was part of a twenty Viper MK VIIs that were just coming back from a training exercise.

“Rocket Man, tell Atlantia we copy their transmission. Inform Commander Tyrus that we are only thirty minutes from their position.” She sent to the leader of the Diamondbacks Squadron. Leslie was the Commander Air Group aboard the Battlestar Atlantia.

They had just received word of the Cylon attack. One thing Leslie couldn’t figure out was how the Cylons achieved such surprise. It was as if they had appeared out of nowhere, no alerts, no raids against the outer picket stations on the edge of the Cyrannus System, and they had already taken a heavy toll. Thirty Battlestars and other ships were lost above Picon. Luckily though, the Atlantia and the rest of the 5th Fleet was already close to the main battle.

Fourteen Base Stars had been detected around Virgon’s orbit. More were showing up and this was turning into the prime engagement between human and Cylon.

“Sheba, Atlantia confirms your message; we’re going to meet up with a tanker and the Copperheads.” Lt jg. Peter ‘Rocket Man’ Larson sent over the wireless.

“Roger that.” She responded, good we’ve got the whole wing, time to make those Cylons pay. She thought with satisfaction. Leslie looked out into the vastness of space, and for the first time since she heard of the attack, she thought of her father, Pegasus is probably joining up heading for Picon, good luck Dad.

Battlestar Pegasus

“Sir we have a message from Admiral Nagala.” Petty Officer Lee reported. Cain walked over to the young man’s communication system. The Aries citizen handed his commander a message slip. Cain read the orders.











Cain put the message down. They’ve nuked the Colonies, my god, Cain closed his eyes and said a prayer. He also thought of his daughter, the CAG aboard the Atlantia. Part of him wanted to send a message to the Battlestar asking how its wing was, just to get any info on her, but that wasn’t Cain.

He had been in the Colonial Fleet his entire life. His service on the Battlestar Galactica along with then Lt. Adama had given him a reputation as an excellent fighter pilot. Soon he was on the promotion ladder, arriving as the commander of the Battlestar Pegasus. These years of service had hardened him, one of the reasons his marriage ended. His daughter was the only real family he had left, except for friends like Will Adama. Garris wondered also about his partner in crime on board the Galactica.

That old Battlestar had just been retired, as of today if he was correct. Cain wondered how Adama was doing with this news; he’s probably raiding every supply ship or armory he can get his hands on. That brought a smile to Cain’s face, Adama wouldn’t let a little thing like retirement of his ship and commission stop him.

“Petty Officer, send this reply to Atlantia, we have received orders, will be there in a half hour.” Cain said to Lee. With that done, Cain headed over to tactical plot to join Tolen and Rylo.

Atlantia Wing, nearing Virgon

“Sheba I’ve got multiple Cylon Raiders at 045 mark 215.” The wing’s Raptor called. Sheba checked her DRADIS display. She had the coming enemy fighters on her screen as well. Looks like the toasters want to party, fine by me, They had just gotten word of the nuked Colonies.

“Spider, send to Atlantia we have a welcome party in front of the fleet.” Leslie sent.

“Roger that CAG.” The Raptor pilot responded.

Behind the formation of Vipers and Raptors, the Battlestars Columbia, Triton, Pacifica, and twenty others began launching their own wings of Vipers and Raptors, a huge force of over two hundred Colonial spacecraft were joining together. The Cylons took notice; six Base Stars jumped in adding to the fifteen on station above Virgon, and began launcher their fighters.

Battlestar Pegasus

“The main fight is forming up over Virgon. Atlantia sent us intel on at least two Task Forces of Base Stars and ten squadrons of Raiders.” Lt. Rylo reported.

Cain looked at the information, “So it seems we are going to be about even for this fight, all right let’s pick up the speed….”

Cain was cut off, “DRADIS contact!” Petty Officer Lee called out, “Probable enemy contacts!”

Tolen walked over and put herself near the nearest DRADIS screen, “Sir we have multiple inbounds, I make four enemy fighters at 270 mark 280.”

“Launch the alert Vipers.” Cain said. Lee got on the coms and got a hold of the flight pods. Six Viper MK VIIs launched from the starboard flight pod, heading to intercept the inbound contacts.

Cain watched the coming battle from the DRADIS console above the map table. Six green contacts labeled with their tail numbers, headed for four red contacts labeled ENY. Lee patched the communications from the six Vipers into the ships com system.

“All right let’s get them guys. Pair up, Skye you’re with me.” The CAG of the Pegasus called.

“Roger that.” Was the response, Cain watched the symbols close.

“Pegasus these fighters are different then what they use to look like. They’re scimitar shaped, and frak! They don’t have cockpits; I don’t think anyone is flying these things!”

Cain took that intelligence in, the fighters fly themselves?

“Starboard guns ready to fire.” Tolen ordered.

On the left side of the Pegasus, a few dozen railguns of various sizes turned and pointed in the direction of the Cylon fighters. Each of the gunners manning them waited for the order to fire, but the Vipers got first shots.

The CAG and his fighters were almost in range to engage the Cylons, when it happened. All his fighter’s systems shut down. He tried calling Pegasus, the other fighters, nothing he wasn’t able to raise anyone.

“What are they doing?” Tolen asked watching the screen. Each of the Vipers was heading straight into the Cylons.

“Raise the CAG.” Cain ordered. Lee sent wireless requests for communication to the Vipers, but got no response. The CIC crew watched helplessly as the Cylons fired off six missiles. The DRADIS screen took the horror of the engagement away turning it into a digital game, as dots closed with each other. Six fast moving red missiles symbols closed on the Viper symbols, they connected and then the Vipers and missile symbols disappeared.

“Sir, Vipers are wiped out…” Lee reported as he took in the death of six men and women.

“Guns, fire on target, Helm, forward 2/3s as well.” Cain ordered hoping to put distance between them and the approaching Cylons.

As the Pegasus pushed its four engines to the max, the Raiders closed and fired off another set of missiles, two were conventional warheads, the other two were nukes.

“Radiological Alarm!” Lt. Rylo called out.

