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Family Life?

By Bradahadair

Word Count: 3,148
Series: Future
Category: AU
Pairing/Focus: E
Summary: Josh and Carla are my characters. Carrie is a character from another fic, thanks Candi.

Six looked at the newest model, since the fleet had disappeared from under their noses they had developed new models to infiltrate the Galactica when they were found. This new model was state of the art it specialised in many areas. It was particularly good at vulnerability, which the Sharon models specialised in. Somehow, the number nine model had managed to survive on the Galactica and as far as they knew was still there leading a pathetic human existence. The fleet was too far away from them to actually activate nine. That was not a problem, it wouldn’t be long until they are found. The new model stood and looked around.

“Welcome 13, how do you feel?”

The 13 model looked at her and smiled.


Six put her arm around this new model; it had taken 5 years to create, 5 years since the fleet was last seen. This child model would start a chain reaction, which would ultimately lead to the human existence being wiped out. Six felt excited to the extent that her wires allowed her. She was sure they were close, but there was no way to know unless the nine model was activated.

Lee looked across the deck at the Vipers; they were battered and extremely old. But they were their only defence against the Cylon raiders. Although none had been seen for 5 years Lee now Commander after his father’s death in the last battle, made sure they were kept in good condition. His ship was still humanity’s only defence, although many engineers on Kobol were trying to make a weapon that would defend them. When they had found Kobol, everyone wanted to settle immediately. Lee had stopped them, he had about a quarter of the civilisation settle whilst the rest remained on their ships. Many thought this a bad decision but Lee was sure it was the right one. It was the logical one, if the Cylons did attack, then the Galactica would defend the fleet whilst they jumped then jump itself. That way most of the civilisation was saved, however, the poor souls on Kobol would be left at the mercy of the Cylons, if they had any. He looked at the Vipers again; they didn’t have enough pilots for them, as many of the best were pregnant or looking after their family. He thought about his own daughter Paige, he hadn’t seen her for a while. She was on Kobol with her mother, if they had to jump Lee would never forgive himself for leaving them. The president had agreed it was the right thing, he couldn’t care less his family was on Colonial one with him. He smiled to himself when he thought of Kara in a smart, skirt suit. After his inspection was over he decided he’d fly his Viper through the fleet to pass the time.

Carla smiled sweetly at Sharon.

“Oh, come on. I’ve been so bored, Helo doesn’t mind. Do you?”

“What will happen if I say yes?”

“Well, first I’ll set this thing on you.”

She laughed as her little girl growled and ran to Helo.

“Okay, okay, I don’t mind!”

“Fine, just nothing fancy.”

“Me? Fancy? Never.”

Carla grabbed the controls and turned in her seat.

“Hold tight to Auntie Sharon or Uncle Helo Okay?”

Once she was sure everyone was strapped in she smiled evilly at Sharon.

“You know, I’ve never been any good at keeping my word.”

With that she made the Raptor spin, she heard Helo laughing and Sharon and Paige torn between screams and laughs. She stops it abruptly and then makes it do a back flip before handing the controls back to Sharon. Sharon gave her a dirty look before going to dock in the Galactica.

“You have to come along more”

She smiled at Helo then beckoned to Paige. She ran over and jumped onto Carla’s lap.

“That was fun mommy, do it again.”

“I can’t or Auntie Sharon will leave me floating in space.”

She settled in her seat and watched as they docked. When it was safe to get out she put Paige down who immediately ran onto the deck.


Carla stopped in her tracks and Sharon grabbed her arm.

“Come on, you can’t avoid him forever. You knew you’d see him if you came here.”

“I know, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I thought I’d have time to compose myself.”

She took a deep breath and stepped off the Raptor, she looked around and spotted him swinging Paige round. He put her down and asked her something she turned and pointed straight at Carla. He stood and they stared at each other until Paige commanded her father’s attention. Carla walked over wondering what was going to happen next, he saw her and put Paige down again.

“Am I right in guessing it was you who was abusing the Raptor?”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“No, it was entertainment.”

“Daddy, Auntie Sharon was screaming really loud.”

“What about you monster, you weren’t much quieter.”

Paige stuck her tongue out at Carla and ran off to pester someone else. They stood in an awkward silence until Sharon came for Carla.

“You would think the both of you had gotten over it by now. Its too bad you’re as stubborn as each other.”

Carla said nothing and just followed.

Kara’s back was killing her, she was pregnant again and Ty wasn’t helping that. He was running round shouting and screaming, she was quickly losing her temper. The Doctor had given her pills to keep her stress levels down; she couldn’t find them and was about to blow her top.

“Want help?”

Duella walked in holding Dina, she put her down and Ty immediately ran over to her.

“Thanks I can’t cope with this. I know he has to do his presidential duties but you would think he’d come back every now and then. I’m seriously thinking of going down to Kobol.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

Kara laughed harshly, she sat and found the pills down the side of the chair.

“Really, it is. I spend almost everyday alone with Ty trying to keep him under control but it doesn’t have any affect. I’m going to the doctor later so could you look after him instead of me taking him?”

