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The Beginning before the End

By Bradahadair

Word Count: 8,460
Date: 03/30/05
Series: Mini
Rating: K
Category: Action
Pairing/Focus: E
Spoilers/Disclaimers:This is my story, Criticise, praise or whatever but tell me what you think.

Carla looked out of the window regretting that her holiday was over but relieved to get back to the Galactica.

“How was your holiday?”

She looked at the Pilots of the Raptor, Boomer and Helo had offered to pick her up in their spare time.

“It was great, you know, I am extremely greatful for you doing this.”

“It was nothing, plus we wanted to know any news.”

They turned round looking at her hopefully. Carla laughed and shook her head. They turned back disappointed.

“Hey Boomer what do you say about dropping her off now?”


“You know I can still hear you.”

“Your point is?”

They laughed again and had just settled.

“There she is”

Boomer pointed ahead and sure enough there was the Galactica.

“I didn’t realise how much I missed it.”

Boomer docked and as Carla stepped out she heard Boomer and Chief arguing and sure enough they disappeared behind a closed door. Carla turned to Helo.

“It’s good to be home.”


Carla looked and noticed him looking at the door where Cally had stood guard. There’s something going on here but she didn’t want to push it just yet. She headed back to her quarters, which she shared with Boomer and Starbuck.

“Miss me?”

“Frak Carla you scared the life out of me.”

“Welcome home Carla, I’ve missed you loads Carla.”

“Oh I’m sorry. Hope you had a great time and I missed you. That okay?”

“I suppose.”

Carla was happy to be back with her best friend’s and couldn’t wait to get back into a Viper. She turned to Kara looking hopeful.

“So, when do I officially start to work again?”

“Tomorrow I think.”

“Yes! I’m so happy to be back.”

“I think the Alcohol’s damaged your brain. Anyway see you later.”

Starbuck disappeared through the hatch. Carla lay on her bunk looking up at the ceiling listening to the familiar sounds.

Bill Adama greeted the educational secretary when she landed on the Galactica. She was here to set up a school system for some of the kids on the ship, as there wasn’t a working system and their parents tended to teach them all they know.

“Commander, I hope you are well?”

“Perfectly, thank you. Shall we?”

He led her down the corridors with her assistant Billy in tow. She talked about setting up new technology on the ship, but Bill flat out refused.

“Call me old fashioned, but Cylons can manipulate technology and turn it against us. I will not endanger lives on my ship when the old, perfectly capable technology still works. I am happy to have a teaching system for the kids but no new technology whatsoever.”

“That is my final word on it, ma’am. If you will excuse me this will be where you sleep and work, I must get back to the Bridge.”

Bill walked off feeling that he had done what was right for his ship and it’s crew and families. However, he knew that it wouldn’t be the last he heard about it.

Two weeks passed and Carla never complained, as she was too happy to get back into routine. Secretly it was because of an intense fling she had whilst she was on the surface. But she let the others think it was because of being back. Boomer, Cally and Starbuck made jokes to try and find out what happened but they didn’t get far.

It had been a pretty uneventful two weeks and Carla was getting fed up of sitting around and doing nothing so she went to play cards. She thought she was doing well when it got out of hand. Starbuck, as always, won but the Colonel, Tigh couldn’t take it and he flew off the handle which caused Starbuck to punch him, which sent her to the Brig.

When the commotion died down Carla went to see her.

“Where are the pictures on the wall? You’ve been here so many time I’m surprised you haven’t put any up.”

“Frak you Carla. You ain’t exactly the angel you make out to be.”

“I am though that’s why my call sign’s Angel.”

Starbuck muttered under her breath and Carla thought it best to leave her.

“See you later Kara.”


Carla walked off smiling at Kara’s bluntness. There were rumours that the Commanders son was going to be leading the Vipers in a pass of honour for the presentation the Galactica was holding. Frankly Carla couldn’t care who led the Viper’s as long as she was in the formation. She made her way to the bay to make adjustments on her Viper.

She was lying underneath her Viper when she heard another Viper land, this sounded like the mark 7’s but she wasn’t sure. She stood up and looked around her Viper, there was another pilot she didn’t recognise laying in to the chief. She looked at his Viper and saw his call sign, Apollo, on the side. Jessie walked over to her.

“So that’s the Commanders son.”

“Yeah, he’s complaining about having to land his Viper manually.”

“Do you reckon he’s out of the cupboard?”

“Frak Carla, don’t let him hear you or you’re in for it.”

Just then he headed towards them.


They both stood to attention and Carla looked properly at the Captain. She nearly swore out load when she saw who it was and by the looks of it he nearly did as well.

“Which one of you will take me to the Commander?”

“Lieutenant Price is currently off duty sir so she will be able to.”

“At ease, lead the way lieutenant.”

They headed towards the bridge and Carla remained silent. She could see Apollo smiling next to her.

“So Lieutenant, how long have you been on the Galactica?”

“Since I could fly a Viper, sir”

“Forget the “Sir” and call me Lee.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Leading the Vipers in their formation.”

“Frakkin hell.”

They reached the bridge and Carla left him.