Tolen grabbed the phone and trigged a shipwide announcement, “All hands, brace for close quarter nuclear detonation.”

On the hull of the Pegasus the railguns fired. In a backwash of yellow energy, shells streaked forward with tracers, heading to hit the Cylon Raiders. The Raiders had plenty of time to dodge; only their mission wasn’t finished. They were supposed to use their computer virus to disable the Pegasus’s defenses, they didn’t get a chance. Pegasus’s massive volley of shells slammed into the Raiders, destroying them, yet there were still the inbound missiles.

These missiles were tricky bastards, dodging the inbound shells. Cain could only order for the fire to intensify. More shells streaked out towards the missiles. Two massive white and blue flashes erupted in the space between the Pegasus and the missiles, some shells had found their marks.

“Nuclear detonation! We got the nukes.” Tolen said unnecessarily since the ship shook from the close explosions.

Two nuclear detonations were blinding to say the least. The majority of the gunners were forced to look away from their targeting systems. This allowed the two other missiles to slip through. Both hit on the port top engine. Massive fireballs erupted from the armor of the Pegasus, starting a fire in the engine room. The huge blue flame at the end of the engine cut out.

Cain and Tolen were thrown off their feet by the impact. Cain managed to catch Tolen before she hit the deck. Other crewmembers weren’t as lucky; Lt. Rylo hit his head against the tactical plot. Fifteen people suffered injuries in the CIC.

“You all right?” Cain asked Tolen.

“Yes sir.” She answered, getting up she headed over to the damage control board. Heading over though she saw the fallen lieutenant, “Medic!”, she cried out.

Atlantia Wing near Virgon

Over two hundred Vipers and supporting Raptors were going to square off against three hundred Cylon Raiders. Twenty Base Stars and fifty Battlestars closed on each other as well. Leslie was only minutes away from beginning the first salvo of the battle when it happened.

Alarms ripped through her fighter, what, no, not now! Sheba’s fighter had a fly by wire failure. The computers that controlled her RCS thrusters, which allowed the Viper to maneuver in space, all died at the same time. It was a stupid computer failure. All she had pushing her were the three CF-500 engines, and these were pushing her away from battle.

“Damn it!”, she punched the forward control panel, “Skye, I need you take over. My computer just crapped out. Have Atlantia send a Raptor or Hauler to pick me up.” Leslie Cain sent to her XO.

“Roger that boss, hang tight.” He sent back.

“Roger, be careful.” Leslie could only stare into the space, watching the pricks of light that were the men and women of her wing going into combat. Sheba shut down her engines so she wouldn’t drift to far from the fleet so she could be recovered quickly. Frak! The Cylons are right in front of me, and my plane craps out! What would Dad think of this?

The Vipers closed with their Cylon counterparts. Atlantia’s wing was one of the leading formations. Sheba switched her wireless to VOX mode, which allowed her to hear all transmissions of the Atlantia Wing.

“All right Diamondbacks, Copperheads let’s take these guys down. Copperheads engage with missiles first. Diamonds, we’ll then close with guns.”

Now a new voice came over the wireless, “Atlantia Wing, this is Admiral Nagala, good hunting and watch your six. You’ll be handling fighters, leave Base Stars to the fleet.”

“Roger Admiral.” Skye sent back.

Leslie could see the Battlestars and Base Stars close. Each of the Colonial ships was charging their main railcannon batteries. Every Battlestar had four massive cannons that could rip a Base Star in half. Sheba took time to take in the Cylon forces. The Base Stars were of a new type. Instead of the diner plate on diner plate design of the last war, these were a pair of Y’s one put on top of the other, with the Y’s each going in opposite directions. In between the two Y’s was a connecting section covered in lights.

These ships seemed to not even care about the coming Battlestars. They’re in for a rude awakening, Leslie thought with a smirk, a railcannon could rip those ships in two.

Fate wasn’t on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol’s side today, “What the hell…” the transmissions cut off. Sheba checked her wireless to make sure it was still functional, it was but all the chatter between the fighters dropped to zero. Although she couldn’t see it, the Cylon Raiders had used their glowing forward eyes to send a special computer virus out to the Colonial Vipers; the Base Stars simply transmitted the virus to the Battlestars.

“Skye, Peter, come in Pete?” she tried to raise her anyone in her wing, nothing.

Looking over at the Battlestars, she saw one by one, the massive ships’ engines cut out.

“By the gods? Atlantia? Atlantia can you hear me, this is Sheba?” Leslie tried switching to her home Battlestar.

“Sheba? You’re still functional?” was the reply; Commander Tyrus was on the other line.

“Sir, I have no maneuvering but my systems are operable, why?” Leslie answered.

“All the Vipers and most of the Raptors just shut down! The Cylons are using some sort of computer virus…our wireless still works but otherwise we are dead in the water, same for the other Battlestars.”

“Sir, I’ll fire my mains again, try and force this thing over…” she was cut off.

“Frak! Sheba hold your position…we have inbound nukes! Oh Gods!” the commander called.

Leslie turned her head and watched as the Base Stars fired missiles from their tips of the arms in each upper Y. The Raiders were doing the same, only they were attacking fighters and Raptors.

“Sir!” Leslie sent.

“Sheba, power down! Hide, the Pegasus hasn’t arrived yet they have a chance of picking you up. Play dead Leslie, that’s an order!”

Leslie was near the brink of tears, “Commander…”

“Goodbye Sheba.”

And she watched. For thirty minutes the Cylons fired off missiles, guns and destroyed the proud fleet. The Battlestar Atlantia disappeared in nuclear fire; she saw hundreds of explosions of the conventional type, the death of Vipers and Raptors, her pilots, and friends. Half an hour, that’s all it took for the Cylons to finish off every Viper, Raptor, support ship, pleasure liner caught in the line of fire, and humans who had managed to eject. Then the Base Stars resumed their orbital bombardment of the planet Virgon. Massive flashes of nuclear explosions glowed over the planet. With her Viper powered down, the only noise in the cockpit was a grieving Leslie Cain, who was watching her race die.

