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Recently Updated and Added Files

** denotes Existing Stories Being Updated

At the request of some fans, I will try to add the characters so that you can screen for yourselves which stories you wish to read;  I realize I am not the only person with limited time.  Forgive me for mistakes or omissions, but not all authors provide this information and I don't have time to read each story to find out who is doing what in which story...

L=Lee Adama, K=Kara Thrace, W=William Adama, T=Saul Tigh, S=Sharon (Boomer) Valerii, G=Galen Tyrol, H=Helo, R=Laura Roslin, B=Billy Keykeya, D=Dualla, Ga=Gaius Baltar, Z=Zak, A=Anders, C=Cally E=Ensemble (entire cast)


Date Added Title Characters Author
Jan 09 Earth 2010 - The Colonies Of Kobol Reunited E Matt Manni
  Everything That Was, Will Be Again E Igore
  Water And Whiskey K/L K/A L/D K/Leoben Nellie Wellie
  Hades Takes A Hand   Howard J Howe
July 07 The Obstinate Tin Soldier B, T, G Chris Taylor
  Homeworld B, G, T, C, Racetrack Chris Taylor
  A Barter Economy S, Kat, Hot Dog Chris Taylor
  Athena's Red Tail Light E Chris Taylor
  Faoi Dheireadh 5 W/R Sondra B
  Faoi Dheireadh 4 W/R Sondra B
  A New Year S,K Olli
  Battlestar Farscape   Mackon
Jan 07 Reflections: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back W/R Gem
  Burned L/D K/A Gem
  Faoi Dheireadh 4 W/R Sondra B
  Faoi Dheireadh 3 W/R Sondra B
  The Cold Of Winter L Silwyna
  Something In Between L, W Silwyna
  Dreams L / Sam Carter (SG-1) Silwyna
  Did you miss me? L,K,W Silwyna
  Just Friends L,K,Z,A Silwyna
  Dreams   Olli
  Ice L,K,S Olli
  Home L/K L/A Crashcandy
3rd Oct 06 I'll Be Watching You L/K Buffyanp
  Just Friends L,K,Z,A Silwyna
  Did you miss me? L,K,W Silwyna
6th Sept 06 Just Friends L,K,Z,A Silwyna
  Did you miss me? L,K,W Silwyna
  Archangel (Script)   Mark Berryman
18th Aug 2006 Did you miss me? L,K,W Silwyna
  Faoi Dheireadh W/R Sondra B
  Trouble L,K,Z Silwyna
  You Are My World L,K Silwyna
  1: Water S/G S/H Olli
  2: Bastille Day S/G S/H Olli
  Ask Me L / K Justjanet11756
  Could Have Been L / K Justjanet11756
  Unconditional Love L / K Justjanet11756
27th May 2006 Visions   Lin
  Her Enemies, Closer R Lin
  Lock And Load   Lin
  The Final Cut OC Jeb Barr
  Variations On A Phone Call L/K Buffyanp
21st May 06 Seeing Things L/K Tartlet McNawty
  On My Planet, Baby . . . M. Nama Narayana
  Earthman Chaos_eternus
  Mailman Chaos_eternus
  Seeker Chaos_Eternus
  Odd Days W Chaos_Eternus
  Lords Chaos_Eternus
  I Scream Inside Ga/6 Chaos_eternus
  Dust Ga Chaos_eternus
  Dredded Galactica Chaos_eternus
  Quandary 6 Chaos_Eternus