“Sure, when are you going?”

“Nowif my escort's here.”

Kara grabbed her stuff and went to her shuttle.

Gaius watched as his wife got on the shuttle, he made no attempt to wave her off. Granted their sex life was great but apart from that their marriage was in shambles, they spent nearly all their time avoiding each other. If they do meet then it always ends up in a blazing row followed by Kara taking more of her pills than is healthy. Gaius went to find Billy, since Roslin died he had started to rely on him heavily. He found it hard to believe that Billy, who was virtually a virgin when it came to women, still had his marriage on track. He had seen far more solid marriages collapse although the Commander wasn’t married his relationship had collapsed for some unknown reason. He looked at the shuttle and noticed the pilot; she was an attractive young woman. He’d never seen her before and wondered where she came from. She looked at him and smiled, it wasn’t a friendly smile, more of grin. He saw as she turned and said something to Kara then they laughed and the shuttle was gone. He shook his head and walked towards his office, When he walked in he saw the leggy blonde sitting on his desk.

“What the hell?”

It had been some time since he had seen her, he used to see her frequently but lately she appeared less and less. Gaius linked it to certain emotions and tried to keep them under control, unfortunately there were moments when he lost control. He ignored her and sat down.

“Why so down Gaius?”

He carried on with his work but had to stop when she lay on the desk in front of him.

“You can’t block me out forever. One day everything will go wrong and all you’ll have is me, but I won’t come. You know what the best thing is? That day is sooner than you think.”

“Oh? What will happen?”

The blonde smiled.

“A few home truths, how is Ty? Do you remember what he looks like?”

“Of course I do.”

At that moment Ty burst in with Duella following closely.

“Sorry sir, I’ll take him out.”

“No Duella it’s fine he can play.”

Duella left and Gaius watched as Ty raced around.

“Who does he look like Gaius? Blond hair, Blue eyes. Does Kara have blue eyes?”

“Ye…no. I don’t know.”

“Really? Who has blue eyes? Oh, I know Commander Adama, quite tasty he is.”

Realisation dawned on Gaius’s face.

“Ty, come here.”

Ty ran over and stood in front of Gaius, his blue eyes staring up at him. Gaius slumped in his chair.

“Don’t worry, Ty still thinks you’re his daddy.”

Gaius put the puzzle together, the blue eyes and the break down of the Commanders relationship. Gaius got up and called to Duella.

“Duella! Can you look after Ty? I have something important to do.”

Chapter 2

Josh watched as the shuttle docked Kara and Carrie stepped out and Kara walked off. Carrie looked around and spotted him she smiled and walked over. He kissed her.

“Hi, when’s your shift over?”

“Now, what about you?”

“In about an hour, you have plenty to do in that time.”

“Oh yeah like what?”

“Catch up with your sister and dote on Paige.”

Josh saw her astonished look and pointed to Sharon, Carrie smiled, kissed him again and ran off. He watched her talk to Sharon then run off again, he turned and walked back to the bridge. Since Duella had moved to Colonial One to be with her husband Billy he had taken control of communications. He spent the rest of the hour relaying orders to the Vipers on patrol, when his shift was over the Commander walked up to him.

“I’m seeing Carla are you coming?”

Obviously he knew Carrie was with her so Josh nodded.

“How long have you two been together?”

“About 2 years. Why?”

“Carla was already pregnant with Paige when we had only been together a year.”

“Carrie’s different from her sister.”

“How so?”

“Everything depends on her mood. If she’s in a good mood then she’s great to be with, but if not then you’re in danger of being shot, literally.”

“Hmm, with Carla it depended on what she was doing. Now she has Paige she’s calmed down, she still has a major temper but the ADHD doesn’t affect her that much.”

“Luckily Carrie lacks ADHD or I’d be missing chunks out of me.”

“I thought she was a bad shot?”

“She is, but she’s figured out that if she aims somewhere else its bound to hit whoever she wasn’t aiming for.”

They laughed together until they reached the quarters in which Carla was staying.

Carrie sat next to Carla on the bed they were watching Paige as she played with Carla’s necklace. It was a gold arrowhead and they were watching her carefully making sure she wasn’t eating it.

“We’re on speaking terms but it’s still awkward.”

“Too right, if he did that to me he would be missing what got him into this mess.”

“I forget how unsubtle you are.”

“And your problem is?”

Carrie watched Carla looking sadly at Paige.

“What’s wrong?”

“I thought it was working out, I was settled and happy and it was so much better when Paige was born. Then Ty came along and it’s as if my whole world was shattered. I told myself that I didn’t need him and that I’d get on fine with just Paige and me. But it got hard and there was no one close I could turn to. You were always in your shuttle, Kara had betrayed my friendship, he had just betrayed me and Sharon was always in her Raptor. I felt so lost.”

Carrie looked at Carla and didn’t know what to say, she just hugged her and let her cry.

“Don’t cry mommy, I’ll make it better.”

Carrie watched as Carla picked up Paige and laughed. She put her down and got up.