“See you around Captain.”

She headed back to her quarters and decided to stay there for some peace and to avoid Lee.

Lee had joined the Galactica and Bill didn’t know what to think. Already he had complained about the way that the Galactica was run. Luckily he seemed to have cheered up since re-uniting with some old friends. He was glad his son was staying, but didn’t expect much bonding as the last time they saw each other was a complete disaster with Lee hurling names and accusations at him. So, they weren’t exactly the best of friends like most father and son relationships. It was the same before and after Zack’s death but it had gotten worse after. Bill, had too much on his mind to actually concentrate, he was just about to take a nap in his quarters when one of his officers relayed a terrifying message.

“Sir, word from Caprica, they say that the Cylon’s are attacking.”

“What? (!) Did they say anything else?”

“No sir it cut off.”

Bill turned to the window of the bridge and looked at the surface. Sure enough there were explosions everywhere.

“Put the ship on red alert, send a Raptor down to the surface to scout. Give it two Viper’s.”

“Sir, enemy raiders approaching.”

“Send out the Vipers!”

“I think there’s a base ship as well sir”

“Fine, tell them to deal with the raiders. We’ll fire at the main ship and tell them to stay the Frak away from our Firing Solution!”

Kara emerged from her quarters and saw a people running everywhere; the ship was on red alert. She was about to stop someone when Carla came running at her.

“Move Kara! Get your flight gear on, the Cylons are attacking.”

Without another word they ran into the room and went to their lockers. Once their flight gear was on they ran to the deck and got into their Vipers. Kara checked her Viper controls and she was good to go. She launched and shot straight towards the Raiders where many Vipers were already battling. The size of the Cylon army nearly overwhelmed her. Clearly they had been planning this for a while.

“Starbuck, you’ve picked up a fan club!”

Starbuck manoeuvred both ways to see how many trailed her. Unluckily she counted three, she tried to out manoeuvre them but they stuck to her like glue.

“Frak, Angel! A little help if you wouldn’t mind.”

“On my way”

Next thing Starbuck knew there were explosions behind her.

“Those better have been the raiders”

“Nice to know you care”

All the time the Vipers were out there they constantly tried to stay away from the Galactica’s primary fire. Starbuck suddenly had an idea.

“Angel, how about picking up some fan’s and taking them through the artillery?”

“Way ahead of you, I have two already.”

A voice interrupted them.

“This isn’t a game, it’s a war.”

“Apollo why don’t you join the fun? Anyway it gets rid of the raiders.”

Before he replied both the Vipers shot off towards the main fire.

Apollo watched with great pain as the Vipers weaved in and out of the heavy fire, destroying raiders as they went. You have to hand it to them, he thought, they really can fly. He concentrated on the raiders around him and heard the command to return to the Galactica. The other Vipers were heading back but Starbuck and Angel didn’t seem to have heard the order. He tried to get through but couldn’t, he was sure it was because of the fire all around them. Apollo tried again to communicate but couldn’t get through. He headed back to the Galactica feeling hopeless. He docked, and ran to the bridge, Galactica was preparing to jump.

“Commander you can’t there is still two fighters left out there.”

“We have no choice Captain, This is the only Battle Star left, the others have been destroyed, and we are the human races last chance of survival.”

Lee watched hopelessly as the Galactica jumped and left its best pilots behind. He left the bridge and went to his quarters; he then lay on his bunk and just stared at the ceiling. He felt more confused than he had before. They had just left his brothers fiancée and his fling from before he joined the Galactica. The mixture of feelings he felt at that moment scared even him.

Carla looked around her and saw that the Galactica’s fire had stopped. Then she looked again and saw the Galactica had gone.

“Frak, Starbuck, we gotta get the Frak outta here.”


“Cos the Galactica’s jumped. We should fly off in the confusion, which is now so just follow me.”

The Vipers flew out of sight of the Base ship and tried to contact the Galactica. It didn't work and they began to lose hope. Carla tried all the channels and finally picked up a signal. It wasn’t the Galactica’s she knew that, but she wasn’t sure if it was friendly or not. She decided to take a chance.

“Starbuck, I’ve picked up a signal from a ship but I don’t know if it’s human or Cylon.”

“Take a chance?”


They flew towards the signal and hailed it. At first it didn’t work, but then they got a message back.

“It say’s it’s a passenger ship, The Genesis. Do you know it?”

“Yeah, thank Frak for that. Let’s head off soldier.”

The Viper’s headed towards the co-ordinates they were given, sure enough, there was the Genesis. But it wasn’t alone, surrounding it were other civilian ships stranded when word got to them of the Cylon invasion.

“Can you believe this? All these people are homeless.”

“So are we.”

“That’s if the Galactica didn’t manage jump to safety.”

That simple statement silenced Carla; The Galactica was the only proper home where she felt she belonged. She was now going to have to try and fit in on these strange ships. They landed and went straight to the person in charge.

