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Stories by Chaos Eternus

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** denotes Existing Stories Being Updated

TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
7 PointsChaos Eternus20041,243Crossover WOneK+
7 Points - ExtendedChaos Eternus200416,901Crossover WOneK+
Black Magic WomanChaos Eternus2004585ChallengeB,DMiniT
The BlacksmithChaos Eternus2004417ChallengeNoneMiniT
Bright EyesChaos Eternus2004622CharacterWMiniT
Captain ChaosChaos Eternus2004490ChallengeNoneMiniK+
Colonial ThunderChaos Eternus7/4/0538,843CrossoverNoneMiniT
Dredded Galactica Chaos_Eternus May 2006 474 Crossover None Mini T
Dust Chaos_eternus May 2006 818 Ansgt Ga Mini T
DutyChaos Eternus06/26/05592CharacterWMiniT
EarthmanChaos Eternus May 2006 18,449AUOMiniT
Everybody's FoolChaos Eternus2004602RelationshipsGa,6MiniK+
FearChaos Eternus9/6/05100ChallengeRMiniT
Galactican VoiceChaos Eternus20041,171Crossover61T
Hammer to FallChaos Eternus04/25/05873ActionL1 K+
HelloChaos Eternus20042,258ChallengeGaMiniT
I Scream Inside Chaos_Eternus May 2006 705 Relationship Ga/6 Pre-Mini T
LawsChaos Eternus9/26/05814CharacterL, R, TS2T
Lords Chaos_Eternus May 2006 452 Misc None Mini T
MailmanChaos Eternus May 2006 25,891ActionO1T
Meeting GodChaos Eternus20041,591Crossover6MiniK+
Odd Days Chaos_Eternus May 2006 397 Crossover W Mini T
PoisonChaos Eternus2004581ChallengeGa,6MiniT
Quandary Chaos_Eternus May 2006 1,183 Misc 6 Mini T
Red GalacticaChaos Eternus20041,306**CrossoverE1K+
Seeker Chaos_Eternus May 2006 WIP AU None Mini T
Seen and UnseenChaosEternus2004946ChallengeTMiniT
Talented CallyChaos Eternus2/26/051,996**CrossoverC1T
Tapped By Death Chaos_Eternus May 2006 679 Crossover None 2, Scar T
VengeanceChaos Eternus2004921CrossoverK1T