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The Thank You's Part Two

The biggest thank you ever has to go to RTdean who generously donates the server space and bandwidth for this site.

Keeping this site up and available to you would be far more difficult without the assistance of RTdean, so THANK YOU

Current Webmaster


The Thank-Yous

I hope that you will enjoy what you find here. Before you go any further, please take a moment to acknowledge our sponsors (who are a hell of a lot more useful than popups).

My most sincere thanks go out to the amazing and wonderful authors and artists of the Battlestar Galactica Writer's Squadron, They are an amazing and talented group who are fun, exciting, and wonderful to work with and provide this site for.

In addition, my eternal gratitude to Annette Ciotola (of FoLC fame) for her tireless patience and instruction in the ways of websites, formatting, folders, uploading, and all other technical intricacies which were mysteries to me - and old-hat to her. Without her programs, knowledge, and hours of dedication to teaching the technologically impaired, we would still be watching popups and tolerating the irritating limitations of GeoCities programs. Thanks, Sweets - I owe you everything!

Finally, a special thanks to those who have sustained me through this process - my lifelines - and I do mean that LITERALLY.

Alex Evans (Captain Chaos) - for his endless attention to the functionality of links, offers to help, and frequent technological advice, hours of reformatting stories and unending patience with web-inept CAGs. We'd be lost without you!

Helena Boylen (of Little Blue Plane) - for putting this gorgeous site together - her gift to the fandom, not once but TWICE - and so much more than I could ever manage... sleek, quick, and professional!  Bless you!!

Jennifer Eisenbart (Lieutenant SpaceCase) - For putting up with endless story rants and begs for more EoN.

Lona Jennings (Captain Buzzer) - Editor Extraordinaire - The vast majority of story cleanup in our fandom is performed by this one woman... our greatest thanks!

A Certain Nameless Physician (Lieutenant Doc) - Guardian from Peeps, Dustbunnies, and Boredom. Doc is the humor in our group - she keeps us smiling, and that's not always easy!

Kim Amyotte (Lieutenant Dragon) - Founder of Chats, RPGs, much Artwork, and at Least a Dozen More Aspects of our Fandom!  We couldn't mange without you, Kim!

Dean Thomas (Captain Chunx) - My Second in Command - and Right arm!

Karen (Lieutenant Kanuck) and June (Captain Blue) - Who have made so many of our desktops possible... they put together snippets of what we've seen into something worthy of remembering.  BEAUTIFUL!

Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) - for his ongoing kindness to the fans, being a generally nice guy, and his efforts to keep us informed with what is going on with the set... our assurance that all is well, that our series is coming, and that the people making this show are as decent as the show itself. Thanks for your time, Aaron.


Crys Wimmer (CAG - Captain Irish) - your humble servant