Boomer felt lost, on the surface she had to leave Helo behind to ferry this doctor, Gaius Baltar, to the Galactica. Helo had said that he could help stop the Cylons, he better she thought or I’ll personally shoot him. Luckily though they managed to save some civilians who had escaped the wave of explosions. To top that when the Galactica jumped it left behind her two best friends Kara and Carla. Their radios must have been faulty because they didn’t return to ship when ordered. They’d paid for someone’s mistake and they were stranded, most likely dead. She sat on her bunk in silence.

“Can I come in?”

“Not now chief, I’m…”

“I know, I just came to say I’m really sorry. You all did a brave thing, Starbuck and Angel went down fighting for the Galactica and Helo gave up his place on your ship”

“Firstly we don’t know if Kara and Carla are dead and secondly it’s was our ship”

“Sharon, how could they survive with the Cylon fleet overwhelming them and with no where to dock? Secondly, it’s your ship, not yours and Helo’s, just yours.”

“Thanks, I feel better already.”

The Chief nodded and left completely missing the sarcasm in her voice. She stared at the door in disbelief then lay down and buried her face in her pillow.

“It has begun”

Boomer looked up and saw a tall, blonde woman sitting on Carla’s bunk. She smiled at Sharon as if they shared a funny joke.

“Who are you?”

“Six. You are Nine. You are going to lead us, humanity’s children to Earth.”


Sharon pulled out her side arm and aimed but the woman wasn’t there. She got up and went to the hatch, she looked out but the corridor was deserted. The voice was still ringing in her head.

“You are going to lead us, humanity’s children to Earth.”

Chapter 2

Kara tossed and turned trying to sleep but no matter how many sheep she counted, it wouldn’t come. She looked around the small room that she was sharing with Carla. After they had explained their situation to the crew on the ship they were given space and allowed access to most of the ship.

They were extremely pleased at the way they were being treated but Kara felt trapped. Yes, she had freedom but there was no one except Carla to share it with and she could get tedious at times. Finally she got up and decided to walk around the ship. She opened and closed the hatch carefully trying not to wake Carla. She headed towards the bay in which their Viper’s were docked, many people were working and those that had just started their shifts were eyeing the Vipers without hiding their curiosity.

By the sounds of all the whispers following her, Carla and herself were already famous. Ignoring them she went to her Viper to check for damage, they hadn’t earlier as they were both too tired. Satisfied, she walked over to Carla’s and inspected hers; there wasn’t a scratch. Kara couldn’t help feeling bigheaded, she turned and spotted a Kid around 15 hanging around her Viper.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Err, I’m sorry, it’s just, well, are you Starbuck?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t explain why you’re by my Viper.

“I was just checking it out. I’ve wanted to be a pilot ever since I was little.”

“Great, well push off home to your parents.”

“My parents died in the explosions.”

Kara looked shocked.

“I’m sorry.”

“Nah, it’s okay. Can I stick with you?”

“Sure, but don’t get in my way.”

She led the way back to her room. As she reached the door she turned to the Kid.

“What’s your name?”


“Well Daniel you can wait here while I get changed.”

She opened the hatch and went inside. Carla was up and changed, she was staring at the wall.

“What a life you lead Carla.”

“Where you been?”

“Checking the Vipers, not one scratch anywhere. Pretty good flying if you ask me.”

“So what are we meant to do for Frak knows how much time we are on here for?”

“Firstly I gotta get changed then I’m gonna teach Daniel all about flying.”


“Yeah, he was snooping round my Viper. He’s waiting outside for me.”

She disappeared into the small bathroom and emerged moments later fully dressed.

“So you wanna come and baby-sit with me?”

“Why not? I have nothing better to do.”

They both left the room not noticing the Blonde woman leaning against the wall; she smiled at their back and then vanished.

“Sir? I’m picking up a group of ships ahead. I don’t know what they are. They are too big to be raiders and too small to be Base ships.”

“Could they be human?”

“It’s possible, should I hail them?”

“Yes, if it seems suspicious then cut communications and we’ll jump.”

The commander watched and they drew closer to the group. They looked like civilian ships but who knows. He waited patiently anticipating the verdict.

“They are civilian ships sir. They were stranded after they learnt about the Cylon attack.”

“Very well, send Raptors to the ship, caution them and tell them to report back with what they have found.”

“Yes sir”

Bill watched as his orders were carried out, if they were civilian ships then the human race had a chance of survival. They’d be running from the Cylons constantly, but at least they would stand a chance.

“Get ready to fire.”

Tigh looked at him.

“You think it’s a trick?”

“We can’t take any chances.”

There was silence, all waiting for the Raptor reports. Then, finally they came through.

“Galactica, this is Boomer. We can confirm that they are Civilian ships. They await orders.”

There were shouts of triumph and Bill had to wait to relay his orders.

“We’ll all make for the Ragnar station, there we have cover enough to make better plans.”

“Yes sir.”

He watched as co-ordinates were relayed to the ships, one ship was unable to jump.

“Can it be fixed?”

“No sir.”

Bill looked around and saw everyone looking at him.

“Very well, relay co-ordinates to all ships able to jump. Pray for those that can’t”

Bill tried not to think about the consequences of leaving it without protection. But he had no choice; more lives were at stake. If he stayed to protect this ship until it was able to jump they’d all be in danger.

