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By Bradahadair

Word Count: 1,444
Date: 02/09/05
Series: Future
Rating: K
Category: AU
Pairing/Focus: E
Summary: Carla is a character I made up before you get confused. Plus this is just inspiration put into words so I won't be continuing.

“Here are the dreams of those that would bring about the end of an Era and the beginning of another. There are dreams that are more real than the reality you live in. Dreams are a connection to everyone who ever lived and those who are yet to be born, you live their hopes and dreams without leaving your bed. Dreams are very powerful and if interpreted incorrectly can lead to disaster. In this case, the complete destruction of the human race.”

She walked down a passage towards the light. Everything about this scene suggested that the cancer had finally claimed her, yet there was sounds and smells that proved she lived. When she reached the end she stood in a temple with a statue of the Goddess Athena standing directly in front of her. The Statues hands were reaching towards her as if asking for something, Laura wanted to understand but her mind was blank. She looked to her left and there stood Commander Adama and his son Lee and to her right stood Kara and Carla. They turned to her expectantly and the Commander presented her with something, Laura took it without registering what she held. She stepped up to the statue and it looked down at her as if it knew she was there, she laid the object in the statues hands and stepped back. The figure turned and walked away, they followed without a word and came to a huge stone door. They stopped and watched as the object was placed in an arrow shaped slot.

Laura sat bolt upright, she realised she had been dreaming but knew that it was more than an ordinary dream. She got up and paced her quarters, she knew that this was a prophecy, but she wondered what happened next.

As the door opened Bill saw the light fall onto a single object in the middle of a large room. It was placed on a stone altar, which was covered in a piece of purple silk; Bill saw the statue move aside. No one moved and Bill knew it was his responsibility to remove this relic. He stepped inside and lifted the paper off its altar he turned to leave the room and saw the door closing on him, he lunged and gave the paper to his son Lee who was watching calmly. As the door’s shut he heard the murmur of panicked voices; he closed his eyes and plainly saw the bridge on the Galactica. People were rushing around him issuing orders and others hastily carrying them out. Tigh was frantically shouting orders then turned to Bill. He started speaking but Bill couldn’t make out any words, he could hear noise but none of it made sense. Suddenly there was a huge explosion and people and objects landed everywhere. Bill found himself on the floor; he looked at his body to find it crushed under a heavy pylon. He knew he was about to die yet he felt no pain, he merely fell asleep.

Bill woke in a cold sweat he tore off his covers and stood. He went to the mirror and looked at himself, there was no pylon and everything around him was peaceful. He tried to make out his dream but it came to him in confused visions. He knew it was significant but didn’t know how, he had completed his part in the story, but didn’t know what the story was.

He watched as the door closed on his father, he looked down at the paper and saw that it had writing on he turned and walked back towards the tunnel trying to make out the writing. He was vaguely aware of the others following him, but he took no notice. When he reached the end of the tunnel he realised what was written on the paper. He heard exited screams and shouts coming from behind him, he turned to tell them to be quiet but it caught in his throat. Behind him stood Kara holding hands with children, he wanted to talk but couldn’t. He studied the children and noticed their eyes, they were blue exactly like his, Lee looked at Kara but she merely smiled and pointed to the paper. He looked down at it and it had changed, it now clearly showed him the co-ordinates to Earth. He looked up again but realised his surroundings had changed, instead of the tunnel entrance he was in his quarters with Carla. She looked worried and was shouting loudly; he looked down at himself and saw his gunshot wound. Again he looked at Carla, who was now crying; he smiled and gave her the paper. Then she faded from view.

Lee felt his stomach and brought his hand to his face, there was no blood and Carla was nowhere to be seen. He relaxed in his bed trying to remember exactly what was on the paper but nothing came to him. Every time he closed his eyes Kara and Carla drifted into his head. Eventually he got up and started doing press ups, his dream still came back to him.

“What does it mean?”

He got no reply and carried on with his workout.

She stood and looked at the body in front of her, blood was everywhere and her sidearm was in her hand. She folded the paper and checked the bullets, one was missing and it had ended up in Lee’s stomach. She dropped the gun and fled the room; she passed the medics on her way and went straight to the Commander. She explained everything and showed him the map; he studied it and gave it back to her. She went dizzy and when she woke found herself in a Viper cockpit ready to launch. She tried to stop the launch but nothing happened, she was shot into space with no idea of what she was meant to be doing. She looked round and noticed the map; she looked out her window and saw that she was scouting a planet. She noticed landmarks and they matched the map in full detail, she flew back to the Galactica. When she reached the bay and got out of her Viper she saw Kara, she looked stricken. Carla ran to her and handed over the map, then ran into Boomer. Darkness claimed her and all she felt was an annoying ache in her head.

Carla grabbed her gun, checked the rounds then felt her head. All the rounds were there and her head was fine, Kara and Sharon were asleep and looked peaceful. She wanted to wake them and tell them about finding Earth, but she knew that it was a dream. She lay back on her bunk and a tiny voice said her concerns aloud.

“Was it a dream?”

Kara looked at the map and went to the Commander, she opened the door to his quarters and saw that it wasn’t the Galactica. Instead there was a group of kids sitting around a table eating their food. They saw Kara and ran and hugged her, they let go and went back to the table. She turned to leave the room and found herself facing a street with people passing. It wasn’t one of the twelve colonies as it was less advanced but it was just like them. The truth dawned on her, it must be Earth. She watched as people went about their business and saw everything looked peaceful. She was looking at the future of the twelve colonies on Earth she stepped back to get a better look but only saw darkness. She heard screams and distinct calls for help but it faded.

Kara looked around her but all she heard were the familiar sound of Carla and Sharon as they slept. There were no screams and no children, if that was her future she didn’t like it.

“It was only a dream”

But to her it felt real and that was what affected her the most, were they her kids? Did they really settle on Earth? It was too puzzling for her so she got up and went for her morning jog.

How is it that all of these people managed to have a dream that connected each of them in the very same night? Was it a coincidence or was it a sign? Was this the end or the beginning of the colonies?