Battlestar Pegasus

“Chief Lowell, please tell me something different.” Commander Cain pleaded. The head maintenance and engineering officer on board the Pegasus was dirty with grease and fuel. He had just come from the damaged port upper engine.

“Sir, I’m sorry. Those Cylon missiles cut the main fuel lines to the engine. That spilled and the fire that resulted damaged the secondary pumps and controls. I need three hours hard work to fix it.”

Cain grumbled, not at the Chief but at the situation. He needed to move, the battle over Virgon was already starting, the fleet had lost 30 Battlestars over Picon, and it was going to take every ship remaining to defend against the Cylons. Now mine is stuck with a broken engine and needs to sit still for three hours to fix it! He thought.

“Thank you Chief, I want that engine fixed.” He dismissed the Chief.

Tolen walked back over. Her hair was out of place since the attack. She and other officers had worked to repair the damage from the missile strike to the CIC. Her burnet hair was normally kept up in military regulation, now it just hung on her shoulders.

“We’re back up and running. Lt. Rylo has been sent to sickbay with a concussion but the doc said he should be fine. In all thirty minor injures from the attack with ten KIA.” Patricia reported.

Cain nodded; the first six were the pilots, the other four had been inside the engine, “Thank you Colonel.”

Tolen didn’t leave at first, “Our first dead sir…”

Cain looked her in the eyes. Although she was not an inexperienced officer at all, she had nearly twenty years in the service, Patricia hadn’t seen combat.

“Yes, and we’re going to loose more. This is war Pat, nothing good, everything bad.” He said quietly so only she could hear.

Tolen nodded and collected herself, “I’ll check on the battle at Virgon, and inform Admiral Nagala to out delay.”

“Thank you Colonel.”

Cain looked at his chart. If he had to sit and make repairs, he wasn’t going to give the Cylons a sitting duck. Looking over their position in the Cyrannus System he wanted a hiding spot. Gallia Asteroid Belt…this was the huge rocky asteroid belt that separated the colonies of Virgon and Picon. Plenty of the rocks there were the size of the Pegasus, the magnetic fields from the same rocks would make them harder to detect.

“Helm, I need a new course, 180 for the Gallia Asteroid Belt.” Cain commanded. Two helm techs came and plotted a course with the Commander. Cain settled on a rock about 6 kilometers across to hide the Pegasus.

There was one last matter to attend to, “Lee, have Lt. Williams report to the CIC.”

“Yes sir.” Lee answered then making the call for the pilot. A few minutes later a man in his twenties with a military haircut and flight suit entered the CIC. Lieutenant Junior Grade John ‘Bojay’ Williams came over to Commander Cain and snapped off a salute.

“Sir, Lt. Williams reporting.”

Cain gave him an ‘at ease’ and presented his problem, “We are having trouble contacting 5th Fleet. They are either heavily engaged or being jammed. I want you to take your Raptor and scout the Virgon battle. Try and raise Admiral Nagala and the Atlantia.”

“Yes sir, I’ll find out what’s happening.” John replied taking the mission.

Ten minutes later Bojay and his Raptor Systems Officer Lt. Kelly ‘Oracle’ Sims were inside their Raptor recon craft. Unlike the Vipers, the Raptor took off under its own power from inside one of the flight pods. Williams’s Raptor was resting inside the port launch bay on its lift that had carried it into the vacuum of space.

“LSO this is Raptor 120 ready for take off.” Bojay called.

The Landing Systems Officer was the officer in charge of all landings in a certain flight pod, but in the case of the Raptor also acted as the ‘Shooter’ or take off officer.

“Roger Raptor 120, board is green, release magnetics.”

In her seat to the back of the Raptor, Oracle flipped the appropriate controls. Their Raptor was now free of the landing deck. Pushing the throttles forward, Bojay brought them out of the flight pod.

“Pegasus, this is Raptor 120, we are free and clear, preparing to jump.” John sent to the CIC.

Lee’s voice answered quickly, “Roger that Raptor 120, good luck Bojay and Oracle.”

“Thanks a bunch Pegasus.” Bojay replied then turning his head slightly to the rear, “I think he likes you.”

Oracle gave her partner a common Colonial symbol that drivers would use when angry, Lee did like Kelly. This just caused John to smile, “Okay let’s get ready to jump.”

“I’ve set up the coordinates; we’ll pop out on the edge of Virgon.” Kelly informed him.

“All right, stand by for jump.” He readied the FTL drive and the feeling of growing smaller came to both of them, then the Raptor disappeared in a massive flash of light.

Seconds later, the Raptor appeared near the moon of Virgon. Using this for cover they began some passive sensor scans.

“Shit Bojay, I’ve got tons of Cylon signatures. Hey there is also a lot of coms traffic, all toaster talk.” Oracle reported.

“Record it; give the intel guys in the CIC some work.” John joked. Carefully he maneuvered the Raptor to a point where the moon would block DRADIS scans of it, but their own powerful DRADIS system, and the passive systems could pick up signals. Using pin point thrusters her managed to keep the Raptor steady.

“Oh my gods…” Oracle said softly.

“What?” Bojay asked.

“Read this.” She transferred the message she received. Bojay looked down at his screen, and his eyes opened in shock.

Battlestar Pegasus









Cain was as pained to see the communication in his hand. 5th Fleet was wiped out; Nagala was dead along with the majority of the Colonial Fleet. Lee was almost in tears next to the Commander.

“Thank you, Petty Officer, return to your post.” Cain said not looking up from the message. Lee went back to his station, thinking about the lost of his brother and sister, both who served in the 5th Fleet.

Tolen was the next person to see the message. She looked at the commander, “Sir, Leslie…”

“You’ve seen the report Colonel, 5th Fleet destroyed.” Cain’s face was ridged as stone. Tolen left it at that, “Sir we are now in position above PX545.” She changed the subject to their hiding spot.

“Very well.” Cain said. Tolen left the Commander at the map table; Cain would grieve in his own way. As she headed towards Lt. Rylo’s TAC station, Petty Officer Lee came up to her.

“Sir, another message.” He said excitedly handing it to her. Tolen took the message form and began reading it.









