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Stories by Victoria Ryan

** denotes Existing Stories Being Updated

TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
Breathe InVictoria Ryan3/28/05525RelationshipsL,R1M
CleavageAmanda C & V Ryan5/5/051,280CharacterW1K+
Enemy of the StateAmanda C & V Ryan & Laura C4/30/054000RelationshipsW/R1K+
Measure of a ManVictoria Ryan& L. Conti3/28/051,886AUW,R1K+
Their First KissV Ryan3/27/051,110RelationshipsL,R1T
Betrayed TrustAmanda C & V Ryan2/14/056,554**RelationshipsW,R1M+
Champagne and CylonsAmanda C & V Ryan2/6/05847RelationshipsW,R1M
The LetterAmanda C & V Ryan4/28/058,409RelationshipsW/R1T
The LossAmanda C & V Ryan4/26/05580RelationshipsW/R1K+
One and OnlyAmandaC / VRyan05/27/05392RelationshipsL,ROneT
Presidential IndiscretionAmanda C & V Ryan20041,312RelationshipsW,R1T
Truth in BoozeAmanda C & V Ryan4/30/051,258RelationshipsW/R1K+
A President's JournalAmanda C & V Ryan5/16/051,700CharacterR1M
Presidential ErrorAmanda C & V Ryan5/11/051,364RelationshipsW/R1K+
Presidential IndiscretionAmanda C & V Ryan20041,312RelationshipsW,R1T