Lee felt the jump and wondered how far from home they had gone. He stormed round in a rage waiting for someone to give him a reason to shout, unfortunately, everyone seemed to know about his vendetta and stayed well away from him. He turned a corner and saw a group of pilots huddled in a corner whispering to each other.


The pilots sprang to attention and seeing who it was remained silent. Lee walked passed them and doubled back.

“So, what was so urgent that you needed to block a corridor and share the information with the first people you see?”

No one said a word and Lee was rapidly losing his temper, one pilot saw this and made the wise decision to talk.

“There are rumours that Starbuck and Angel might be on a civilian ship.”

“What? (!)”

“If they survived they could have come across the civilian ships and landed.”

“Is this certain?”

“No sir.”

“Then don’t spread rumours! At ease.”

With that he walked off to find the Commander. He decided to try his father’s quarters first, he was in luck.

“What can I do for you?”

“I’ve just seen a group of pilots and they are saying that Kara and Carla could have landed on a civilian ship. Is it possible?”

Lee felt his father staring at him.

“Yes, it is possible. The ships weren’t far from where we jumped. They were in flying distance for the Vipers. Whether they actually made it is a different point all together.”

“But it is possible.”


“I request permission to search the ships.”

“Denied, if they are on the ships they will know that we are here and come back.”

“But what if they were injured?”

“Then we will know, I have people checking the casualties, they will be recognised if they are there.”

Lee desperately wanted to punch something but in his fathers presence he kept calm, not wanting him to see a weakness. He left and headed to the deck, he hoped he’d find Sharon there and she could tell him something.

Gaius plotted with the tall, leggy blonde sitting next to him. The educational secretary had just been made president; if he could get close to her then he would be protected from any repercussions. Unfortunately he had to do it soon, he had just said that he could build a Cylon detector, if it failed then he would feel the Commanders wrath.

“Naughty, naughty Gaius, you shouldn’t have asked for that warhead.”

“Shut up, it’s necessary for the Detector.”

“You don’t honestly believe that you can detect us do you? What are you going to do if you actually find a cylon?”

“Tell the Commander of course.”

“How, you’ll be dead by then.”

“Just shut up!”

“How many do you think are working here right know Gaius?”

“There’s only you.”

“I’m not real, I’m in your head and no one can see me.”

“Then there aren’t any.”

“Wrong, there’s four Gaius, four people that you may have passed or talked to. How are you going to find them?”

Gaius dropped all the paper he was carrying, a young woman started to help him.

“Get off!”

“Sorry I was only trying to help.”

Gaius recovered himself quickly.

“Oh, it’s just, there are important, and secret papers here and I don’t want you to see.”

“Well I’ll help with my eyes closed.”

Gaius was about to protest, when he saw she was smiling.

“Oh, very funny”

She smiled and walked off; Gaius stood up and carried on walking.

“You don’t want to do that when you meet a Cylon. They won’t joke.”

Gaius saw the blonde again and chose to ignore her. She finally disappeared leaving Gaius as white as a sheet. He fled to his Lab where he was supposed to be making the Cylon detector. His conversation and discovery of the four rogue Cylon’s made him determined to succeed in his efforts. He gathered all his work and studied them intensely ignoring any knocks to his door.

Carla watched Kara as she showed the Kid, Daniel, how a Viper works. It was sweet watching how he hung on her every word and how she enjoyed telling him. It was odd to see as Kara normally seemed ready to hit someone whatever mood she was in. Most were intimidated or scared of her but this kid just clung to her and Kara didn’t seem to mind. Carla smiled then turned around to see the ship’s pilot rushing towards her. ‘It has to be important for him to come down here at this time’ she thought but didn’t have time to ponder as he was directly in front of her.

“Lieutenant, we have just made contact with the Galactica.”

“What, the Galactica, How?”

“They jumped close to us”

“We’ll prepare our Vipers then we’ll be out of your hair.”

“You’re going to have to wait, The Commander has issued a jump for all the ships. As soon as that is over you’re free to go.”


She called to the Pilots retreating back. She turned back to Kara but she was still talking to Daniel and decided to leave them for a bit. She walked back to their room and planned to change into her flight gear. Kara ran up behind her.

“Hey what did the Guy want?”


There was a huge explosion and they were both thrown against the wall, Carla tried to get up but sunk into darkness.

Bill watched as one of the civilian ships was hit by a raider, it appeared out of no where and before he could blink it crashed straight into the ship. He ordered the jump and watched as ships disappeared one by one on the Dradis console. As they arrived at their destination he didn’t see the damaged ship appear on the screen. Two ships lost with thousands of people on them, ‘And this is just the beginning’ he thought.

Chapter 3

Lee found Sharon in her quarters she was cleaning her sidearm.


She looked up and smiled weakly.


“Lee, Has there been any news?”

“When I went to the Astral Queen to check whether the Convicts were secure I heard the pilots talking about Vipers landing on a ship called the Gemoni. I went over and asked which ship it was. They looked at me sadly and said it was one that was left behind.”

