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An Inseparable Pair

By Cyndi “Wingnut” Cheney

Word Count: 530 
Date: 2004
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Cally

A tomboy most of my life, I found most men never saw past the damned orange jumper. To most of the crew I am just one of the guys. I think it makes it easier for them to accept me; after all who wants to be outdone by a girl. How come I didn’t notice before that he wasn’t like the others? To him I was a challenge. He made me feel proud in my wins and gave me strength in my defeats. He was my best friend.

We were a team, an inseparable pair. We didn’t always agree but we worked it out. Whether scrubbing the decks or rebuilding a viper from rusted scrap metal, we did it and he never complained about having to work with me. He was with me when the commander announced the start of the war. He was never far away when I needed a friend. When the nuke hit he took a team to the assist the fire crew and I was there. If only I had known then what I know now.

Nothing was working. Fire systems were down, and we began pulling hose and attacking the fire with hand held extinguishers. Fires were burning through the metal, the supports were buckling. He called for back up but it never came he began yelling for others to exit but I waited for him. He was still on the line when the chief gave the order to seal the bulkheads; he turned and yelled for everyone to get out. We began pushing everyone through the door as the portals began to close then he shoved me out.

I turned to see him trapped on the others side. I could not get in and he could not get out. That’s when I though I heard him say “I love you, Callyh” just moments before the dark smoke engulfed him and the doorways sealed. Did anyone else hear it? Was it only a dream? Maybe it was just a wish imagined by a little girl who really needed her friend.

When the doors finally reopened, I found him on the other side. His exposed body severely burned his bunker gear now blackened parts of it melted to his skin. I don’t now why or how but I pulled him up to me and sat gently to the floor. I held him. I wanted to wake up and find this nightmare over, but it would not end. I could not hold back the tears. You know what tears are? Those girly things that women do. They have no purpose but to fall down the cheeks, burn the eyes and give you no peace.

I am alone again. The Chief took away my best friend; He took him out of my arms and sent me away. I found my back to the hanger decks on the other side of the ship. I climbed up in to a viper and begin to disassemble the console. Somehow it feels better here. Some how I know here he is with me. After all we are a team, an inseparable pair and he loved me.