“Let me fix on my face and we can go for a walk.”

Carla disappeared into the bathroom and there was a knock at the door. She opened it and Josh and the Commander stood there. She let them in and Paige immediately ran to them. Carla came out and stopped.

“Oh, we were about to go for a walk.”

“Great we’ll come to, you want that Paige?”


Lee remained silent and Carrie had to open the hatch before anyone would move. Paige ran out dragging Josh behind her. He was really great with kids, she shook her head and looked at Carla. She was smiling and Carrie blushed, she knew Carla had seen and knew what she thought. Carla just shrugged and ran after Paige. That left her and Lee to trail behind.

“I really didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“Maybe, but you did and nothing can change it.”

“I really wish I could turn back time.”

“What would you do differently? Would you make sure you stayed sober enough to realise what you were doing or would you make sure you were there for Carla more when she was bringing up Paige?”

They turned a corner and saw the president walking towards them. Lee looked shocked but recovered and held out a hand.

“Sir, I didn’t know you were coming.”

“Me either.”

With that he punched Lee in the face.

“Hey, stop it!”

Carrie pulled out her side arm but still they didn’t stop. Gaius was throwing punches and Lee was retaliating.


Carla and Josh ran up, Josh restrained Gaius whilst Carrie held Lee though he wasn’t struggling.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Gaius looked at Lee.

“Trying to beat the crap out of you for getting my wife pregnant and letting me believe it’s mine.”

Lee relaxed and started to explain.

“Frak you, smart of your girlfriend to leave you really, who knows how many other kids are yours.”

They both lunged and Carrie and Josh lost their hold on them, Carla stepped between them and they both stopped.

“Take a look at yourselves, the President of what’s left of the 12 colonies and the Commander of the Galactica fighting like kids. You both make me sick, think of all those people relying on both of you to keep them safe. How do you think they’ll feel when they find out that their leaders aren’t capable of getting along so there’s no hope of them working together to save us. Do us all a favour and hand your titles to people more worthy and capable. Come on Paige.”

Carrie stared in amazement as Carla picked up Paige and disappeared. Her words had affected both Lee and Gaius as they were standing there looking guilty. Carrie looked at Josh who nodded and she ran after Carla.

Sharon kept feeling a strange buzzing in her head, no matter what she did it wouldn’t go away. In the end she just ignored it and carried on towards the Astral Queen, they were supposed to pick up Tom Zerrick to meet the president. She looked through her window, she stared as she thought she saw a flash of grey metal before it disappeared. She turned to Helo.

“Did you see that?”

“No but it showed up on the radar, reckon we should report it?”

“If we both saw it then yes. Galactica, come in this is Boomer.”

“Come in Boomer, we can hear you.”

“A moment ago I saw a flash of grey metal before it disappeared and Helo picked it up on the radar.”

“What do you think it was?”

Sharon looked at Helo and she knew he was thinking the exact same thing as him.

“A Cylon raider maybe.”

“Are you sure?”

“No but can we take a chance?”

A few minutes later they were heading for Kobol, The XO Tigh had ordered that the civilians on Kobol be transported immediately to the civilian ships. When they had landed they got out and immediately ordered people onto the ship. They had to reassure those they were leaving that other ships were on their way. They left the atmosphere and headed straight for the InterSun, according to figures this had the least civilian population. Once they had landed they gave instruction for the people to be given rooms and left again for Kobol.

“Bring back memories Sharon?”

“Yeah but this time I’m not leaving you so don’t even try it.”

“Don’t worry, after my adventures I don’t think so.”

They made the rest of the journey in silence, when they landed again there were more shuttles and Raptors on the ground to pick up families. Sharon was surprised to see Carla and Paige in the crowd.

“Helo, can you hold up here?”

“Sure why?”

She didn’t answer. She saw Carla walking over.

“How did you get down here?”

“I kinda high jacked a Raptor.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I can’t stand being on the Galactica, the only good thing about it is you and Carrie.”

“Come in our Raptor and tell me.”

“What about the one I took?”

“I’ll get someone to fly it.”

“Fine, Gaius and Lee were just at each others throats, Gaius had just found out about Ty. I couldn’t stand it so I went.”

“What did Tigh say?”

“Like I give a damn, I got a lot of abuse but I just hurled it back.”

“So I take it you don’t want to go back to the Galactica.”

“No, do I have to?”

“If I’m ordered to then yes, if not then no. If no then I’ll take you to the Inter Sun.”

“Why are they moving us?”

“We think we saw a Cylon Raider”


“Yeah, we aren’t too sure so it’s a precaution. Lucky if we were right, we’d have saved all your sorry Asses.”

Carla smiled and Paige shook her head.

“Naughty, naughty Sharon. Shouldn’t use bad words, mommy did in the ship so I told her off then.”

“Yeah and she told off Tigh, it was hilarious you could hear him spluttering.”

The Raptor took off, followed by the shuttles and Carla’s highjacked Raptor, the buzzing became more insistent and Sharon found it hard to concentrate.