Lee sat on a bunk and looked at the floor.

“They said that the Vipers had landed there the day before. No one but the ships pilot knew who they were. They say that it looked as if they had gotten lost trying to get back to their ship.”

“What, no damage?”

Sharon smiled at him and gave a short laugh.

“I doubt it. They are both brilliant flyers.”

Lee left feeling guilty. He was their superior officer and he should have ordered them to stop. He went to his Viper and got in, he was greatful that his shift was about to start, as it would keep his mind off the loss. He launched and flew around and in the fleet. He noticed one ship was severely damaged, he contacted the Galactica.

“Galactica this is Apollo, there is a severely damaged civilian ship here.”

The Commanders voice came through the line.

“We know Apollo it has just jumped here. We have already dispatched aid.”

Sure enough he saw two Raptors flying towards it. Lee flew off weaving in and out prepared for the long hours in front of him.

Sharon landed on the ship and started to unload medical supplies. She looked around her and noticed two Vipers. Her heartbeat sped up and she ran over to them and on the side were the call signs of her best friends. She left instructions for her crew to follow and went in search of anyone who could tell her any news. She ended up in the living quarters where many injured people were sitting or lying. She made her way to the nearest doctor who directed her to the nearest door. She opened it and Carla was lying in bed whilst Kara was clinging to her hand. Carla opened her eyes at the noise and tried to sit up when she saw Sharon.

“Frak, Sharon thank the Lords it’s you.”

“I thought you were both dead.”

“No, just concussion.”

“How about you Kara?”

Kara stared at her blankly.

“Sharon, she’s lost her memory.”

Sharon stared blankly at Carla clearly not understanding.

“In the blast she took a blow to her head and she lost her memory.”

“Will… Can she get it back?”

“With time and familiar places and people.”

“She seems to recognise you.”

“No, it’s only because I was the only one there when she woke. She won’t say anything around other people.”

“Frak, does she even remember her name?”

“Yes, that and the Cylon’s but nothing else. It’s actually really scary, she’s normally really in your face but she just sits there quietly.”

Sharon focused on Kara but she just looked away, obviously she understood what they were saying but didn’t know how she’d react. Sharon stood and went to the door.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

She passed through the door and when she looked back she saw Kara whispering to Carla who just smiled. She went to the doctor and made sure it was safe for them to travel, when it was confirmed she fetched Crashdown from the docking bay.

“Everything’s loaded now Sharon, we’re ready to go when you are.”

“We have a bit more cargo to load yet.”


“You’re going to have the shock of your life.

Kara watched as Carla was helped into the Raptor, the man turned to help her but she stepped back. The woman called Sharon came over and took her hand gently.

“It’s okay Kara, we’re going to take you back to the Galactica.”

Kara stared at her blankly, and then when she was in the Raptor she immediately went to Carla and tried to grab her hand.

“Kara! Stop it, you may have lost your memory but you’re not Frakkin stupid.”

Kara couldn’t believe what she heard and immediately went to Sharon who was the second most familiar person after Carla. Sharon smiled at her and indicated to the seat next to her.

“Don’t mind her, she gets cranky when she doesn’t take her pills.”

“Frak you Sharon, as soon as this damn headaches gone I’m gonna kick your sorry ass.”

Kara looked at Carla who was looking extremely pissed and turned back to Sharon who was smiling and crying.

“What’s wrong?”

Sharon turned to look at Kara.

“I’m just glad both of you are alive.”

Kara looked at the ground.

“It was only a small explosion.”

Sharon looked at her again and didn’t conceal her amazement.

“You really don’t remember anything.”

Kara simply shook her head.

“Not even when you were kicking Cylon but?”

“No, all I know is that my names Kara and that the Cylons are our sworn enemies. You and Carla look familiar though.”

Kara saw that Sharon was smiling.


“I’m sure Captain Apollo will jog your memory.”

“Hey, enough about Lee okay.”

Kara saw Sharon turn in her seat.

“What went on between both of you?”

There was silence from the back.

“Carla, tell me.”

“I don’t have to.”

“On my ship you do, if you don’t then he will.”

“What make’s you think that?”

“How do you know he won’t? He might say something completely made up which could be incriminating towards you.”

“Somehow I doubt it.”

“Fine, just remember you made me ask him.”

The rest of the journey was made in silence and Kara couldn’t figure out what had just happened. From her point of view there was history between Carla and this guy but she wasn’t sure. Plus, from what Sharon said there was history between herself and him as well.

Lee looked at the president and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You’re going to have a lucky dip to determine who has babies with who?”

“Yes, is there a problem Captain?”

“Its, well, you can’t force people together. It has to happen naturally.”

“Believe me, I don’t want to do it. But the only way for this race to survive is to start making babies and if we wait for someone to get pregnant then we will not survive.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, now I want you to tell the Commander and let him decide how it’s done.”