Tolen couldn’t believe her eyes, Galactica? She is still around, in the fight? She moved right over to the map table pushing a helms officer out of the way.

“Sir read this!” she handed the message over to Cain.

Cain took it, scanned it and smiled, “Colonel, will you put me on the 1MC.”

Tolen handed the Commander the phone, “All hands, as you have no doubt heard, we have suffered huge losses. I’m sorry to say that Admiral Nagala is dead, along with the 5th Fleet. Our homes have been attacked with nuclear weapons but there is still hope. I have in my hand a message, from our sister ship the Galactica. Commander Adama has taken control of the Fleet. As soon as we are ready we will jump to Ragnar and link up with Galactica. If the Galactica can survive this, then so can we. I want to say that you have all preformed magnificently these past few hours, and I haven’t severed or commanded a better crew, that is all.”

Cain hung up the phone. Looking around he saw that there was a slight improvement in people’s moods across the CIC. He could see it in their faces; we aren’t alone in this, there are others, something to still fight for. Tolen went over to her Commander with a smile on her face, “Brilliant sir.”

“Nothing brilliant about it Pat, it’s all true. I need an update on our own fuel and mutations status plus de-network our systems immediately.”

Tolen gave her CO a quick salute, “Yes sir.”

Brothers in Arms: Escape

“We’re running?”…

“This war is over, we lost…We’re going to take the civilians with us”…

“So, where do we go?”…

Raptor 120 in the wreckage of the 5th Fleet

He hated doing it but John needed some cover from the Cylon patrols. Bojay brought the Raptor into the wreckage of the Battlestar Triton, the flight of Cylon Raiders buzzed by, only picking up the debris from the Colonial ships.

“Bojay, shouldn’t we bug out of here? I’ve got enough intel to keep the boys in the CIC busy.” Oracle asked her pilot, also in the process giving her opinion of the matter.

“Oracle, Kelly…I just want to check for survivors all right.” He said sharply giving his opinion on the situation.

“All right, doing a scan for pilot distress signals, anybody on an emergency frequency.” He responded. Kelly looked over her instruments, nothing no signals that were Colonial in origin….except.

“Bojay…I’ve got a signal at 245 mark 180.” She reported.


She looked at the intercept just to make sure, “No it’s a tower request.”

Bojay furrowed his eyebrows at that, “Think who ever asked for that is still alive?”

“I don’t know, want me to do a directional DRADIS scan?” she asked.

John thought about it, if she did he’d know if there was an intact fighter or shuttle that was sending the request, but if the Cylons detected his sweep, they’d be on him fast. Colonials though don’t leave their own behind, he made up his mind, “Kelly do a quick sweep if we get something we’ll move towards it slowly but if we get detected we’re jumping out of here okay?”

“Sounds good, all right three second sweep in three, two, one, now!” she hit the active scan button.” Looking at the data she smiled, “Bojay I have an intact Mark VII Viper.”

“All right let’s head over there, I’m going to take my time, moving from wreckage to wreckage, that should keep the Cylons off our backs.” Bojay explained as he began to move the Raptor.

Thirty minutes later they were looking at a Viper that was powered down and a drift. Oracle came forwards to look, “Think they’re alive?”

“I don’t know let’s wake them up, Kelly any Cylons nearby?” he asked. Kelly checked the screen in front of her, “Nope, they are regrouping over Virgon.”

“All right then, we use Mr. Signal Lamp.” He started flashing the lamp built in the Raptor’s nose.

Her eyes turned red for a moment then darkness, then red again. Leslie Cain began to open her eyes. A white vapor of her breath escaped her nose, she had powered down the Viper completely, even the heater system. Looking up she saw a large spacecraft hovering over her. A Raptor…or Cylon prisoner wagon…Trying to focus her eyes, she could make out the lines of the Raptor. Someone was alive, she thought. Quickly she began powering up the wireless system.

“Raptor on my nose…can you hear me?”

“Viper on my nose this is Raptor 120, you are in need of assistance?” a male voice answered.

“Yeah, by the way this is Captain Leslie Cain.” She sent.

Bojay’s eyes bulged slightly, “Did you say Cain?”


“Well sir, we’re from the Battlestar Pegasus under the command of Commander Cain.” Bjoay informed her.

My father, he’s still alive! Leslie felt a sense of joy, smiling she answered, “Yes I know that particular commander. Can you guys give me a tow?”

“We could sir but to get back to the Pegasus we’d have to jump.”

Leslie thought that one over, “All right can you guys depressurize and I’ll blow my hatch.”

Both pilot and RSO looked at each other, they did train for that maneuver but had never done it before, “Okay Captain Cain, but be advised we’ve never tried that before.”

“That’s all right Raptor 120, and by the way you can call me Sheba.”

“Very well Sheba, this is Bojay signing off.”

Battlestar Pegasus

“Yes, thank you Chief.” Tolen hung up the phone. She strolled over to the tactical plot where Commander Cain and Lt. Rylo were working on a Hyper-Light Jump to the Ragnar Anchorage. Rylo had a large bandage over the spot he hit his forehead.

“Commander, Chief Lowell reports that the port engine is repaired and we are ready for full maneuvers again.” Tolen relayed the report.

“Thank you XO, any word from Raptor 120?” Cain asked.

She shook her head, “None sir, but we did give him a large amount of time for his recon.”

“Except we sent them into the middle of a massacre, we might need to assume that Bojay and…”

“DRADIS contact!” Petty Officer Lee called.

“What? Where?” Tolen demanded.

“Sir, it’s a friendly, Raptor 120.” Lee reported, “Sir, they say they have a survivor.”

“Have them land in the port pod, Colonel go down to the hanger and meet them.” Cain commanded.

Tolen gave a ‘yes sir’ and made her way to the hanger bay.


Two medics were looking over Captain Cain as she rested on the Raptor’s wing. Her exposure to the cold of space had lowered her body temperature, so she needed to be checked out. Standing close to the Captain was Lt. Williams watching over his package. He then saw the approaching Colonel. Hopping off the wing he made his way over to the Colonel.

“Sir.” He said saluting.

