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Alternate Universe Stories

** denotes Existing Stories Being Updated

TitleAuthorDateWord CountCategoryPairing or FocusSeriesRating
All Your TomorrowsSocket2/28/054,405AUL,ROneM
Battlestar Hyperion: Volume I - The ForgottenJim Quigley200416,030AU O MiniT
Battlestar Hyperion: Volume 2 - The Hyperion Task GroupJim Quigley3/28/054,295**Au OMiniT
Battlestar PacificaRain Mitchell3/28/0515,597AUNoneMiniT
Bitter Ends Book 1: A Time to RegroupKevin Hallesy200412,282AU O MiniK+
Bitter Ends Book 2: A Wolf in Sheep's ClothingKevin Hallesy200410,549AU OMini K+
Bitter Ends Book 3: A New Day DawnsKevin Hallesy200410,166AU OMini K+
The BowelsChris Francis4/6/051,660AUNone1M
Come and Gonexliquidforcex07/03/051,120AUL,KFutureK
Concerning the death of a Training PilotOversurge06/05/05489AUZ,KPreMiniK
Darkest Realms:Book 1 - Bread on the TableKevin Hallesy200410,606AUOMiniK+
Darkest Realms:Book 2 - Two Trees in a ForestKevin Hallesy20049,788AUOMiniK+
Darkest Realms: Book 3 - The greater the RiskKevin Hallesy200419,037AUOMiniK+
EarthmanChaos Eternus3/28/0520,806**AUOMiniT
End of Days: Book One - The Last SunriseKevin Hallesy200425,518AUO1T
End of Days: Book Two - Beyond the Far HorizonKevin Hallesy200415,386AUO1T
Fallen StarPadawanmage20042,898AUHMiniT
Family Emily11/19/0519,073RelationshipsEnsembleAUK+
Family LifeClair Yates3/28/053,148**AUL,K,OFutureK+
Final Momentsxliquidforcex07/02/057,654AUL,KFutureT
Galactica: Those We Leave BehindJoshua Maerker3/28/054,605AUOMiniK+
Gemini Campaign: Escort Duty**Oversurge20046,590AUOMiniT
The Hades Chronicles - Part 1:Genesis of HadesMichael Salmaggi05/13/051,919AUEOneT
The Hades Chronicles - Part 2: Escape from LeonisMichael Salmaggi05/13/054,244AUEOneT
The Hades Chronicles - Part 3: The GatheringMichael Salmaggi05/13/053,702AUEOneT
The Hades Chronicles - Part 4: The Tides of WarMichael Salmaggi05/13/054,701AUEOneT
The Hades Chronicles - Part 5: A Marshalling of ForcesMichael Salmaggi05/13/054,016AUEOneT
History's Future:Book 1 - The Goliath Chronicles**Kevin Hallesy20047,437AUOMiniK+
Hope Times TwoPaige McKinney20043,907AUL,KFutureT
Introduction to Colonial History 101Thomas Hickey20043,415AUNoneFutureK+
Kara's MistakeMaiel Alcinoe2004678AUKFutureK+
Live for the MomentMaielAlcinoe2/8/054,681**AUL,O1T
The Mars ExperimentOversurge20042,234**AUO1M
Measure of a ManVictoria Ryan & L. Conti3/28/051,886AUW,R1K+
Model Number ThirteenDaniel Stevens9/21/054,597RelationshipOtherAUM
Out of the DarknessBeth Newell4/17/05954AUL,K1 K+
Pegasus:Book 1 - Survival from AnnihilationDean Thomas200421,658AUOMiniT
Pegasus: Book 1: Survival from Annihilation (Rewrite)Dean Thomas200422,602AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 2: Beyond the ThresholdDean Thomas200427,718AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 2: Beyond the Threshold (rewrite)Dean Thomas200427,874AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 3: The Cylon GauntletDean Thomas200429,085AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 3: The Cylon Gauntlet (rewrite)Dean Thomas200420,212AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 4: Searching, Surviving, and SurmountingDean Thomas200427,768AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 4: Searching, Surviving, and Surmounting (rewrite)Dean Thomas200428,144AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 5: Rescue and RetributionDean Thomas200421,224AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 5: Rescue and Retribution (rewrite)Dean Thomas200421,268AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 6: Locating Their AlliesDean Thomas200426,086AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 6: Locating Their Allies (rewrite)Dean Thomas2/1/0526,086AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 7: Undefeated and UnforsakenDean Thomas200414,019AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 7: Undefeated and Unforsaken (rewrite)Dean Thomas200426,663AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 8: Continuing the QuestDean Thomas200424,754AUOMiniT
Pegasus Book 8: Continuing the Quest (rewrite)Dean Thomas200424,763AUOMiniT
The Pegasus Book 9: Comrades in ArmsDean Thomas04/11/052,588AUOMini T
Possibility: Choice Emily 10/25/055,201AUEAU T
Possibility: Mutiny Emily 11/6/056,168ActionEAU K+
Possibility: A Sort of Fairytale Emily 11/7/0513,011Alternate U.K, HS2 K+
RevolutionShawn Carter07/04/052,106**AUL,K1 M
SecretsKimberly Amyotte20043,026AUL,K1T
SenseCaleigh Hayes200413,942**AUW,L1T
The Smuggler's GameLuc Vendette20049,568**AUOPreMiniK+
Stroke of LuckMirageofMae04/06/055,295AUL,K1 M+
Take 3Cathy C06/01/052,351AUL,KOneM+
Third SpeciesElfin23/28/055,483AUE1K+
Toaster's PawnMike Payne9/22/0512,498AU/Crossovernone givenPre MM