“Yes sir”

Lee walked away wondering how he was going to tell his father about the baby lucky dip. If his guess was right then names would literally be picked out of a hat and people could be stuck with others they hate. He thought of Kara and the XO and couldn’t help smiling, luckily Saul was married so there was no risk of them ending up together. What Lee hated the most was the fact that he would also be in the lucky dip, he knew that everyone would feel like he did now. He docked on the Galactica and was still puzzling about how to tell his dad. He got out of his Viper and an extremely excited Sharon ran up to him. She was nearly jumping up and down.

“Okay, What is it?”

“It’s fantastic that’s what it is. I went to the Gemoni and I found Carla and Kara, Carla has major concussion but she’s still her ratty self and Kara’s fine except she’s lost her memory. But the best bit is that Helo’s back.”

Lee stood shocked. Concussion, lost memory, Helo back. It was a lot to take in and when it finally registered Sharon had already gone. He went to the Chief and found him in the Shuttle bay, he was checking over a shuttle.

“Chief, is Helo really back?”

He decided to address the least confusing news first.

“Yes sir, Just landed.”


“He found a shuttle on Caprica and he managed to escape. He figured this was the likeliest place for us to be and made his way straight here.”

“How many survivors?”

“None, he’s in life station at the moment, Oh, Captain”


“You might want to take a look at this.”

Lee followed the Chief over to a Raptor, he watched as Chief pointed at something and followed his finger.

“Frak! What the hell is that thing doing here? Does the Commander know?”

Lee pulled out his sidearm and pointed it at the Cylon Centurian that was standing completely still.

“Yes sir, he requested we check it over.”

“What was Helo thinking?”

“Apparently he had a narrow escape on Caprica, if it wasn’t for the Centurian he would be another casualty.”

“Are you telling me this things operational?

“Yes sir, it has made no attempt to harm any of my crew.”

Lee walked away sceptically and immediately went to life station. He expected to see Carla and Kara there. He walked through the hatch and saw Sharon hanging around Helo, Lee went over to Helo and smiled.

“Escaped from the Cylons and bought one back if I don’t watch out I’ll be calling you sir soon.”

Helo turned and smiled.

“Thanks, I was lucky. If it wasn’t for Oberon I’d be dead.”


“Yeah, that’s it’s name.”

“Name? Now I’ve heard everything.”

“Nah, this guy found him when he was all battered and everything. Anyway he fixed him up and installed a safety switch, so he can’t harm humans. He’s a traitor to his own kind, the Cylons call him the Betrayer.

Lee felt more confused than he had in a long time, in the end he decided to find Carla and Kara.

“Where’s Kara and Carla?”

“In their quarters I think. I’m having a small get together later in our quarters. You coming?””

“Sure, but what about the Commander?”

“It’s fine, we just need to keep it quiet.”

Lee had a feeling that Sharon had left vital parts out when explaining to the Commander. He went to the quarters but they weren’t there so he headed to his dad’s quarters to report on the lucky dip. Unfortunately Lee knew gis father would agree with the President, what they would do would affect everyone some way or another.

Chapter 4

Bill was amazed, three people missing and all turn up on the same day virtually unharmed. He studied Kara, trying to remember if she was ever this quiet, granted she’d lost her memory but it seemed unnatural. From what Carla had said it could take weeks, months and even years to get her memory back. He heard a knock and his son Lee stepped through the door. There was a minute of happy reunions until the girls departed leaving him and his son together. Bill thought his so would have left with them but he remained in his place. After an awkward silence Lee finally said what was troubling him.

“The president has proposed…ordered that we have a lucky dip to start making babies.”

Bill looked at his son and saw how uncomfortable he was.

“A lucky dip?”

“Yes, forcing people together against their will to make babies.”

“What did the president say I was to do?”

“You are to decide how it is done.”

Bill thought for a moment, it was wrong to put people together but for the race to survive it would have to be done forcefully.

“Very well, I will arrange a meeting with the president. Anything else?”

“Yes, the Cylon Centurian.”

“Ah, I had Chief check it fully and he has reported that someone’s rearranged his wires so that he is unable to harm humans.”

“Is that certain? It could be extremely dangerous if it switched”

“I am aware Captain. If there is nothing else…”

“Yes sir.”

He watched him leave wondering how Lee felt. Obviously it was daunting knowing you were to be forced to live with someone but there was no other choice. Plus their new chrome toaster wasn’t helping matters, he got up and left his room. If he was going to sort this out with the president it was going to be now.

Carla looked around their quarters and smiled, the desk had several bottles of Ambrosia sitting on it. This was curtesy of Kara’s card skills and Carla’s brilliant flirting, unfortunately they had to keep the noise down or risk Tigh whisking off the bottles from under their noses. There were quite a few people here all crammed into their quarters, it was a mixture of pilots and deckhands. Everyone was talking and drinking heavily, everyone was on edge now the news of the Galactica having a Centurian on board. She walked over to Cally who was laughing with Crash down. Before she got to them Helo came up to her.


“What’s up Carl?”

“Will you come with me?”

“It’s a bit early for that isn’t it.”

Carla smiled but Helo just looked worried.

“Alright I’m coming”

She followed him to the Viper deck wondering what they were doing here.

“Carl? Why are we here?”