“Lt. Williams who did you find?” Colonel Tolen asked returning his salute.

A sly smile came over Bojay’s face, the same one he had when he had an excellent hand in Pyramid Game, “Sir, I have one Captain Cain, CAG for the Battlestar Atlantia.”

Tolen’s eyes opened wide, she walked over and made her way pass the medics.

Leslie Cain was wrapped in a thermal blanket when she noticed a woman with a Colonel’s cluster on her collar was over her.

Leslie tried to stand up but didn’t get the chance, “Are you Leslie Cain, Commander Garris Cain’s daughter?” the Colonel asked.

“Yes, my father is…”

“I know, please can you come with me.” Tolen ordered. The medics gave the girl an okay and they made their way out of the hanger deck towards the briefing room.


“Commander Cain, please meet the XO in the briefing room.” Came over the com, he proceeded to the location leaving the CIC to Lt. Rylo who continued working on their FTL jump. Opening the hatch to the room he saw Colonel Tolen and another woman in waiting for him.

“Colonel Tolen what do you need?” He inquired, and then saw who the other woman was.

“Leslie…” The Captain and Commander forgot the war, their ranks, and just acted as father and daughter hugging each other. Tolen smiled and made her way to the hatch, “Sir I’ll be in the CIC, I’ll call when the FTL calculations are correct.”

Cain didn’t respond, holding the daughter he thought was lost. She held her father, crying softly on his shoulder.

“Honey…I… thought…” Cain stammered.

“I know. I watched them die Dad, my men, the fleet, Virgon…we’re all that’s left.” She cried.

“No, not all. Adama is still alive.” Cain said. His daughter looked up, her green eyes in tears but now a sliver of hope, “Galactica?”

“Yes, Bill has taken command of the Fleet. We are going to jump there and link up with him.” He explained. Leslie took her hands and wiped away the tears. Cain reached into his pocket and pulled out an old piece of cloth. Looking at it Leslie recognized it.

“You kept my blanket?” referring to the yellow security blanket she had when she was a little girl.

“Actually your mother kept most of the stuff in the divorce; I got a part of it. It’s been my good luck charm, and my piece of you.” He replied.

She took the cloth from her father’s fingers, and then used it to wipe her face, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Listen I know we have a lot to discuss…but there is a war.”

She nodded, there would be time for talk later, “Right, what do you need me to do.”

“I lost my CAG today.” Cain then went on to explain the details; she listened and told her father how the Mark VIIs were shut down over Virgon the same way.

“We know, Atlantia sent a last transmission warning of the danger. I’ve de-networked the computers on board. But the Vipers are another problem; I want them grounded for the time being, till we learn what shut them down.”


“Also, since I don’t have a CAG and your senior pilot…” Cain didn’t need to finish.

“Right, I’ll take care of the wing.” Leslie answered.

Cain smiled, and they stood there a few more moments, “Commander Cain please report to the CIC.”, there was still the war.

“Let’s go.” He said.

Back inside the CIC, both Cains headed over to Colonel Tolen and Lt. Rylo. Tolen smiled upon seeing the improved mood of the commander. The Cains arrived and the meeting began.

“Sir, Raptor 120 collected a large amount of signal intelligence from the Cylons at Virgon.” Rylo reported, “We have begun working our way through them, they are not very well encrypted which lead us to suspect they might be false.”

Tolen now spoke up, “Except for the fact they also correspond to the events we have seen unfolding over the last few hours. They mention Galactica and Adama’s move to Ragnar.”

“Damn it, they know where he is. All right what else Lieutenant.” Cain asked taking in the information.

“Well sir, it seems that they haven’t moved on the Galactica, not yet at least.” Rylo responded.

Leslie didn’t get it, “Why not hit him now? Galactica doesn’t have any ammo or its fighters, except for those Mark IIs on display. Why give Adama time to arm?”

Cain thought about it, “Ragnar is surrounded by an ionized gas field. We suspected that the Cylons might be vulnerable to certain radiation. The gas around Ragnar might be keeping them out, so they are waiting him out.”

“Looks like it sir, it seems they dispatched twin Base Stars and ten Raider squadrons to go after Galactica.” Tolen answered.

“Then we better get over there and give Husker some help.” Cain settled using his friend’s old callsign.

“Sir there is also the matter of the Cylon cyber attacks.” Rylo brought up.

“Yes, if we don’t know what’s crippling our ships the wing won’t be much help.” Sheba pointed out, then thinking, “Sir what ever the Cylons used worked on both the Battlestars and the Vipers, which means that they may have used a common system between Viper and Battlestars as a shortcut to cripple our ships.”

Cain smiled, his daughter was an excellent pilot and smart, getting excellent marks in her computer and theory classes, “You right Captain, I want you to do a check on the systems of the Pegasus and the Vipers, Lt. Rylo here will assist.”

“Yes sir, Lieutenant?” she indicated for Rylo to follow. The two headed to another part of the CIC to review Viper and Battlestar systems. Tolen and Cain remained by the board.

“Sir, we are pretty stocked up on ammo and fuel. Enough for about a year and a half of operation, but we do need to load up on consumables.” Tolen pointed out.

“I’ve been thinking about that, there is a supply station on the other side of the belt here. Before we jump I want shuttles to run back and forth to pick up everything they can carry.” Cain decided. Tolen nodded and was about to leave to give the appropriate orders when a hand on her hand stopped her. Turning to look at the commander she saw him smile, “Thank you.”

She knew what he was talking about, “Don’t thank me sir, Lt. Williams is the one who found her.”

“Then a bottle of my best Ambrosia to him.” Cain smiled, “But you also get a cup for letting me be a father for a few minutes.”

“Yes sir.”

Base Star 125-05, in orbit above Virgon

The Cylon Centurion marched forward to the office of the commander, its red single digital eye moving back and forth across its visual sensor. Pausing in front of the door for a moment, it waited for them to open. Without a sound the door slip apart to reveal a simple room. One bed, a desk, and a computer system were all that decorated the area. If the Centurion had been a human male capable of emotion or feeling, it would have been attracted by what it saw.

