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Clean Up

By Cyndi `Wingnut' Smith

Word Count: 437
Date: 2004
Series: Mini
Rating: T
Category: Challenge
Pairing/Focus: Original Characters
Summary: In response to Kylen's challenge

Cyndi "Wingnut" Smith was to retire from her job as Ground Crew lead on board the Galactica at the same time the Galactica was retired, She had even made arrangements to open and Manage a snack bar in the starboard hanger bay near the Gift shop. In her twenty years on board the old girl she learned a lot about her crew. They could drink there coffee in an dirty cup but would not stand for a disorderly supply closet. The chief was a good man but he was at time hard-ass about things like that. That's why when Darwin had told her to begin break down of the back area of the supply closet she didn't think anything of it.

She had thought that the Darwin, Prosna and Cally would be coming up to help. After nearly and hour and an half of removing dusting and replacing engine parts she had nearly given up hope of assistance. That was when she heard someone coming into the closet. It was the chief and Lieutenant Valerii. They were yelling about the gimbals again. Wingnut started to make her self known when all the sudden she noticed The Chief was kissing the Lieutenant. ~Oh Frak~ was the only thing she could think of to say and that wasn't going to happen as long as her boss was in that room. she carefully slid deeper in the room to the farthest darkest corner and prayed for something to happen that would rescue her from this embarrassing situation. Despite her attempts to plug her ears she felt very much like some kind of pervert as for the next twenty minutes she listen to heavy breathing, panting and other very awkward but recognizable sound well that was all she needed the rest was left for her very graphic imagination.

It was nearly a half hour later before she even dared to leave the closet. The work she had started was left unfinished. After making sure she was alone and that neither officer was around she carefully stepped out to find Darwin Prasna and Cally all staring at her from the wing of one of the raptors. Cally looked shocked but both the guys just smiled.

When Darwin opened his mouth Cyndi walked up to him and stuffed a dirty rag into his mouth. "Just so that you know, Sir" the crew lead announced her tightly balled fist placed just below his nose. "The next person who even suggest that I clean something behind closed doors will find the next thing I clean will be… THEIR CLOCK!!