“I wanted you to meet someone, No one will listen to me not even Sharon.”

She followed him until they came up to the Cylon Centurian.

“Frak Carl!”

She stood behind Carl looking uncertainly at the centurian.

“Is it on?”

“Yeah, he’s called Oberon.”

“It has a name?”

“Yeah, come on I wanted you to meet him.”

“Why me? At the moment I’m scared frakless.”

“It’s alright, he can’t harm us. Oberon.”

The centurion looked over and Carla swore and grabbed hold of Helo’s arm.

“Oberon, this is Carla, she’s here to see you.”

The centurian made a sort of bow and Carla came out behind Helo.

“Err, hi.”

“He was curious about the Vipers and I thought you could show him sometime.”

Carla lowered her voice.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, he could be passing information on, plus he isn’t human.”

“I am not human but my previous master taught me about human customs and habits.”

“Err, right. I can show you the Viper now if you want?”

Carla walked slowly towards her Viper and Carl and Oberon followed, she sat in it and Oberon watched her as she explained. She could see Carl smiling at her and offered him a weak smile. All the time she was showing Oberon he seemed human like which unnerved her, he was polite and curios. They were human qualities and a machine shouldn’t have them, but while she was telling him she started to trust him. He was only curious in how to fly the Viper not in how it worked, Carla was then convinced that he was one of the good guy’s though she still had her doubts. She got out and slipped on the last step Oberon caught her.

“Err, thanks”

“You are welcome”

He resumed his motionless stance and Carl walked over, he was smiling broadly.

“Great, we’ll see you later Oberon.”

The Centurian bowed again whilst they walked off, Carl was exitedly telling her about what happened on Caprica.

“Carl, why hadn’t the Cylon’s tried to dismantle him as soon as they realised he couldn’t harm us?”

“Have you seen him, he’s one of the most deadly centurian’s. They had a hard time doing it, I brought him back so he wouldn’t have to suffer.”

“He wouldn’t suffer, he’s a robot. I mean it’s scary how human like he seems but he’s still just wires and circuit boards.”

“I know but he feels more than that.”

“I know what you mean, I’ll go and see him when I can.”

“Thank’s Carla you’re a star.”

“I know”

Carl hugged her and they went back to the party, she felt confused. This thing was a robot, yet she felt something. Pity, Sympathy and she felt protective of him, all she did was show him how to fly a Viper and he seemed to have grown on her. She wasn’t sure whether she regretted her decision to go with Carl. She didn’t have much time to dwell on these thoughts as the ‘gathering’ was in full swing.

Kara weaved in and out of people to get to her bunk, it was crazy having so many people in one room but Sharon had insisted. She finally got there and sat down she felt extremely insecure with all these people around. Carla had disappeared and Sharon was too busy with her many guests to bother with Kara. She just sat there watching people talk and flirt, she was startled when someone came and sat next to her. She recognised him as the guy who hugged her and Carla in the Commanders quarters.

“Amazing how many people you can fit in one room isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You alright Kara?”

“No, I don’t like having all these people around.”

“Yeah, where’s Calra? She’ll stay with you.”

“Yeah I thought that but she nowhere to be found, Sharon’s too busy.”

“Carla’s there, maybe you weren’t looking hard enough”

Sure enough Carla was making her way over.

“Budge up.”

They both moved over and she sat down, she looked preoccupied. The other guy seemed to notice this aswell.

“What you thinking about?”

“Oh, err, nothing”

She looked worried but neither of them pressed the matter further, they sat in silence until someone called the guy away. Carla turned to her and looked really tired.

“Kara I’m going to sleep. Would you stay here while I do? Just wake me if you want anything.”

Kara nodded and Carla lay down and turned her back to the party, Kara spent the next hour smiling and talking politely to anyone who came over to her. She decided Carla had, had enough beauty sleep to survive the rest of the party. Kara shook her but got no response she turned her on her back and saw that she was sweating. Kara shook her again but nothing happened she checked her pulse she couldn’t feel anything.

“Carla! Carla!”

People noticed the commotion and stopped what they were doing, Sharon came over and immediately called for someone. Kara stood back whilst two guys picked her up and carried her off, she followed and felt tears on her face. Sharon took her hand and they followed quietly. They reached the life station and watched quietly as doctors rushed towards where Carla lay. The guys stepped back and came over to them, they looked just as lost s she felt.

“I don’t understand she was fine earlier when I took her to see Oberon.”

“Oberon? Maybe he could have done it.”

“No, I never turned my back once. He never touched her I’m absolutely sure of it.”

They all fell silent again and sat in vacant seats, there were shouts from behind the curtain where Carla lay and Kara broke down in tears. Sharon hugged her and they stayed together untilthe doctor finally came over to them, he looked grave and she feared the worst.

“We have managed to stabilise her and she will recover, you can sit with her now though she is asleep.”

They thanked him and pulled their chairs beside her bed, the doctor followed.

“Captain, I need to speak to you.”


He got up and followed the doctor, they went to the other side of the room and they all watched his face. At first it looked shocked then grave, he came back over and slumped in the chair.

