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Stories by Stories by Jeb Barr

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TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
FateJeb Barr20041,047ChallengeOMiniK+
The Final Cut Jeb Barr 25th Nov 05   Relationship OC   T
FlashesJeb Barr2004580ChallengeL,KMiniK+
Love and LossJeb Barr20041658ChallengeKMiniK+
Passion of SummerJeb Barr20042,399ChallengeL,KMiniM
Reach for the StarsJeb Barr200447,767ActionO1M
RegretsJeb Barr8/23/043,799RelationshipsL,KMiniK+
RooksJeb Barr2004352ChallengeTMiniT
Run to the StarsJeb Barr2004in progressRelationshipsL/K, L/C, T/MelMiniT
SacrificeJeb Barr2004351ChallengeKMiniK+
A Taste of SummerJeb Barr20041,315ChallengeT,OMiniT
Ultimate Price, TheJeb Barr2004365RelationshipsB,DMiniT