A tall blonde haired woman was sliding a pair of nylons up her legs. Clad only in the skimpiest of undergarments, she was dressing. Not even turning to look at the new arrival she spoke seductively, “Report.”

In the same monotone voice shared by the older bulkier Cylon Centurions it answered, “You wished for a report on the destruction of the Colonial Fleet.”

Zipping a red dress up she nodded for the Centurion to continue.

“One hundred and thirteen Colonial Battlestars reported and confirmed destroyed. Six not confirmed but most likely destroyed, one confirmed not eliminated, and one unknown.” It finished.

The blonde paused, “One unknown?”

“The Battlestar Pegasus designated BSG-95 was ordered to report to Virgon to battle but its wreckage has not been among the confirmed destroyed.” The Centurion elaborated.

The blonde woman finished with her dress and slipped into her sandals, “Was not the Pegasus engaged before it reached the Virgon battle?”

The Centurion searched its memory banks, “Yes, four Raiders attacked. Six Colonial Viper Mark VII fighters confirmed destroyed. Four missiles launched at the Battlestar, two 50 kiloton thermonuclear warheads, as well as two CS-45s. All transmissions were lost before the results of the strike could be reported.”

She now turned and faced the Centurion, “What are the chances of the Battlestar’s survival?”

“54.356 Percent.” The Centurion calculated.

Cylon Humanoid Model Number Six walked up to the Centurion. She ran a finger along its chest armor, “Ready a reconnaissance mission to find Pegasus. If the Colonials learn that another of their kind survived, it would be harmful to our attempts to destroy them.”

“By your command.” It replied automatically.

Six had one last question, “How does the attack against the Galactica progress?”

“Attack 050 in progress, most likely outcome is the survival of the Colonial Fleet.”

Six withdrew her finger, and began walking to the Base Star’s Control Room.

Battlestar Pegasus

“The Baltar Navigation program, that’s what those toasters used against out ships.” Captain Cain said with conviction.

“You sure?” Tolen asked.

“Yes sir, this is the only program that the Vipers and Battlestar share. Plus when we took a deeper look at it we found some interesting programs.” Leslie explained.

Rylo took point on the explanation here, “Sir there were backdoor programs. These didn’t need to be in the program, someone using these doors could get access to weapons, power grids…”

Tolen finished the thought, “And with out networked systems the backdoor allows for it to affect the entire ship, by the gods.”

“Yes sir, no one noticed it, in fact we needed to completely break down the program to find these backdoors.” Captain Cain explained.

“I want this program removed from every ship, break out the backups after they have been thoroughly checked.” Tolen ordered.

“All ready underway sir.” Rylo said.

The Pegasus was just finished with the last of the provisioning. In all aspects she was ready to jump. Commander Cain entered the CIC after his short walk around the entire ship. He had gone from department to department, checking on people, seeing the morale of the Battlestar. Cain could see depression among the crew but they kept at their jobs. Also a sense of revenge was alive and well. They wanted payback for the Colonies, the Fleet, and their loved ones, so did Cain.

“Colonel Tolen, are we ready for the jump to Ragnar?” he asked.

“Sir, calculations are finished; we are ready as soon as you give the order to start the clock.” Tolen reported.

“Begin the clock.” With that the CIC went to work. Lt. Rylo made a final check of all the major systems. Outside, the massive flight pods were being retracted into the ship. Crew members stopped what they were doing and took a break.

After a few more consultations Lt. Rylo reported, “Sir we are ready for jump.”

Cain gave the order, “Execute Jump.”

The Battlestar Pegasus cruised normally for a few seconds, and then the ship disappeared in a flash of white light. With another flash the Pegasus appeared near a moon that was close to the Ragnar Ammunition Station. The crew adjusted to the effects of the space folding and made sure they were where they were supposed to be.

“Sir, our telemetry shows us over the Jericho Moon, off Ragnar Anchorage.” Rylo reported proudly.

Cain gave his seal of approval, “Very good Mr. Rylo, DRADIS what do we have?”

Tolen was looking over the DRADIS data with the DSOs (DRADIS Systems Officer), “Sir it looks like we have three Base Stars and four Raider Squadrons outside the Anchorage.”

“Any sign of Galactica?” Cain asked.

Tolen shook her head, “None sir, but some action happened here pretty recently. We have tons of debris and Cylon sweepers over the Anchorage.”

Cain thought that over, No sign of Adama, but signs of a battle. So he attacked the Cylons, then jumped but where and why not contact us? He was thinking still when the latest came in.

“Sir we have a lot of chatter between the Base Stars.” An intelligence Petty Officer reported. Lt. Rylo walked up the steps of the CIC and looked at the young woman’s station.

“Sir we are getting lots of intel from this. They are talking in the clear.” Rylo explained.

“They think they won, why use security.” Tolen pointed out the Cylon thinking.

Cain nodded in agreement as Rylo came down from the SIGNET station. Holding the interception he let the commander have a look.


BASE STAR 568-985

TO: BASE STAR 785-963

Confirm the location of Colonial Battlestar BSG-75 Galactica in Promar Sector attack 055 underway. Tracking of the Colonial Olympic carrier reveals 60 or more Colonial civilian vessels have joined Galactica. Require Base Stars 785-963 and 124-89 to join in pursuit.

Transmission Confirmed 56.696.78


Cain read the transmission and smiled, Will you magnificent bastard, slipped out of here with 60 cives. His respect for his friend’s ability to pull ops that seemed impossible grew once again.

“Lieutenant this means we should see two of those Base Stars leave correct?”

“Yes sir.” Rylo answered.

Cain picked up the phone on the map table, “Action Stations set Condition One!”

Alarms and crewmembers moved with a purpose as they went from Condition Two to combat Condition One.

“Petty Officer Giles, warm up our forward cannons.” Cain ordered. He turned to Tolen, “Have the CAG warm up one squadron of Vipers.”

Tolen responded and gave another order over the phone system. Cain watched as the CIC prepared for combat. Shortly after Tolen’s call his daughter appeared and entered the CIC.

“Sir I have the Black Aces ready for launch.” She reported.