“She was drugged.”


“Yeah, I guess we can rule out the Centurian cos there’s no way he could have gotten to the drugs.”

No one spoke and they all waited patiently for Carla to wake up, one by one they dropped off.

Chapter 5

Carla woke in life station and groaned, she had a headache and felt extremely thirsty. She didn’t know how she got to life station and was shocked to find Kara, Sharon, Lee and Carl around her bed. She saw a doctor come over.

“Ah, you’re awake, let me fetch you a drink as I’m sure you’re thirsty then we can talk.”

He disappeared again before she could even open her mouth, he returned a moment later carrying a cup of water for her. He handed it to her and let her drink before saying any more.

“Rest assured the Captain will be looking in to this.”

He gestured to the sleeping Lee and then looked at her again.

“You were drugged”

“Drugged? (!)”

Everyone woke sharply but she ignored them.

“I was drugged? How? I don’t think I put down my drink at all”

“It was very serious, You were touch and go at one point. If you were found later you wouldn’t have survived.”

There was a shocked silence as everyone let this sink in. Finally the doctor spoke again.

“We need to check you over and if you’re okay you can leave though I advise she doesn’t fly for a week maybe.”

The doctor looked at Lee and he nodded. Carla couldn’t stand the silence.

“I’m sure you’ve all got important things to do instead of just sitting here.”

She watched as one by one they left, she sat still and listened to the insufferable silence she regretted her decision making them leave.

Sharon looked at Carl she really loved him. She thought that she loved the Chief but that was just a fling, what she had with Carl is real.



“No, really What?”

“Nothing, I’m just admiring you from afar.”

“No need to do that, everyone else does.”

“Ha! You’re too full of yourself.”

“Ah, but that’s what you love about me.”

They carried on bickering and Sharon wouldn’t have it any other way. She stopped when she saw the blonde.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’ve gotta go.”

She got up leaving him looking confused, she walked out of the ready room into her quarters. She shut the door behind her and turned around. The blonde stood there smiling. Sharon was used to her being there, she didn’t tell anyone as she knew they would think her crazy. She thought it was due to overwork at first but everyone else was working the same as her and they didn’t act weird.

“Don’t worry, we’ll come and get you soon. It won’t be long before this was just a bad nightmare.”

“You’re the nightmare so stop bugging me.”

“I would Sharon, but I wanted to tell you the news.”

“What news?”

“They’ll find out you’re a Cylon soon, do you want to know how?”

“I’m not a Cylon.”

“Yes you are, how do you think you can see me?”

“Over work”

The blonde laughed and shook her head.

“You’re going to slip up sooner or later Sharon and when you do it isn’t going to be pretty. Think of all the people you’ve deceived, Helo, Chief, Carla, Kara, Lee and the Commander. Soon you’ll end up like the Betrayer. He’s on the Galactica with you isn’t he? What fun it will be if you accidentally rewire him. Although you may have to be careful as he may recognise for who you are.”

“Shut up!”

“How is Carla? Maybe you shouldn’t have drugged her drink.”

Sharon went to hit her but she was gone she turned to the door and saw Carla looking at her.

“You alright Sharon?”


She walked out with a feeling of dread settling on her.

It had been at least two weeks since Carla was in life station, rumours had spread about what had happened. Kara found it funny to watch Carla yell at some rookie whispering to the other rook next to him when she walked past. Other rooks found out and decided it was better not to get on the wrong side of Lieutenant Price, an investigation was made but there were no leads as to who drugged her. The Captain had some marines tailing her though she didn’t know it, he thought it best to be discreet or she would kick up a fuss. Kara wasn’t sure why she needed protection, it seemed like just some stupid joke that went wrong but the Captain and Commander seemed to think otherwise. Kara had tried numerous times to find out if she was important in any way but Carla closed up whenever she tried to find out.

Kara was starting to regain her memory she was friendlier to the Captain or Lee, as she remembered they were best friends. This seemed to cheer him up, though he still walked as if he carried a huge weight on his shoulders. As the weeks went by she found that she confided in him more and he confided in her, she found it reassuring to have Lee there for her if she needed him even if it was the middle of the night.

She was on patrol with Carla when the Cylon’s appeared, they were preparing to go back to the Galactica as their watch was coming to an end when two raiders appeared.

“Shit! Galactica this is Starbuck, we have two raiders on our scanners.”

“Copy that Starbuck we see them, take them out.”

“Copy that”

It was at that point that everything came flooding back she almost lost control with the intensity of it but managed to stay focused.

“Angel you have one tailing you.”

“Don’t I know it.”

Kara flew to Carla’s aid and shot down the raider tailing Carla whilst she managed to get the other one.

“Galactica, this is Starbuck, enemy ships destroyed. I repeat enemy ships destroyed.”

“Copy that Starbuck, bring the birds home.”

The landed on the deck and waited until they were able to get out, they got out and were taken surprise by the jump. Kara managed to slip down the rest of the ladder after the jump Carla laughed.

“Kara price is back baby!”

“I’m guessing you remember everything?”


“Everything? Like why you got the name Starbuck?”