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Lee and Cally

Stories about the relationship between Cpt Lee "Apollo" Adama and Specialist Cally

You may also find stories about this relationship in the Challenges section

** Indicates Story in Progress (incomplete)

TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
Deck SparksAikakone2/26/051,490RelationshipsL,C1K
Possibility: Her Emily 10/25/052,020RelationshipL/CAU K
Oh Captain, My CaptainScooter Kitty20043,478RelationshipsL,CMiniM
Private LessonsPadawanmage20043,295RelationshipsL,CMiniT
Run to the StarsJeb Barr2004in progressRelationshipsL/K, L/C, T/MelMiniT
The Seams - a Prequel to EqualsCrystal Wimmer20045,677**RelationshipsL,C1T
Shy LoveClair Yates3/27/051,149RelationshipsL,C1K