“Excellent.” Cain picked up the phone once again and made a ship wide announcement over the 1MC, “Men and Women of the Pegasus. We have confirmed the Galactica’s survival, she currently escorting sixty of our civilian ships and protecting them from the Cylons. In a few minutes, two of the Base Stars will be jumping out of the system. When they leave we will then destroy the remaining Base Star and jump after Galactica. Our homes may be gone but our brothers and sisters are still out on there on Galactica. We will find out brothers in arms and take as much heat off them starting now.”

He put the phone down to be greeted with a chorus of claps. The men and women of the CIC looked down on their commander, who had just given them a new mission. Looking around the room Cain gave his standard nod of approval. Now it was time to make war.

“CAG, you’ll have the job of keeping Cylon Raiders busy while the Pegasus closes on the Base Star and we use our main guns on her.”

“Can do sir, our Vipers have been all protected against the Cylon Cyber attacks. We’ll show the bastards.” Leslie was itching for payback. Cain reached out and touched her arm, “Honey, I want my pilots back, understand?”

“Yes sir.” She did.

Ten minutes later Leslie was sitting in her launch tube. The Launch Officer better know as ‘Shooter’ was prepping the first Vipers for their electromagnetic catapult launch.

“Board is green Sheba, ready for launch.” He said. Leslie signaled her readiness with a salute. The shooter keyed the appropriate controls and shot the fighter down the tube. Sheba rocketed out of the tubes with ten of her fighters. Another ten Mark VIIs followed suit. VF-105 ‘The Black Aces’ formed up into their attack pattern. Leading the way for the Battlestar Pegasus which now had her 64 Railgun batteries and four Railcannons armed and readied.

“All right Aces, I know this is my first time flying with you so let’s show these toasters why you guys are called aces.” Sheba sent. The CAG was bombarded with a series of ‘hell yas’, ‘for the Colonies’, and some good old, ‘Hoyah!’

Cain watched the DRADIS plot. The Vipers were leading the way, the Pegasus was following behind, and in another minute they would be above the moon.

“Weapons?” he asked.

“Sir all batteries manned and readied, main Cannons charged and await your order.”

He nodded then checked the clock, less than 30 seconds. Tolen came over and took position by the commander. Lt. Rylo took his spot at the TAO station taking a seat. Cain watched the final seconds tick away, as the numbers went passed 00:00:05 he ordered, “Execute attack.”

The Pegasus rose from its cover behind the moon accelerating towards the Base Star. Vipers of the Black Aces went to turbos and shot forwards to tackle the lead Cylon Raiders. Inside the Base Star, there was confusion, no Colonial units remained in the Ragnar area…where did this Battlestar and fighters come from? It didn’t matter, the Raiders turned to attack the oncoming Vipers.

The lead Raider activated its computer attack, nothing happened. Others began their own cyber attacks to find that they no longer had any effect. This puzzled the Raiders and they wasted time trying to use this attack. Leslie’s Vipers took full advantage of this, the lead flight of Vipers fired off missiles. The Raiders were slow to respond and as a result lost twelve of their flight to the missiles. Now things became personal, Vipers closed and used guns against Raiders. Red and Blue tracer filled the space between the Pegasus and the Base Star. Sheba brought her Viper behind a Raider firing her RCS thrusters she lined up on the Cylon and fired. The enemy disappeared in a blast of fire, her first kill.

Pegasus closed the distance to the Base Star. Already a suppression barrage was established by the batteries of the Battlestar. Missiles launched from the Base Star failed to penetrate the wall of steel put up by Cain’s ship.

“Fire main guns as the Base Star bears!” he yelled.

Beneath the nose of the ship, the first cannon fired. A massive backwash of energy erupted like a flash and sent a depleted uranium slug at the Base Star. Three more shots followed in rapid succession. Base Stars had excellent point defenses against missiles, not slugs fired at ¼ the speed of light. Two missed, two hit. Massive fireballs and shrapnel of the Base Star itself flew out from the impacts. Cheers shot up in the CIC, but the battle wasn’t over yet.

Six missiles launched by the Base Star slipped through the steel wall put up by Pegasus. Two were shot down, three missed but the remaining ones impacted across the length of the ship. Sparks flew from certain devices in the CIC. Tolen and Cain gripped the map table to stay on their feet. Rylo shook in his seat calling out the number of enemy missiles inbound.

The Pegasus fired again, four more massive shells lanced out at the Base Star. Three missed, one hit. Landing right onto the central supports for it, an arm of the Base Star ripped off. It caused damage of its own as it slammed into the Base Star. More missiles punctured the hull of Pegasus in return. A crew member was thrown through the glass that separated the damage control area in the CIC. Tolen fell over, cursing.

“Fire again!” Cain screamed his adrenaline getting to him.

Sheba screamed as well, pouring shells into the nearest Raider shredding it. The Black Aces had lost five of their own to the Raiders, but nearly fifty of the Cylons had died at the hands of the Colonials. Spinning the Viper on its side she dodged a burst of fire from the Raider on her six. Another brake and firing of RCS thrusters flipped the Viper 180 degrees and brought it into her gun sight. Squeezing the triggers she destroyed another Raider. Accelerating again she turned to see Pegasus fire another volley.

These four shells were the best aimed yet. One after another they ripped into the Base Star. Fires broke out, hull sections collapsed, and the reactor began to loose control. A final message of distressed was beamed to Cylon Command. One last volley of missiles left the only remaining undamaged arm on the ship. These connected with the Pegasus’s bow. Cain nearly hit the floor this time as the CIC rocked from a close impact. He thought it might be time to cut his looses and jump, but now the Lords of Kobol were on his side.

The final shells from the Pegasus slammed into the engineering section of the Base Star, killing the Cylons working on the repairs, and the equipment that could have saved the ship. A massive explosion ripped through the center of the Base Star. This was followed seconds later by the fusion reactor going critical. A massive bluish sphere of energy washed out into space. All that was left of the Base Star was burning wreckage.

Cain and the other CIC members looked at the DRADIS screen, and cheered. Leslie screamed with a dozen of her pilots at the destruction of the Base Star. The Raiders seeing the lost of the home ship, tried to run or make FTL jumps, only a few escaped.

