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Chief Tyrol and Lieutentant Sharon Valerii

Stories about the relationship between Chief Galen Tyrol and Lt Sharon Valerii

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** Indicates Story in Progress (incomplete)

TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
Breakdown PlaceKate Owens04/15/05529RelationshipsG/S1 M
The DanceCrystal Wimmer200429,918RelationshipsG/SMiniT
The Defectors Daniel Stevens 10/25/05RelationshipsS/H, S/GS2 T
Friends and EnemiesCrystal Wimmer200426,881RelationshipsG/SMiniK+
Memories and Regrets Daniel Stevens 11/6/051,350RelationshipS/H, S/GAU T
A Time to HealCJ Jade01/19/052,534RelationshipsG/S1 K+