Cain yelled his final order, “Lee, tell the Vipers to come home. Rylo, make our jump to the Promar sector once our fighters are retrieved.”

“All right, Aces back home now!” The Vipers fire walled their engines and began to land on the starboard landing bay. Lee counted off the confirmed Viper landings, after all the surviving Vipers were aboard he called out, “Sir all fighters back.”

“Mr. Rylo begin FTL clock.” Tolen ordered. Rylo got up from his TAO station and began the FTL checklist.

Once he had got a go from all the systems, Sublight, FTL, Helm, Flight Pods he reported, “Sir, board is green for FTL jump.”

“Jump!” Cain exclaimed.

Base Star 125-05, Ragnar Station

Number Six looked on at the wreckage of over a hundred Raiders and one Base Star. The screen quickly changed to show the newly arrived Cylon forces, another three Base Stars. Centurions worked at various stations in the Control Room, checking the ship’s systems and communicating with Cylon units through out the Twelve Coloines.

The doors slipped open once again. Another female stepped in, this one wearing a black business suit. On the Battlestar Galactica she was know as Shannon ‘Boomer’ Valerii, to the Cylons she was Humanoid Model Number 9. Nine walked forwards and joined Six as she looked at the screen.

“I see there is one other problem besides the Galactica?” Number Nine began.

“Yes, it seems our unknown is no longer an unknown.” Number Six answered. She pressed a selection on the screen and a new image appeared. It was a blackened piece of wreckage, on it the word, PEGASUS could still be seen.

“The Battlestar attacked the Base Star here then jumped, most likely to find the Galactica.” Number Six explained.

Number Nine stared at the wreckage, “These problems can’t be allowed to become one. Number One was decided you will lead a vanguard to find the Pegasus and destroy it.”

“What of Galactica?” Six asked.

“We will destroy them; they can not be allowed to learn of the Pegasus’s existence. It would rally them, give them hope.” Nine surmised.

Six snickered, “We have conducted 152 attacks against them, and they have escaped each time.”

Nine wasn’t surprised by Six’s attitude, “They will make a mistake, and they are only human. Now see to your task.”

Number Six watched Nine leave and responded, “By your command.”

Battlestar Pegasus, Promar Sector

The crew finally got a chance to rest after the long day of death and destruction. Exhausted crew members collapsed into their bunks. For others though, there were other forms of relaxation.

Colonel Tolen had removed her jacket; now wearing only a t-shirt she sat with a similarly dressed Lt. Williams, between them a bottle of Ambrosia and glasses. Sitting in the briefing room they were both off duty.

“Long day sir.” John said.

“Bojay, we’re both off duty I’m Patricia or Pat all right?” Tolen ordered.

“Yes sir.” He smiled at his little joke. Looking at the bottle of alcohol he picked up a note next to it. It read,


Thank you for my daughter’s life.

Garris Cain

“I can’t believe the commander gave this bottle up.” He said taking another shot. Tolen did the same and responded, “You brought his little girl out of hell itself, I’m surprised you didn’t become a Captain right there.”

Bojay laughed, he knew she was kidding, “Well I was only assisting a fellow pilot.”

“You did well out there today Bojay, oh man… I better hit the rack.” Tolen said getting up.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” He asked; John couldn’t exactly put it in his locker, if he ever wanted to drink it again.

Tolen put her jacket on but didn’t button it up, “I’ll put it in my safe, and it will be our personal stash.”

John got up and sealed the bottle of Ambrosia, “I thought it was my bottle?”

She snatched the bottle out of the pilot’s hands, “True, but the commander gave me a share of the spoils.”

Leslie Cain was sitting at her new desk. The office was almost identical to the one she had aboard the Atlantia, it was the CAG’s office/quarters. Someone had removed the personal items of the Pegasus CAG who had died in the first few hours of the war. Now she sat there with nothing of her own, except the flight suit that hung in the locker. In a set of shorts and a t-shirt she was going over reports of her surviving pilots. Sheba wanted to know all her pilots skills and ability to handle this new situation.

A knock at the door broke her from the reading. Getting up she walked to the door and opened it up. Her father stood there with something behind his back.

“Commander, come in.” she said. Cain stepped in and she shut the hatch.

“You know Leslie, when it’s just you and me you can call me dad.” Cain said with a smile.

Leslie rolled her eyes, she hadn’t even thought about that, “Sorry.”

Cain brought his surprise to the front to show his daughter, “I know you lost your personal items with the Atlantia, so I thought I would get you started.”

Leslie took the package which was wrapped in an old newspaper. Quickly removing the covering she mouthed an ‘oh’ upon seeing the gift. It was a photo of her when she was nine. She was sitting in a cockpit of a Mark II Viper, with an oversized flight helmet on her head and a leather bomber jacket. Standing over her on the stairs used to bring the pilot to the cockpit was her father, younger and wearing the double bars of a captain.

“Dad…” she started.

“Don’t worry about taking it, I have another copy. Leslie, I know you lost your friends and ship, but this is your new home, I want to make it feel like it.” Cain explained.

Sheba smiled and hugged her dad. Carefully she set the photo on the desk.

“One more thing, since you’re the new CAG, you need the proper patch.” He revealed a BSG-95 Pegasus patch. On this was the image of a winged horse with a silhouette of the Battlestar over it. There was also a piece of yellow fabric under the patch.

“I have to take over in the CIC; otherwise Rylo will pass out from almost forty hours on duty.” Cain joked, heading for the hatch.

“Dad”, he paused turning to face Sheba, “Thank you.”

He nodded and left.

Leslie went over to her desk and took the empty picture frame that had been left. Placing the photo in there she then put it on the desk where she wanted it. Next she took her Pegasus patch and headed for her locker. Opening it up, she took the Atlantia one off, and put the new one in its place. Leslie then placed the patch and the piece of her blanket on the adhesive on the locker. With everything accomplished, Sheba killed the lights and hit the sack; she would be on duty in five hours.

The Battlestar Pegasus cruised silently through space, and began its journey to find its sister ship.